Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shopping and Showers

Hats off to all those brave enough to face the crazy crowds at shopping centers this week. Even attempting to buy the simplest thing, like shampoo, can turn into an all day frenzy. Okay, I should have known better than to leave buying essentials to the busiest shopping week of the year. To top it off, it was the rainiest week of the year too. Trolley wars, empty store shelves, mile-long queues, no parking spaces and highly strung last minute shoppers. I could barely make it through the packed store aisles, where customers were clearing out every box of chocolates in sight. It seems that if you haven't already bought a gift, forgotten someone on your list, or just have no clue what to buy, chocolates are definitely the way to go. And a set of mugs. You can never be too sweet or have too many cups of tea. 
At least I think that was the thought behind it. 

The streets were swarming with soaked shoppers, ankle deep in water, carrying armloads of newly wrapped gifts. To make matters worse, there was no covered parking. People paddled to their cars, trying to safeguard their HDTV's, bicycles, appliances, PS3's & other ridiculously large gift boxes from the wet weather. You should count yourself lucky if you receive a slightly damp smoothie maker. It's either that or the chocolates.

Getting drenched in the downpour for a bottle of shampoo is really not worth it. 
Note to self: If I ever make the mindless mistake of doing year end shopping in a rain shower again, I must remember to carry an umbrella.

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