Monday, January 31, 2011

Divas and Darlings - Screen Actors Guild Awards

Red Carpet Fashion
Screen Actors Guild Awards 2011

Stars stepped out in style at the 17th Annual SAG Awards last night. Here are my favourite and least favourite looks of the evening.

Grecian Gowns

Eva Longoria wears a white pleated toga-dress with plunging neckline by Lebanese designer Georges Hobeika. Kim Kardashian is known for Grecian and asymmetrical gowns. Here she wears both trends in a plum chiffon number by Marchesa with embroidered detailing on the bodice. Hilary Swank looks statuesque in this blush tone dress by Versace, complemented by crystal beading and gold clutch bag. Lea Michele shimmers in this gorgeous beaded gown with metallic belt by Oscar de la Renta.

Colourful Creations 

Jennifer Lawrence wears an Oscar de la Renta dress in my two favourite colours, hot pink and black, but the strappy style and ballerina bun doesn't work too well. Mila Kunis is stunning in an abstract-print strapless gown from Alexander McQueen's Resort 2010 Collection. Sofia Vergara is regal in this royal blue wrap-waisted Roberto Cavalli gown. Tina Fey does vivid red by Oscar de la Renta, who seemed to be the designer of choice for the event. I like this whimsical Louis Vuitton silk dress worn by Claire Danes. The muted blue floral print is well contrasted with a black velvet belt.

The Dazed and Confused

Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks needs to return this L'Wren Scott dressing gown to Hugh Hefner's closet. Winona Ryder in Alberta Ferretti - Is it a wedding gown, prom dress or pieces of a white sheet glued together? Kate Mara wears a pasty and awkward Hervé Léger dress with too many tiered ruffles and constrictive ribbed bodice. TV actress Paz de la Huerta dons liquid brown long-sleeved goth gown with black lipstick. Did she know this is not a Vampire Convention? Angie Harmon's pink swan-inspired dress by Monique Lhuillier looks like a giant feather-duster.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Spring Couture By Elie Saab

Couture Spring Collection 2011
by Elie Saab

When it comes to Haute Couture, there are few who can parallel the exceptional creativity of Lebanese designer Elie Saab. He showed off these breathtaking gowns at Paris Couture Fashion Week.

Models swept the runway in romantic floor-length tea-rose toned evening gowns, made from vintage inspired fabrics, accented by soft ruffles and 3-D floral appliqués.

Shades of Spring were shown in an unusual aniseed green, layered lavender and watercolour print dresses. The floaty and feminine floral dresses were striking with large fabric flowers on the shoulder. Clinched waistlines were a big trend.

Classic black beaded gowns were reinvented with layers of sheer tulle, cap sleeves, embroidered black onyx and interesting necklines.

Ravishing red gowns with chiffon draped skirts made a splash of unexpected colour on the runway. Ethereal stone-gray gowns were embellished in exquisite hand-woven Chantilly lace and intricate beading.

Friday Frills

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Prank Caller

I'm sure most of you have been prank called before. 90% of the time, you will never find out who is bored and creepy enough to call you up with no number at odd hours of the night. Occasionally, these practical jokers choose my friends and I as victims of their utter stupidity. You would think that these stalkers would have something better to do then spend their free valuable time and airtime making calls to innocent listeners. They call, we answer, they don't say a word, we get agitated and slam the phone down. After 5 minutes, the same thing happens again. This time there are curse-words involved. This doesnt seem to bother our dear prank caller at all. They have the safety and security of never being caught out, as they have activated the 'hidden identity' option on their phone. So sadly, you may never find out who woke you up from your sleep at 3 in the morning, ringing you up 55 times in a row, with nothing to say.

Being a 'good' stalker means that your identity should never be revealed. That's why people hide their phone numbers when making prank calls. However, there are some strange people out there that are really dim or just haven't moved with the technologically advancing times. They have somehow missed the memo from Phone Stalkers Inc, that every cellphone they call will display their Caller ID unless they hide it, and most landlines these days provide the same service. 

