Monday, October 31, 2011

If We Had Halloween...

Happy Halloween to everyone celebrating in the rest of the world. Unfortunately, in South Africa, we don't celebrate the holiday, although, you do get the odd few people who up dress in the spirit of Halloween everyday. I always thought that Halloween must be the most fun holiday of them all. It's the only chance you get to dress in costume as your favourite fantasy character, without anyone alerting the local mental society - that would happen in my neighborhood if anyone saw me prancing around at night like a pirate on October 31st.

If we had Halloween this year, I'd find these costumes the most interesting:

*Angelica (Penelope Cruz) from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides'. The sword, albeit plastic, adds to the authenticity of this sassy, swashbuckling look. And it will help fend off any ghouls, ghosts, zombies or Captain Barbossa ;)
*Katy Perry's 80's nerd-to-disco-diva makeover look from her music video 'Last Friday Night'. Think of it this way, you get to wear not one, but two crazy outfits! On the other hand, people may make fun of you because they think you actually dress that way. Uh Oh.
*Anna Wintour - because every fashionista should go as her at least once in their lives. All you will need is a printed Prada/Balenciaga/YSL dress ($3000), dark shades ($250), a chic bob ($350), a pair of Manolo Blahniks ($735) and an austere presence (priceless).

One of the most popular costumes that people opt to wear on Halloween are those belonging to Disney Princesses. There are so many to choose from, but with one ballgown looking just like any other, how does one tell the difference?
*Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid' - Without the tail and an ocean beside her, this outfit could be confused for a belly dancer's...or much worse.
*Snow White - Walking around with an apple in your hand, you could be mistaken for an hors d'oeuvre waitress. On the upside, you could have your own entourage by hiring a few school kids to play the seven dwarfs.
*Tinkerbell - it could be assumed that you're dressed as a gigantic butterfly.
*Cinderella - it would be just another blue dress if not for those glass slippers - however the one shoe on, one shoe off will have you walking with a limp.
*Princess Aurora from 'Sleeping Beauty', there's no way to tell just from wearing a pink dress that this is an actual Disney princess. You will probably have to find a couch and fall off to sleep to make this look believable.
*Pocahontas - In SA, if you showed up at someone's door wearing a tattered dress and no shoes, you will be mistaken for a homeless person and sent chased away, maybe with some change if you're lucky.
*Princess Jasmine from 'Aladdin' - If you are planning on going the harem-pants and cropped top route, please read my post on 'What Not to Wear Ever' first.
*Belle from 'Beauty & the Beast'. The only way you could tell this colossal yellow dress belongs to Belle if you are accompanied by someone dressed as 'The Beast' (good luck finding a candidate) or if you carry the Mrs Potts & Chip tea set around with you. Expect to be asked for a 'spot of tea'.

I would probably chose either Snow White or Aurora. Would you wear any of these Disney-inspired looks? Whatever you chose to go as this Halloween, even a t-shirt and jeans + sombre looking Bella Swan, have a great one!

P.S No Disney characters were harmed during the publishing of this post.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Celeb Style - Ebony & Ivory

The idea of a 'classic black dress' will never tire, while the 'ivory evening gown' will always appear feminine and romantic. This is a clash of colours worn by stylish young celebs on the red carpet this week. Which do you prefer - dark and mysterious or light and airy?

Michelle Williams donned a dress from Nina Ricci's Spring 2012 line for the '15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala'. Her blue-black strapless chiffon gown has metallic gold ribbon detailing on the neckline, and a sheer skirt. 
Amber Heard wore all-black to the NYC premiere of her new movie, 'The Rum Diary', which also stars Johnny Depp. The blonde actress chose a modest Jean Paul Gaultier gown with high neck, long sleeves and belted waist. She was bold for choosing not to reveal any skin, but looked sexy and glamorous nonetheless.
Camilla Belle is sensational in a fitted Ralph Lauren gown, which she wore to an event celebrating the designer. It has a sheer neckline, shimmery bodice and ruffled skirt. Elegantly slicked back and hot pink lips complete her look. As I am a Camilla-style fan, I may be biased when I say this look is perfection.
AnnaLynne McCord looked poised in a simple cap-sleeved glittery Alice + Olivia 'Rumor' gown. As it was a charity event, she wore a yellow empowerment bracelet in honour of the 'Somaly Mam Foundation'. Her smokey eye make-up is stellar.

