Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Thrills - Carolee Jewellery

An exquisite combination of elegance, opulence and classic sophistication, Carolee jewellery is a success story that has been told for the past 40 years. Using the finest materials, gemstones and pearls, this designer brand traces upcoming trends and meticulously crafts them into ornate pieces of jewellery. Varying between lavish multi-strand pearls and dainty silver bracelets, there is a Carolee design to suit every taste, from antique and colourful to classic and glamorous. Carolee jewellery create beautiful hand-made pieces that are perfect for bridal parties, anniversaries, proms and presents...And just in case any of us are ever required as extra's on Gossip Girl ;)

1. Classic Antique Gold Plated Pearl Torsade Necklace. $95
2. 40th Anniversary Pearl and Gold Cast Clear Necklace. $250
3. Elegant Bride Three Row Pearl Necklace. $85
4. Lux Antique Garden Ornate Frontal Necklace. $125
5. Linear Pearl Teardrop Earrings. $38
6. Lux Antique Garden Flower Collar Necklace. $150

Coloured Stones
7. Lux Candy Couture Mixed Shape Bracelet. $65
8. Lux Candy Couture Double Drop Earrings. $38
9. Lux Candy Couture Mixed Shape Necklace. $125
10. Acapulco Paradise Colour Blocked Necklace with Turquoise beads. $85
11. Plum Pudding Charm Bracelet. Gold plated with glass beads. $50
12. Lux Rock On Frontal Stone Drop Necklace. $125

Silver & Gold Sparkle
13. Topaz Oval Stone Flex Bracelet. $65 
14. Topaz Crystal Stone Double Drop Earrings. $38 
15. Pearl & gold plated 40th Anniversary Charm Bracelet. $95
16. Classic Silver and Crystal Sparkle Pavé Bangle. $65
17. Lux Silverstone and Crystal Bangles (set of 3). $95
18. Lux Gold Plated Square Links Bracelet. $75

Browse more of these beautiful and luxurious designs on Carolee.com and select your favourite statement piece. You can shop the brand via their website and also locate an international stockist nearest to you. The Antique Gardern Ornate Necklace (Number 4) is on my wish list. Which is yours? 

Happy Shopping!


Giulia said...

very beautiful , I like the most the earrings num. 14

VintageDanielle said...

The pearls collection is so inspiring and beautiful. I love the old time feel of the pieces. The Gold Cast Clear necklace is my favorite, glamourous. Thanks for the Happy Birthday wish!!!

Isabel Hope said...

9 & 11! FANTASTIC!

Jamile Botelho said...

Hello dear. Amazing post. Love pearls!! Kisses from Brazil ~.~



A Life Un-Styled said...

What a great collection and the prices are so reasonable. I like the number 4 too, but would also love to have the number 6 in my possession! You find the greatest things Sam!

Audrey Allure said...

Love the colored stones!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Sam, these pieces are SO gorgeous! I love something from each collection. HaHa The prices are great too! Thanks for sharing.

Amy Shaughnessy said...

Gorgeous pieces! Makes me want to incorporate fine jewelry into my wardrobe more often.



Kassi said...

Wow. So many of those pieces are absolutely stunning! My favorite is the Garden Ornate necklace. Breathtaking!


Jelena Zivanovic said...

Good morning my pretty (at least here's morning, lol), I hope u enjoyed your weekend! Those are beautiful pieces, I especially love the ones with colorful stones, very vivid and pretty, perfect for the upcoming summer days!! Have a lovely Tuesday!! kisses

Unknown said...

Gorgeous!!! and I want them all.

<3 Marina

ELVIA said...

Wow! Thank you for this information :) I love learning about new things of this sort!

There's something lovely and exquisite for everyone, and within every budget/price point (which I absolutely adore)!

The earrings (#8) are calling my name ;)


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trishie said...

Such beautiful statement jewelry! Love the colour stones bracelet

Denise said...

By now you know how much I love accessories - especially pearls and colorful gem stones... and so, I can't pick my favorite piece! I loved every single piece here! This is such a great collection, what for beautiful necklaces, earrings... love them all and I wish I could get them all! Prices are good too!

miss b said...

Some beautiful pieces here - I always love pearls and the coloured stones (7 and 8) are so versatile.

Rahul Bhatia said...

lovely designs:)

Cinnamon and White Chocolate said...

Dear Sam! I just wanted to thank you for your always so beautiful and kind comments; they always make my day! Thank you for taking the time! :)
p.s. love the pics you have chosen! :)

Fashion-Bridge said...

Gorgeous pieces! Love all of them! but especially the necklaces from the coloured stones! I'd love to have one!




Daniella said...

I love Carolee Jewellery. Some of my first gifts from my boyfriend was from Carolee! I am in love with those turquoise earrings no.4. Perfect and pretty post sweetie! :)

Take care,Daniella xox

Teresa said...

i'm a pearl freak, that's why i LOVE the first collection!! especially #1.. so chic and glamorous<3 thanks for sharing her designs!


Victoria West said...

They are gorgeous. :)

Vanessa V. said...

The Colored Stones 10 are in my wishlist now! I love them!

Great post dear, xoxo

Bailey Schneider said...

This is so lovely... I was just saying today that I need to wear more neck pieces!

lovely said...

These are so pretty and for good prices too! Love #12! I love colored gems. Love this!

lacey @ lovely-21

Shes Dressing Up said...

Such beautiful jewellery! <3

A "cheery" disposition said...

I love all the colored stones. I wish I could add all of them to my collection.

Elle Sees said...

Sommanynfancy things to,love and enjoy!
Argh my iPad is typing weird.

Elisabeth said...

One can never go wrong with pearls.
Thank you Sam for the compliment :) Yeah you're right, it's definately always strange seeing people from your past. Strange is the word. Haha.

E from Helsinki

Unknown said...

Such a lovely post Sam!!!! Love the last ones, because I adore gold jewelry!!!

when BABI speaks said...

very nice collection! love the exquisite designs especially no.2!


Anonymous said...

Can't get over the #4 pearl necklace...what I wouldn't give to style that...

<3 Cambria

Marianna said...

Sam thanks for introducing this brand to us, i didn't know it but they have such lux pieces, anyone would feel like a royal or celebrity wearing them. My mom was passing by my room and glanced towards the pics and she told me to buy her the pearl teardrop earrings. lol. thanks for that. now she wants them. :P

Helena Resende said...

Great post :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing choices! 2 necklace, 8 earrings and 15 charm bracelet would be my picks out of these :) Gorgeous post !

- Indie by Heart

james said...

ohh, yesss please! i would take any of these on any day :) and every lady needs pearls ;-) i hope your week is going well darling :)

love, james

Alexandra said...

I am loving all of this, but especially that last section! I feel like all of it is so glamorous but things I would wear as much as possible. So pretty!

Alexandra xo


Ulia Ali said...

Wow everything is amazing!

DC2NYCo said...

Stunning jewelry!Especially colored gemstones catch my eyes...Would be a statement accessory for any wardrobe.

DC2NYConfessions Blog

Gillie said...

These are all gorgeous, I especially love the colored stones!

xo Gillie

Jamie Anthony said...

i really love that second necklace!


Janine / Being Brazen said...

Love this jewellery

Vicky Fernández said...

I love the coloured stones! They're perfect for summer season!


tres chic chica said...

I really like 4, 11 and ALL the silver and gold pieces! So pretty :)


Jeff Hardy said...

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