Last week, a number I didn't recognise called me. I answered, thinking it was the bank or the usual annoying phone salesperson. But even they're smart enough to call from a private number. "Hello" No answer. "Hello....Hello?" Still no reply, but I could hear shuffling in the background. Again I asked, "Hello? Is there anybody there?" Clearly there was, as I could hear muffled whispering. Tired of playing this prankster's game, I put the phone down. A few minutes later, as predicted, the same number called again. This time, I was prepared. I answered, "Hello" No reply. "Hello? Hey, is there anybody there?" Silence still. So I smugly said, "By the way, I can see your phone number. You've forgotten to hide it." A voice from the other side of the line..."Uh OH!" and Slam...engaged tone. I would have called the number back, but that would render me as bored and bizarre as they are. I have not had a prank call since :) 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Thrills - Italian Handbags

My very good friend Maya has a part-time job that many of us can only dream of. She travels to Italy to do personal shopping for individual fashion buyers in South Africa. All you have to do is give her an order of a specific bag, accessory, shoe or dress that you would like, and include details like size, colour, style and any other preferences that you may have. Advise her on the total budget you would like to spend and she will source it especially for you. Exploring Italy and shopping? Sounds heavenly.

These are two of the handbags Maya has brought from Italy on her most recent trip this month. All the handbags she imports are made from genuine Italian leather and are surprisingly affordable.

On the left, is an Etro bag made of brown textured leather with floral and paisley prints in black, white and purple. This tote bag is worn on the arm or in-hand and is beautifully embellished with leather pop-up flowers in pink, green and yellow. It playfully features a pink and orange butterfly, green and yellow lizard and brown/beige turtle.

This summer-inspired bag, which is made in Milan, will brighten any girl’s mood simply by looking at it. Since it has a splash of almost every colour, it blends well with anything you put on and is big enough to carry all your essentials and more. This is the ideal daily-use bag for girls who don’t have time to swap handbags to match both colour and style. It can be worn with jeans and summer dresses. It is also an attention-grabbing accessory that will lift and complete the simplest of outfits.

The exotic Animal Print bag (pictured right) is made of cow hide. This patch bag has small squares of furry cow hide dyed into leopard and zebra prints which are then sewn into a stylish rectangular shape. The colour palette consists of brown, black, grey and beige hues.

Animal prints are the in thing this winter in Europe and this trend will certainly hit our shores in a few months when stilettos to match will be a must-have item. This tote bag can be worn on the arm and also comes with a shoulder strap. It is beautifully accessorised with a matching bag charm: A gold, diamante and leopard-print boot dangling on a gold chain. This bag will be the focal point of any simple black, brown or beige ensemble.

Buy your ideal Italian handbag on 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Essentiel Summer Fashion

Spring/Summer Collection 2011

I have just discovered the brilliant Belgian design house, Essentiel. I am in awe of their Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. Their wide range of clothes include bold shades of blue, red and yellow, pretty prints and fluid fabrics. The collection features basic buys like cheery short skirts, skinny pants and cute cardi's, as well as trendy tunics and floral dresses. Essentiel also offers accessories like bows, belts, flowers, wedge heels and unique handbags. 

What's great about this collection is that items can be worn separately or you can combine prints and colours for a more bohemian look. Essentiel also has a range of trendy kids clothes and menswear. This fashion brand is a beautiful blend of relaxed sophistication, femininity and playfulness, which would stylishly suit any South African woman. For more information on this label, head to

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cover Girl - Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart
US Vogue Magazine
February 2011

I am not a huge Kristen Stewart fan, but I must admit that she looks lovely on the February 2011 cover of Vogue. The lighter hair and refined style suit her well and is a welcomed departure from the tragically pale and sombre Bella we are used to seeing. Kristen wears outfits by New York label, Proenza Schouler throughout the photo shoot. Their Spring 2011 Collection displays a sophisticated surfer girl look with guipure lace in neon colours, sequined hologram dresses, tweed and ruffle detailing.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Savvy Girl's Guide To Cutting A Fringe