Elizabeth Olsen looked like a modern-day fairy at the 'Martha Marcy May Marlene' (try to say that fast five times in a row) movie premiere in London. May-Kate & Ashley's little sister wore an ivory pink ensemble by Chanel Couture. Her square-neck beaded top was paired with a frothy tiered tulle skirt and gold satin Louboutin pumps. As much as I love the skirt, I wish the top were slightly more fitted. I find her make-up too heavy as well.
Jessica Biel was the latest star to walk ivory down the red carpet. She attended the 'Fashion Group International's Night of the Stars' event wearing Giambattista Valli. Her off-white gown was an interesting blend of two different styles - delicate with the soft, flowing fabric, and intrepid with the inflated ruffled sleeves. A bronze leaf belt clinched in her waist. Do you think this dress overwhelms her?
Rachel Zoe was in Los Angeles for 'Rodeo Drive's Walk of Style' event, honouring supermodel Iman. The stylist wore a sheer chiffon frilled blouse and high-waisted palazzo pants from her own fashion line. She looks effortlessly chic.
Coco Rocha was entrancing at the 'WGSN Global Fashion Awards' held in New York last week. The Canadian supermodel wore a tonal beige and ivory gown with layered skirt and embroidered shoulder harness and waistband. I am unfamiliar with designer Biphu Mohapatra, but this dress has me eager to see more from him.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Frills

Maybe...the biggest challenge in life is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else. shouldn't hate the people who are jealous of you, but instead respect their jealousy - after all, they are the ones who think that you are better than them.

Maybe...the brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past. After all, you can’t go on successfully in life until you let go of your past mistakes, failures and heartaches.'s not where you are in life, but who you have by your side that really counts. shouldn’t go for looks; they can deceive. Don’t go for wealth, even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile, because all it takes is a smile to light up the darkest day. shouldn't let what you can't do interfere with what you can.

Maybe...when life is good, we should say thank you and appreciate it. And when life is grim, we should say thank you and learn from it.

Maybe...everything is beautiful, but being beautiful isn't everything. shouldn't change your looks or lifestyle to please someone else, because if they truly love you, they will accept you just the way you are.

Maybe...being happy doesn't mean that everything has to be perfect. It just means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections.

*Image found via Tumblr

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dress Déja Vu

This week, I noticed two upcoming Hollywood starlets wearing remarkably similar dresses - but by two completely different designers. Pretty blonde 'Footloose' actress Julianne Hough and 'Twilight' star Ashley Greene chose matt gold mini dresses, embroidered with a glossier gold swirl-like pattern. It's safe to say that designers are often inspired by the same things, in this case two-tone gold & a rose petal design. 

Left: Julianne Hough wore a dress by Mumbai born designer Naeem Khan to the 15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala. It has a plunging neckline, short sleeves and embellished waistband. She paired it with nude peep-toe pumps, a gorgeous tan and wavy locks.
Right: Ashley Greene was in Brussels to attend the premiere of 'The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Part 1'. The brunette actress wore a gold dress by American designer L' Wren Scott, also with a deep V-neck, emphasised waist design and metallic gold rose motif. Her nude heels are by Brian Atwood. I think strappy gold sandals would have been a better fit.

Both these dresses seem like they could be from the same collection or designer, don't you think?

A Ray Of Style #2

Why Oh Why Polka Dots
Outfit Post by Ray
My dearest cousin Ray has agreed to do another outfit post for my blog. Now, she is well aware of my long-standing polka dot phobia (do not laugh - it's a real thing), but she nonetheless sent me these photos of her cute but very polka dotted dress. I have a feeling she is trying to stage some sort of intervention - in order to convert me into a fellow dot devotee. I don't think there's a 'spot' of hope for that ever happening ;) 

She Wears:
Tan and white polka dot top, with belt - Pull & Bear
Black skinnies - French Connection
Black mock croc sling bag - Aldo
Black brogues - Express (similar pair available at Aldo)

*Muchas Gracias Ray!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gucci Fall/Winter 2011

Winter in the Northern Hemisphere has just warmed up with the release of Gucci's inspiring Fall/Winter range. The luxury Italian brand interprets the latest fashion trends with high class glamour and relaxed sophistication. The central 70's theme is depicted through suave masculine suits and ladylike dresses. Every piece is an example of refined style and elegance, setting the tone for the season to come. The collection begins with trendy and versatile weekend wear, dabbles in stylish office wear, and ends with classic cocktail dresses. 

