Monday, December 20, 2010

A Fair To Remember

As you can imagine, the entertainment element in Small Town, SA is basically non-existent. So, when there's word of a town fair, we get pretty excited. I always imagine any fair to have lots of little stalls selling quaint crafts and collectables, homemade confectionary, carousels, freshly made pancakes, pony rides and my all time carnival classic, candy floss. It's a place where families flock to buy handmade ornaments they will never find space for, 
get a tooth ache on a toffee apple and lose their kids in the crowd. 

After actually attending the fair, I realised that I may just have an overactive imagination. Our local event involved a kilted Scotsman playing the bagpipes, some lost American tourists and a bunch of stylish Joburgers, drunk on the fresh farm air, among other things. The entire 'fair' was a single table selling overpriced gardening gear. Not a stick of candy floss in sight! Under normal circumstances, I would have been disappointed, but I figure that a country fair with 10 attendees, R700 pot plants and some bagpipes is far better than not having one at all. Here's to next years fair! It couldn't possibly get any worse, right? 

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