Late one evening this week, I realized that my fringe had grown too long and was annoyingly getting in my eyes all the time. I needed a trim. Any sane person would have waited for the next morning to call their hairstylist and make an appointment for this. Not me. I couldn't wait that long. The 'bee in a bonnet' in me wanted it cut right then. So, I wet my hair, and stared apprehensively into a badly lit mirror with a pair of scissors; which I am sure was not appropriate for cutting hair. I hesitated for a few minutes, thinking, "Should I, shouldn't I?" My impulsive nature got the better of me and...Snip! Uh oh - I really shouldn't have.

After the first cut, I found out that the scissors was so blunt, it couldn't even cut paper. But by then I had already chopped off the right half my once-wonderful hair. I had no choice but to finish off the dreadful mess I so stupidly started. When I was done trimming my entire fringe, I didn't have to dry it to see that it was far too short. Like sticking-out-in-the-middle-of-my-forehead-like-a-cockatoo short. And crooked. As I said before 'Any sane person would've went to a hairdresser....'

So for next time, if there is a next time, I asked an expert about the 'proper' method of cutting your own fringe. Ideally, it should be done by a professional, but if you are courageous (or crazy) enough to undertake such a mission, here are a few simple steps to guide you.

How to cut your own fringe

You will need:

A sharp scissors made especially for cutting hair
A styling comb
A brightly lit mirror
A steady hand
Some nerve

Step One: Always start with dry, straightened hair. It's easy to overestimate the length of wet hair as it stretches when it's weighed down.
Step Two: Use the comb to separate the rest of your hair from the section you want to trim. Pick a point on top of your head where you would like your fringe to start. The further back you go, the heavier the fringe. Section off a wedge shape of hair, using the ends of your eyebrows as a guide. 
Step Three: It is still not too late to back out.
Step Four: Pull your hair down and hold it taut with your middle and index fingers. Hold your scissors with the ends pointing up, perpendicular to the line of your fringe.
Step Five: Cut! Slowly and only a small bit at a time, from one side to the other. You can always go back and trim more off later if necessary.
Step Six: Flaunt your new fringe!

With this guide, you will now be able to cut your own fringe. Either successfully or not. If not, just remember that your hair will grow back. Until then, arm yourself with lots of hair clips, alice bands and industrial strength hair gel to keep the short spikes at bay. Unfortunately, you cant stick your hair back, as you might end up looking like that scary girl from The Grudge.
Note to Self: I will not cut my own fringe again. Or at least until this disaster grows out.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Divas and Darlings - Golden Globe Awards

Red Carpet Fashion
The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Starlets walked the red carpet at Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards. This is my pick of best dressed, worst and in-between.

The Best Dressed

Angelina Jolie's stunning emerald gown by Atelier Versace is covered entirely in Swarovski crystals. Eva Longoria looks ravishing in a black cap-sleeve fishtail gown, with fitted bodice by Zac Posen. Columbian actress Sofia Vergara is red hot in a belted Vera Wang dress.

A Close Second...

Modern Family's Julie Bowen wears a beautifully textured gown by Tadashi Shoji. House star Olivia Wilde plays princess in this deep chocolate tulle gown with sprinkles of gold sequins by Marchesa. Sandra Bullock wears a pretty petal pink, crystal encrusted dress by Jenny Packham.

Blue is the New Black

I love this deep blue Rebecca Taylor gown with tiered ruffle skirt and bejeweled belt, worn by Glee's Jenna Ushkowitz. Amy Adams wears a midnight blue Marchesa dress with interesting laser-cut frill on the bodice. Mandy Moore's classic blue tulle gown is by Monique Lhuillier.

The Pale and Uninteresting

Scarlett Johansson looks antique in a diamanté Elie Saab dress with flapper sleeves. I think Michelle William's daisy covered dress by Valentino Resort used to be an apron. Leighton Meester wears a dull sponge print Burberry Prorsum dress, which is salvaged by those exquisite Jimmy Choo's. Anne Hathaway does the glam-mermaid look in this scaly Swarovski embellished gown by Armani Privé.