Black and slate grey lay down a neutral foundation, built up by terracotta, magenta and steel blue. Simple shorts and denim jeans are paired with texturally interesting tops and jackets; featuring fur trims, fringing and chunky knits. Long trench coats are slung over smooth, streamlined velvet suits. Evening gowns are modern and understated, column silhouettes enhanced by delicate draping. Fedoras, skinny belts, knee-high boots, luxe leather bags and clutches - these accessories are the perfect accompaniment to this polished collection.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Thrills - Genevieve Motley Jewellery

I am always proud to feature South African designers on my blog. Especially when they are as talented as Genevieve Motley. This Durban-based jewellery designer has a flair for modern and unusual designs. She creates enchanting and unique earrings, brooches, pendants and rings, all handcrafted using materials like Jacaranda wood and perspex. 

I like that she provides jewellery lovers with an alternative to flashy and more ostentatious pieces. Her whimsical pieces define 'simple beauty', and are inspired by elements of nature, such as flowers, rabbits, hearts and birds. Genevieve's swallow motif has become somewhat of a signature piece amongst local fashion fans. These are some of my favourite pieces from her extensive collection.

1. Ivy and bird engraved heart-shaped chain. R155
2. Anchor and swallow chain, available in black or white perspex. $18 / R140
3. Vintage camera heart-shaped brooch. $12 / R110
4. Heart-shaped ring with cherry blossom design. Also in wood. $16
5. Wooden bunny brooch. Also in black perspex. $12 / R110
6. Adorable deer-shaped pendant and chain. R130
7. Engraved flower studs. $12 / R110
8. Crown cut-out perspex chain. $12 / R110
9. Quaint wooden birdcage chain. $18 / R140
10. Colourful printed bird pendant & chain. R140
11. Cute wooden teapot brooch. $12 / R110
12. Round birdcage earrings. Also in wood. $16 / R130
13. Wooden swallow with metallic heart charm. Chain included. $15 / R120
14. Decorative cut-out heart pendant in perspex. Matching earrings available. $15 / R120
15. Flower earrings delicately cut-out from wood. Matching pendant available. $13 / R110

To purchase one of these charming pieces of jewellery, visit Genevieve's online store at Etsy. See more of her stunning designs on her website, where you will be able to locate a stockist in your area. The Genevieve Motley brand also offers overseas shipping.

Happy Shopping!

Monday, October 24, 2011

What Not To Wear...Ever

Our All Time Worst Fashion Trends
from The Friendship Files Archive

We all have blindly bought into a bad fashion trend at least once or twice in our lives. Okay, maybe more. But it's good sense and friendly advice that has saved us from repeating these vile style mistakes. While compiling this list, I polled some of my friends, asking them to rate their worst fashion trends of all time. At the top of the list, and not surprisingly, were harem pants. It's interesting to see that what some people consider as their 'worst' fashion trend, others may regard as their 'best'. Here is what made the list:

What is The Worst Fashion Trend Ever?