I'm Not Too Sure About These

Actress Jennifer Lawrence wears this explosion of ruffles by Louis Vuitton. Catherine Zeta-Jones' dramatic dress by Monique Lhuillier seems to be growing moss. Lea Michele is sure to win Prom Queen in this fussy silk salmon gown by Oscar de la Renta.

The Worst Dressed

I think Nina Ricci cut up Halle Berry's Catwoman costume to make this dress. Heidi Klum lost her way to a 70's revival in this awful printed dress by Marc Jacobs. Julianne Moore in a creased, bright pink dress by Lanvin's Alber Elbaz - why is extra fabric sprouting from her shoulder? Helena Bonham Carter in Vivienne Westwood - the messy hair, the glasses, the multi-coloured print, tulle erupting from everywhere, and just when you thought it couldn't get worse, look down at the mismatched shoes. Oh Dear.

The Other Side Of The Fence

One of my BFF's and I decided to take a mini road trip to our previous place of employment, which is about 45km from Small Town, SA. The intention of our visit was to catch up on all our friends and workmates we hadn't seen in almost 2 years. Turns out, this journey would serve a far greater purpose for me.

The first thing to jog my memory about working in a far out place was the early mornings. I had long forgotten what it was like waking up before the sun does, at minus 8 degrees in the middle of a frosty winter, barely making it on time to catch the shuttle bus. I grimly recalled the endless road works, which added an extra 30 minutes to the drive. I also recalled the 7:30 coffee with colleagues every morning, which always made up for agony of getting there. I had remembered a place where I loved my job, where I had found something I actually enjoyed doing, while getting paid to do it. Had I been foolish to leave all this behind? 

Driving through the entrance of my old workplace felt so unfamiliar, it was a place I used to know so well and now I was a complete stranger to it. A sea of faces I didn't recognize greeted me. New offices had sprung up where there used to be open spaces. Progress had been made on things I had starting working on before I left. There were, however, minor touches of the past; the odd poster I had designed on a wall, a picture frame on a friends desk and an emblem I had stuck on my old office door. It was nice to see that a little piece of me was still there.

Our surprise visit was long overdue, as our old co-workers were just as excited to see us. Warms hugs and shouts of glee filled the quiet office corridors. Everyone tried to look busy and content, but the cracks beneath the surface were evident. The hallways were soaked in stress and the pressure of meeting deadlines had taken it's toll on them, showing through strained smiles. The first thing they all asked was "What's it like out there?" They were eager to find out what opportunities lay on the other side of fence, wishing that they too could leave the iron gates of this establishment. The first thing I asked was, "What's it like back here?". I was eager to find out what I had left behind. The replies were all the same, "Busy, as usual", with an added, "You should come back." I wanted to respond by saying, "You'd like me to return, yet you're so desperate to leave." But I knew better not to. 

Before this visit, I had been thinking of all the fond memories I had at work, wondering why I had left. On seeing the low morale & languid labouring, it made me (kinda) appreciate my current jobless state. The workmates left behind yearned for the greener pastures they think we enjoy. Why is it that we always seem to want what other people have? It maybe true that the grass is greener on the other side, but we forget that wherever there's grass, weeds are sure to grow. No matter which garden route you chose, there will be stress and difficulty. Often we focus so blindly on other people's lives that we lose sight of what's right in front of us. So, instead of longingly peering over into someone else garden, nurture the one you're in.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Little Black Dresses

Here are some pretty Little Black Dresses worn on the Red Carpet this past week.

Glee actress Dianna Argon wears an adorable short-sleeved dress by Prada, teamed with a red ribbon belt & Sam Edelman heels. TV actress Abigail Spencer glams up this vintage black dress with splashes of gold. Lea Michele wears a belted Zac Posen dress with a pleated skirt and striped Christian Louboutin peep toes. Olivia Wilde is demure in a long-sleeved draped Michael Kors dress with nude Brian Atwood pumps and a Jimmy Choo clutch bag.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Friends For Life

Making new friends in Small Town, SA is virtually impossible, as new and interesting people don't move here, they move out. Far out. Once you turn 18 and get your golden ticket for finishing high school, young adults leave the safety of the small town and move to the city to fulfill their dreams. Most of them don't ever return but a few do come back, loyal to the hometown that raised them. I am one of those few patriots. After four years in the Big City, I came back to the place that will always be my sanctuary. 

The hardest part about leaving the city was leaving all my friends behind. I feared that living hundreds of kilometers away from social civilization would mean that our relationships would change. They would still get together and hang out every weekend as usual, while I lived a solitary small town life. They would be there for each other at every turn and exciting milestone, while I would miss out on every delightful memory. I was afraid that their lives would all move on, without me. Their recollection of me would slowly fade away, we would lose touch over the years, have absolutely nothing in common anymore and eventually, all we would be are just random strangers. When I look back now, I realise that all my fears were unwarranted and I should've had fate in the foundation of true friendship.

As we all live in different parts of the country, I only get to see some of my best friends once every few years. Each time we meet, it's as though nothing has changed between us. We're still the same group of lively, giggly, gossipy girls; just slightly older and a little more wiser. We can spend hours filling each other in on our current lives and laugh, cry and cringe as we reminisce about the past. So much has happened in our lives during the time in between, but the bonds of sisterhood remain as strong as ever. Lives have moved on, we're up, we're down, sometimes lost, but always found again. We've experienced life, love, loss, failure, success, complications and conquests. All this may have changed who we are as individuals, but it hasn't changed who we are to each other. Caring confidantes, considerate companions, sympathetic sisters and selfless soul mates. 

Sometimes, we are lucky enough to meet a few precious people in our lives, who leave their imprints on our hearts and make an extraordinary and everlasting impression on us. These are the most special kind of friends; and even though you only get to see them every 2 years, it feels as though not a day has passed since you were apart. If you've also had the good fortune of meeting such supportive and inspiring souls; hold on to them, as friends like these are few and far between. 

Friday, January 07, 2011

Friday Frills

Divas and Darlings - People's Choice Awards

Red Carpet Fashion
People's Choice Awards 2011

The 37th annual People's Choice Awards were held on Wednesday in Los Angeles. Here are some of the styles worn on the Blue Carpet.

The Kardashian sisters all chose to wear metallics. Khloe looks elegant in a flowing floor-length gown by Alexander McQueen. Kendall Jenner wears a draped one shoulder mini by Bebe, paired with a black belt and brogues. Kim stepped out in a glitzy gold knee length dress by Catherine Malandrino.

Country Star Taylor Swift looks pretty in peach in a ballet-inspired dress by J.Mendel and nude Prada heels. Emma Roberts rocks the ruffles in a LBD by Christian Dior. Malin Akerman looks sophisticated in a white cap-sleeve cocktail dress by J.Mendel, brightened up by a ruby red clutch and heels.

These are my least favourite outfits of the evening

Lucy Hale wears a satin ensemble by Lebanese designer Ronald Abdala, paired with silver Rene Cavollia sandals. I'm not a fan of the fluorescent shiny mustard. Vanessa Williams wears a bad combination of long sleeves, shimmer and eggplant in a dress by Japanese designer Tadashi Shoji. A super tanned Ashley Tisdale wears an outdated pastel-print maxi dress with strange cutouts on the bodice by Farah Angsana.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

The World's Weirdest Diets

This past holiday, most of us have had our cake and ate it too. Lots of it. We welcomed the new year with snugger fitting clothes, some extra pounds and an overall rounder appearance. To kickstart the weight loss process, many of us will attempt the dreaded diet. This will probably include you holding your nose as you throw down a bottle of apple cider vinegar, drink cups of strangely scented slimming tea and get hoaxed into buying all sorts of diet pills, which will turn you into a jitterbug and keep you awake for weeks. 