*Shoulder pads and giant puffy sleeves...Dynasty was cancelled for a reason.
*MC Hammer drop-crotch pants thats sneaked its way back into fashion. Please send them back to a sealed vault in the 80's where they belong.
*Wearing sock with flops. I don't know whether it's only a South African thing, but I see way too many people wearing fuzzy socks with their flip flops and Birkenstocks. Make it Stop!!!
*Crocs, I die every time I see a pair. Your feet may deserve comfort but not the fluorescent, rubbery, Teletubby kind.
*At the age of about 12, I wore leg warmers with stockings and skirts...Yuck! I looked like a clone of my 88 year old granny. Why didn't anyone warn me?
*Wearing every piece of the jewellery you own all at once. You just need to plug yourself into a socket to light up.
*High waisted trousers...I just can't...
*Aladdin or Jasmine or Genie pants, I have no clue what it's called. Taking your fashion cues from a fictional Disney character is a Huge No-No.
*Jelly babies! My friends and I had one in every colour when we were young. I think we were responsible for that ban on plastic.
*Those mocassin shoes that's everywhere again...omg and the glitter one's! Nooo!
*Everything the Spice Girls wore in the 90's was outright trashy. But back then, we all thought those crazy high platform sneakers were so 'cool'.
*I see girls wear strappy mini dresses with furry knee high 35 degree weather. It's scorching hot outside, people are basically melting in the heat - who knows whats going on with your feet? Gross!
*Remember when everyone was wearing low rise jeans with their Swarovski thong straps showing? It still gives me nightmares.
*Denim dungarees, it's only okay if you work on a farm, someplace no one will ever see you. 
*Cropped tops that show off your belly. Where is the rest of your top? Did it get caught in the dryer?
*My biggest fashion don't is wearing a black bra under a white see-through blouse. So tacky!
*I'm seeing these peep toe boots in stores now that can't decide if it's a boot or a sandal.
*People that are not nerds and not optically challenged that wear nerd glasses. It's like they're directly poking fun at those of us who are 'forced' to wear specs.
*Balloon dresses are horrid. They make everyone look fat, so why wear it? 
*Velvet tracksuits that the glossy posse wear out absolutely everywhere. Worse were the ones written 'Juicy' on the butt. Cringe! Keep your tracksuits at the gym, not the shopping mall.
*Skants or skousers - which is a hybrid of a skirt and trousers. Yes, I owned one but I was young and misinformed.
*Three letters - VPL.
*Wearing your PJ's, slippers or hair rollers out in public. No one wants to know what you wear to bed.
*Mum jeans that sit on the waist line are ridiculous and so old fashioned. But then again, super low jeans that show butt-cracks are also off-putting.
*Ripped jeans - did a dog get to it before you did?
*Wearing oversized clothes is just as bad as wearing clothes that are three sizes too small for you.
*Scrunchies - a fashion fad so bad that we had to learn just how bad it is on an episode of Sex & the City.

Thanks to all my friends for sharing their biggest fashion don'ts with me. What have been some of your all-time worst fashion trends?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Who Wore Roland Mouret Better?

Who Wore It Better?
Roland Mouret Fall 2011 Gown

I loved the simplicity and elegance of this gown from the moment I saw it. Now we get to see two very different stars wear it on the red carpet - Australian actress Mia Wasikowska & Reality TV queen Kim Kardashian. Both ladies wore the same wine red gown by French designer Roland Mouret. The stretch-crepe cap sleeved dress has asymmetrical folds on the neckline & a fitted bodice that flares out at the knee. Kim wears the dress 5 months after Mia.

Left: Mia looked graceful at this years' Cannes Film Festival held in early May. She wore the gown to the premiere of her latest movie, 'Restless'.
Right: Kim looked vivacious at the 'Huffington Post's Game Changer Awards' held in New York this week. She accessorized the dress with a shiny gold clutch bag.

The dress was adapted into an evening from this midi version as shown on the Roland Mouret Fall 2011 runway (above left), modeled by Svea Kloosterhof. The gown is available for purchase from Harvey Nichols for a staggering £2000 / R25 250.

Kim had her hair in an interesting French braid while Mia opted for a sleek upstyle.The blonde actress kept her makeup minimal with a berry lip stain and not much else, and sparkled with diamond Boucheron earrings. Kim wears glistening gold disc earrings which highlighted her sun-kissed make-up.

It's obvious that Kim fills out the gown better than the dainty Mia, which demonstrates that this is a look suited to any figure. I like the dress on both. What do you think?

Friday Frills

"If you look to others for fulfillment, you will never
be fulfilled. If your happiness depends on money, you
will never be happy with yourself. Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the world belongs to you."