You attempt to only buy fresh fruit and veg when you're at the grocery store, but get sidelined by the smell of freshly baked doughnuts from the bakery. Then you (accidentally on purpose) turn into the snack aisle and with one swish of sugary sweetness, your diet flies out the window and junk food sneaks back into your kitchen cupboard. 

We've always been told that in order to drop the kg's, we have to have a healthy balanced diet, cut out sugar, carbs and anything with taste as well as exercise until our knees give in. There is no quick and easy solution to losing weight. Or, is there? Well, according to some absurd dieting tricks, you can, and fast. But is it actually safe? Crazy diet regimes may work for short term fixes, but in the long run, it can cause your body some serious damage.

Here is a round up of the weirdest diets I have ever heard of:

The Cookie Diet 

Now, don't be fooled into thinking that all-you-can-eat Oreos, Choc-kits and Chips Ahoy is the basis of this diet. Not at all. This diet, created by physician Dr. Siegal, will have you eating 6 hunger control cookies a day, made from a 'secret' amino acid protein blend, combined with prune sweetened oats. Anything that's a 'secret' should not be consumed in my book.

The Raw Food Diet 

Raw foodies believe that cooking food breaks down necessary enzymes and by eating food that's raw, you will have greater energy. On paper, this diet sounds like an extremely healthy one to follow, as raw foods have more nutrients and antioxidants than of food which has been cooked. You will be safe from additives, chemicals and preservatives too. The raw food diet consists mostly of organic fruit and vegetables. But you can have uncooked rice if you want to. Say goodbye to your roast chicken and hello to the carrot sticks. 

The Cabbage Soup Diet 

This classic option entails a diet of cabbage soup - and only cabbage soup, for seven days. All the spice in the world wouldn’t make this leafy green veg more palatable. On the up side, there are no restrictions on quantities, you can eat as much cabbage soup as you want. Aimed at the dim and desperate, this diet claims that you can lose up to 4.5kg in just one week! 

The Baby Food Diet 

The reason babies weigh under 10 kilograms is because all they eat are little jars of low calorie pureed food. That's exactly the amount of food they need. For an 80kg adult to replace their normal meals with baby food is just out right ridiculous. All the bottles of Purity on a supermarket shelf will still not be enough to fill you up. However, this diet is ideal if you're too lazy to chew. Which brings us to... 

The Chewing Diet 

In the early 1900s, Horace Fletcher unveiled a new weight loss technique, under which you had to chew your food 32 times or 100 times a minute, without swallowing it. He theorized that your body would absorb all the nutrients it needed and you would be able to enjoy the taste of food without the risk of weight gain. He must've been the skinniest health food faddist of the Victorian era. There is truth to the fact that chewing your food thoroughly is good for your digestion, but just make sure you swallow it.

The Lemonade Diet 

Also known as the Master Cleanse, this diet is very popular with celebrities. Drink a mixture of water, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon juice for 2 weeks, and you will lose 10kg. No food required for this diet at all, so it will really save on all that time you waste cooking. This is a potentially dangerous way to lose weight and could you really stay sane while guzzling down a sweet spicy sour drink for 12 days in a row? 

The Red Bull Diet 

Another senseless celebrity supported slim down. Try having Red Bull, water and nothing else for 8 months. The results? You will lose 45kg like a young New Zealand mum did, after trying to shed post-pregnancy weight. Consuming up to 14 cans of this energy drink a day will suppress your appetite, but be prepared for the serious health repercussions. Like a heart attack, stomach cramps, anxiety, shaking, nausea, exhaustion...the list goes on. That's why this drink was banned in Norway, Uraguay, France and Denmark. Red Bull gives you wings? Yup, flies you straight to the ER. 

The Ice Cube Diet 

Need a snack? Why not have an ice cube? Not just any ordinary ice cube though, but a block of Hoodia. These ice cubes contain lemon juice mixed with 90% of pure Hoodia, which is a plant extract that is believed to restrain your appetite and cravings. Hoodia was supposedly used by the San living in the Kalahari, to ward off hunger while on hunting trips. It curbs your cravings and it's cooling on a really hot day. At over R500 for a 40 day supply of these frozen cubes, I say just have some for free from your own freezer. 

The Grapefruit Diet 

Do you like grapefruit? Enough to eat it for every meal? Well, on the grapefruit plan, you will…for 12 days. Grapefruit for breakfast, lunch, snacks, supper and dessert.  Sound boring? Absolutely. Will it work? Probably, but only because your daily intake on this diet is around 600 calories or less. However, it should be noted that just as quickly as the weight drops off, your weight will rebound when you begin eating like a normal person again. 

The 5 Bite Diet 

Dr Alwin Lewis's book, “Why Weight Around?” describes a diet that allows you to only eat 5 bites. Per meal. That's it. Talk about portion control. You can have 5 bites at lunch and 5 bites at supper. You can drink stuff too, but only if it has no calories. After 3 days, your body should trick itself into thinking that it's satisfied with bird-sized servings. Try it if you want to look like Victoria Beckham. Actually, I think she eats less than that.

And finally, the most delusional diet in the world is:

The Cotton Ball Diet 

Ever wondered what a cotton ball tastes like? Me neither. Can humans possibly consume them? Apparently so, there are some people (and supermodels) out there who do. They eat these fiber-filled fluffy balls of goodness that makes you feel full, so you won't feel the need to eat real food. There are 2 ways to eat them, dry or soaked in gelatin. Deeelicious! If you live to survive this one, let me know.

All that Diet Talk has made me hungry. Anyone for 5 bites of a Lemony-Grapefruit flavoured cookie with a side of cabbage cotton wool soup? Nope, didn't think so :) 

Snack inspiration...

*Images from Weheartit

Monday, January 03, 2011

In Search of Sustenance

Besides for a starburst of sparkles in the sky, New Year's in Small Town, SA was pretty much uneventful. So, we decided to take a 50km drive and spend the day in Much Bigger Town, SA. Things there were quiet, all shops were closed and streets were empty but evident of the massive party the night before. While most revelers were re-enacting The Hangover, families picnicked in the park. I was looking forward to eating out at a fancyish restaurant, seeing that we have none in my hometown. Arriving at the empty parking lot of the designated restaurant; we found closed doors, chairs up and shutters down. It was disappointing, but we decided to try another place on the other side of town. 

As we drove up to the entrance, large letters inside read “Sorry, we're closed.” That's not a problem, we thought, we'll just drive around and find somewhere else to eat. That clearly was enough optimism for the first day of the year, it actually was a problem, because everywhere else was closed. Alright, alright, I would be lying if I said absolutely every eatery was closed. Mcdonald's was open, but no one was in a mood for an MSG overdose and a tasteless, trans fatty, super-sized slice of cholesterol. Trying to find an open restaurant on New Year's Day is like trying to find sense in a Wayan's Brothers movie. There is None. 

It was past 3pm on our hunger hunt, when we came across a small eastern restaurant. Someone in our group suggested that we try it out, just for the 'experience'. Faint and famished, we all agreed. We entered hesitantly, looking around and realising that we were a tad bit overdressed for our dark and dingy surroundings. Walls that were once cream and orange had a dusty brown tinge, burgundy chairs and plastic covered tables lined the sticky floor and all that separated us from the kitchen was a faded floral curtain. Sweltering in the 30 degree heat, I wondered how many food safety and health regulations were being violated in the dining area and kitchen. 

The menu had an identity crisis, offering traditional dishes from all over India, Pakistan and China as well as modern fast-food favourites. I chose Chinese chow mein, while everyone else settled for peri peri chicken made on an open fire outside. Maybe hunger is the best spice, as once our flavourful meal arrived, we couldn't get enough. You really can't judge a book by it's cover, or in this case, a restaurant by its dilapidated décor, as the results can turn out to be far more pleasant than you thought. The aromatic dishes were a delicious end to our good food quest and a spicy start to 2011.