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gwen Stefani for InStyle Magazine 2011

Cover Girl Gwen Stefani
InStyle Magazine November 2011

With her signature platinum blonde locks and cherry red lipstick, Gwen Stefani is an iconic presence on the cover of Instyle magazine's November 2011 issue. The 42-year old singer and designer is photographed in glamourous and colourful gowns for the mag, where she dishes on family, fashion and fame. She also has a new clothing line out called 'Harajuku Mini". If it is anything like her primary label, L.A.M.B, we can look forward to more trendsetting styles. 

Gwen looks relaxed on the cover in a fuchsia gown by Marchesa with full tulip skirt and exaggerated strapless sweetheart neckline. I wish we could see more of the dress on her, as it's such a striking piece. Those outstanding bangles are by Lorraine Schwartz.

Gwen wears a Grecian style white gown with gold chain detail on the neckline and gathered waist. The dress is from Yves Saint Laurent's Fall 2011 collection.

Only Gwen could make fern green velvet look this good. Her cap-sleeved silk panne velvet dress with high neck and keyhole cutout is by Ralph Lauren.

Gwen's black floral sleeved dress is by Miu Miu. I like that this photo shows the voluminous sleeves in all their glory. The runway look doesn't have the same effect.

A heavily beaded rose pink silk jacket by Giorgio Armani is paired with teal charmeuse silk knickers. I'm more interested in those spectacular Jimmy Choo heels. The purple 'Marlene' sandals are garnished with deep turquoise feathers and drizzled with crystals.

This tribal print dress in Autumny colours is from her own line, L.A.M.B.

The exquisite detailing on this ruby red dress by Francesco Scognamiglio is beautifully visible in this photo. On the runway, we usually miss out on seeing those finer details. 

Gwen sparkles like a sapphire in a fully sequined wrap dress by Diane von Furstenburg. Her ornate 1970 Estate Chrysoprase necklace is by Van Cleef & Arpels. She wears a chunky diamond cuff on her hand by MCL (by Matthew Campbell Laurenza).

Gwen wears all these looks with such panache, which is your favourite?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Glitter Girls

Black & Gold Sequin Dresses

The latest star-studded trend to hit the red carpet is glitter-covered gowns. In the past few weeks, a string of celebrities have been seen wearing sparkly sequined dresses in shades of black and gold, or a combination of both. So put on your shades and have a closer look at this dazzling new trend.

Evening Gowns

Naya Rivera sparkles in a black and gold strapless gown with wavy line design by Douglas Hannat. She was on the red carpet at the NCL Alma Awards in Santa Monica.
Milla Jovovich wore a shimmery black Salvatore Ferragamo gown to 'The Three Musketeers' movie premiere. She added a Jimmy Choo clutch and Brian Atwood heels.
Model Crystal Renn is dipped in molten gold for the Metropolitan Opera Season's opening night in New York City. I love her Zac Posen fishtail gown with sweetheart neck and exaggerated short sleeves.

Cocktail Dresses
Camilla Belle looked stunning in black and gold at the opening of the Gucci Museo in Florence. The actress wore a two-toned sequined dress by none other than Gucci.

Camilla Alves wears a twinkly Manish Arora mini dress with metallic-shaded sequinned stripes to a Cirque du Soleil show in LA. Her black peep toe pumps are by Stuart Weitzman.
Brit Morgan opted for a black and gold dress with pleated skirt by Nicole Miller, which she wore to her birthday party in Las Vegas. She paired it with black and white heels.
Kim Kardashian dons a gold Dolce and Gabbana star-print dress for a photo spread in Harper's Bazaar Arabia.

Who Wore Gold Sequins Better?

Eva Longoria & Katie Cassidy both wore the same gold sequined 'Breck' dress by Alice + Olivia, at two separate events - Eva in Las Vegas and Katie in New York. Eva (left) wore nude peep toe heels, while Katie (right) stepped out in chunky black 'Kiera' pumps, also by Alice + Olivia. I prefer this look on Katie.

Get The Look

1. Steal Eva's and Katie's style with this copper and gold sequined stretch-mesh dress by Alice + Olivia. $597 or R4810 from Saks Fifth Avenue
2. One-shouldered black bodycon dress with gold sequined bodice by Bebe. $119 or R959 from
3. A lustrous one-shouldered gold ruched mini by Rare Opulence. $180 or R1420 from The Outnet
4. A glimmering black and gold foil print sequin dress with long sleeves by ADAM. $640 or R5152.50 from Bloomingdales
5. Blue-black front-wrap dress by French Connection. £160 or R2029 from Asos
6. Sequin short-sleeved tunic dress with satin sash by Kaliko. £140 or R1745 from John Lewis
7. Violet Thunder sequin black dress scattered with gold flowers, by French Connection. £110 or R1395 from Asos
8. A simple silk and sequin playsuit by Sylvie. $325 or R2570 from Reiss Online

This trend is sure to add some spark to your nights out. 
What are your thoughts - Gaudy or Glamorous? 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Frills

"A loyal friend laughs at your jokes when they're not so good, and sympathizes with your problems when they're not so bad." 
Arnold H. Glasgow

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Word With Edgars Club Magazine Editor

October sees the stylish relaunch of the Edgars Club magazine, fostered by insightful editor Justine Stafford and her dynamic team. Edgars is South Africa's largest national retailer, offering shoppers a variety of local and well-known international fashion and make-up brands. With over a million members, the Edgars Club magazine is an integral form of communication for the franchise. Justine ensured the instant success of the new-look glossy with chic fashion spreads, trend reports, in-house events, beauty advice and interviews with some of SA's best designers. I was lucky enough to pose a few questions to this award winning group editor.

1. How did you initiate a career that combines both fashion and publishing? 

I did a Masters in Journalism after my undergrad degree, then worked my behind off for whoever would hire or publish me until I was offered the opportunity of a young fashion journalist's lifetime: becoming the Editor of seventeen magazine, South Africa. During my time with seventeen, I worked with an incredible team (a few of whom I rehired a couple of months ago!) and we worked really hard at upping the ante of teen fashion in SA through this remarkable international title. We also launched a fashion annual, called Deluxe, that was aimed at a slightly older, edgier consumer – a very fun project that introduced me to some of the best photographers, make-up artists etc in this country. After I went freelance, I started blogging – what started out as a hobby quickly became an all-consuming passion and through my blog (IFor1), I met, interviewed and spent time with very interesting people in the fashion and beauty industry. All of this experience culminated in my newfound role of Editor of Edgars Club that we launched last month as a new-look magazine and supplements, digimag and in-store experience. 

2. You have done a fantastic job with the stylish makeover of the Edgars Club magazine. What were your top priorities when tasked with the redesign? 
The magazine was an already powerful vehicle with almost a million subscribers but tried to satisfy every customer's needs. My team and I were tasked with transforming the magazine into an aspirational multi-channel shopping brand aimed at women – Edgars' largest consumer base. To this end, we have invested in the best creative teams and have worked hard to ensure the content offering is relevant, exciting and current. The magazine brings the exciting world of Edgars to life – and it's amazing how the longer I work on this brand, the more I understand how rich this offering really is to everyday shoppers. Similarly, the digimag aims to bring the brand's content offering to life in digital and we've created some really fun, interactive content like behind the scenes videos of our cover and fashion shoots. Club's cover look is also now available to buy in selected stores – a first for the brand. It's hugely exciting to see it all come to life…

3. What can regular readers expect from the newly revamped Edgars Club magazine? 
On-trend fashion, beauty and décor buys; educational how-to tips from my editors as well as styling tips from industry and Edgars experts; interesting and relevant reads about the people, events and brands making waves within the world of Edgars and, of course, beautiful editorial to inspire and tempt (!) would-be shoppers. 

4. What do you love most about the creative process of putting a magazine together? 
Having an idea in my head that, through a collaborative effort with some inspirational talents, comes to fruition. 

5. And what do you least like about it? 
The anxiety of deadlines 

6. What makes the Edgars Club Magazine different from other similar publications on the market. 
Our readers – we have 1 million loyal subscribers to Club and they are beyond passionate, as I'm starting to find out from the letters I receive every day. I also have a wealth of in-house consumer research at my disposal that I am able to tap into at any time. As a result, I believe that while Club is a custom title produced for a client, our new, targeted content strategy puts the consumer first. 

7. Where do you find your inspiration? 
I am constantly inspired by the wonderful women I work, and have worked, with. Many of them are friends and always impress me with their innate sense of self and style. I do believe that fashion is less about following faddish trends and more about embracing the opportunity to express yourself through clothing – something South African women are often hesitant to do, yet when they do, they do it very well. 

8. What is a typical work day like for you? 
Um, ridiculously crazy

9. What is the South African fashion industry like at the moment? 
I've been saying for years that the local industry is incredibly talented but lacks backing, education and opportunities from our national retailers so it was wonderful to be part of the launch of the SAFW designers at Edgars Melrose Arch store last month. I hope this is just the beginning of great designers like Black Coffee, Clive Rundel and Colleen Eitzen having rail space at a national store like Edgars.

10. What are some of your favourite fashion trends for Spring 2011/12?
Neons and nudes. White. Ballerina skirts. Mens-style smoking slippers. 

11. What beauty products do you favour? 
I love Bobbi Brown make-up and Filorga skincare products. 

12. What are your hopes for the future of the magazine and for yourself? 
Well, I hope the Club brand continues to grow and do well under my editorship. As for me, I hope I remain calm, sane and serene with all the supplements and exciting Club initiatives planned for next year! 

*Special Thanks to Justine Stafford and Nikki Versfeld for enabling this interview.

Whole-Hearted Advice

Found via Tumblr

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who Wore Salvatore Ferragamo Better?

Who Wore It Better?
Salvatore Ferragamo Houndstooth Dress

This is a WWIB battle of epic proportions. Six leading ladies from all corners of the globe have fallen for the hypnotic charms of this Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2011 houndstooth dress. The long sleeved black and white wrap dress has a deep plunge neck and slight front slit. I usually love houndstooth print, but this is getting a bit much...

1. Australian actress Teresa Palmer wore the dress first on 28 June 2011, while attending Salvatore Ferragamo's Resort 2012 presentation. She paired it with a box clutch, embellished belt and black heels by Ferragamo. Teresa kept her hair straight, with natural makeup.
2. Fashion-frenzied Lady Gaga wore houndstooth from hat-to-heel for an appearance on 'The View' on 1 August. Her hat, outlandish sunglasses, clutch bag and pumps were all in sync with her Ferragamo dress. She added strings of pearls for more drama.
3. Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing wore the dress next, within the same week as Gaga. She opted to wear the dress to the Ferragamo 'Attimo' fragrance launch in Beijing. Fan accessorized with black platform heels and a black sling bag. She added an air of mystique with a black netted hat. Her jet black locks were ironed out, her makeup almost theatrical.
4. Australian model Jessica Hart took her Ferragamo frock out on the town during Fashion's Night Out in New York on 8 September. Jessica accompanied her look with a statement bejeweled choker, black clutch and pointy-toe Ferragamo heels. Her hair was up in a high bun.
5. Vogue Japan editor Anna Dello Russo wore the dress during Milan Fashion Week in late September. She tossed on a flamboyant feathered hat, garnished with a large pink rose. At 48, she wears this dress as well as the younger dames. I like the two-tone heels with it. She carries the same Ferragamo houndstooth clutch as Lady Gaga.
6. Kim Kardashian is never one to miss out on a trend. She wore the wrap dress last week, on 7 October, for a television interview in New York City. This is the simplest from all the looks, as Kim chose neutral black accessories and wore her hair in a slicked black ponytail. The bold red lipstick is a great addition.

The dress as shown on the runway, worn by Italian model Bianca Balti

As for 'Who Wore it Best', this is a tough one. I like the fit on Anna, along with her black and white heels. But I prefer it with simple hair and styling like Kim's. What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Thrills - Blog Headers by JKD

My wonderful new header is courtesy of JKD, a talented photographer and creative graphic artist from British Columbia, Canada. Jasdeep thoughtfully and intuitively made me three lovely headers to chose from. She knew exactly what would appeal to me, without me even having to ask. Isn't it amazing how something as simple as a header can change the entire appearance of your blog. Thanks Jas! 

JKD custom-makes headers that harmoniously fit in with the style, design and colour scheme of your blog. Her artworks are modern, simple and classic, adjusted to suit your personal preferences. I love the hazy, fairytale-like effect of her creations. JKD charges $5-10 per header, depending on the work involved. These are some examples of her work:

If you would like a personalized header for your website, contact JKD on You can also visit her photography site here.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Elie Saab Spring 2012

Elie Saab
Spring/Summer RTW 2012

You always know what you're going to get with Elie Saab. Exquisitely made, spellbinding evening gowns slathered with sequins, in sensual shapes that honour the female form. His 'Colour Shock' collection for Spring 2012 has been the jewel in the crown of the entire fashion season. Subdued nudes developed into saturated shades of turmeric, luscious apricot, emerald green and royal blue. Lace met with silk and chiffon to create billowy belted gowns with plunge-necks and knife-pleated skirts. After viewing hundreds of designs from dozens of internationally renowned designers in four different cities over 27 days - this one stands out. 

Friday, October 07, 2011

Friday Frills

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” 
 Leo Buscaglia

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Paris Fashion Week Favourites - Part Three

Paris Fashion Week
Spring/Summer 2012

Paris Fashion Week closed off another season of fabulous clothes, supermodels and remarkable designers. The biggest trends that have emerged for Spring 2012 are vibrant floral prints, citrus shades, cropped tops, pleating, lingerie-inspired outerwear, sheerness and belted waists. Although Spring is months away, it's never to early to be inspired.

Emanuel Ungaro
Emanuel Ungaro's newest designer Jeanne Labib-Lamour took a safe approach towards Spring 2012. Paint splash prints in doses of blue and red were pleated, draped, ruched and twisted. Silky jumpsuits and v-neck cocktail dresses were belted with thin metallic gold. Besides for sexy daywear, there was just a touch of sequins at the end, with a gold encrusted column evening gown. Models wore deep blue smokey eyes and side-swept fringes.

Alexander McQueen
Yet another display of creative brilliance for Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton. The underwater inspiration was visible through clusters of tulle coral, couture lace swimming caps, oyster print chiffon, pearly shell pink and a treasure cove of gold dresses. The softness of fully ruffled gowns stood out against sculpted corsets and gothic black gowns. The painstakingly elaborate detailing extended to strappy platform heels. More like pieces of art that belong in a museum rather than in a boutique. 

A dreamy and romantic Spring collection from the Italian duo behind Valentino. Pretty high-neck frocks were spun from delicate lace in shades of honeydew, lily white and black. There was also an odd shot of slinky leather dresses. Featherlight evening gowns skimmed the floor in transparent florals, dotted mesh and embroidered lace. Striking scarlet dresses stood out amidst the waves of nude chiffon.  

It was Parisian-meets-oceanic chic at Chanel's Spring 2012 showing. Karl Lagerfeld was yet another designer to use an aquatic reference in his collection. The classic Chanel pieces were all there in the usual soft-hued palette; on this occasion scattered with pearls and foamy lace. A prominent feature were lines of black ribbon zigzagged across coats and dresses. A seabed effect was created by airy organza, shouls of gathered chiffon, opalescent textiles and shimmery sequins. Models wore flat ankle boots in lustrous silver, and slicked back hair.

Clare Waight Keller expressed urbane femininity in her first efforts for Chloé. New to brand, Keller presented a commercially friendly collection in a dependable colour scheme of soft pinks, coral, cream and beige.  Horizontal stripes and colour-blocked panels were assigned to breezy pleated dresses. Classic white shirts were paired with relaxed-fit trousers. Wide leather belts were slung around drop-waist dresses. This collection may not have all the elaborate frills of others this season, but I find that there is beauty in functionality. 

Miu Miu
Capes. For Spring. If a designer-loving Red Riding Hood went to the Wild West, she would be dressed head-to-toe in Miu Miu. Miuccia Prada toyed with vampish girlyness in moody colours for Spring 2012. The idea of the 'velvet ribbon bound stole' was rendered in different lengths and quilt prints. The vintage charm of guipure lace was juxtaposed against the heaviness of patchwork and the sheen of satin dresses. Models sauntered in rose-embroidered cowboy boots, eyelids aglow with fiery red shadow.

Hope you have enjoyed my coverage of Fashion Week 2011-12. To see a recap of all the events, click here.