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Holiday Table Decor

Table Setting Inspiration
For Your Holiday Parties 

As much as I love preparing for fancy dinner parties, it's setting the perfect table that I find most daunting. So, I have decided to find simple, easy-to-achieve and delightfully pretty table decor ideas from around the net to help me (and you) turn that holiday affair into something spectacular. These last minute ideas can be recreated with everyday items you can find at home, with the help of some garden blooms (if you're in the Southern Hemisphere), pantry essentials and craft-box components. These decor ideas will ensure your dinner table is the center of attention.

Pastel Place Settings
1. Borrow your grandma's vintage floral teapot & set some flowers inside for a quaint setting.
2. Paint some storage jars in pastel shades and top off with white roses.
3. Place a candle inside a tall drinking glass, then tie a single flower around the outside using a ribbon or elastic band.
4. Before you throw out those empty tin and cans, paint them to match your party colour scheme and fill up with garden flowers and greens.
5. Mismatch a variety of pastel plates and use an antique quilt as a table cloth for a truly eye-spiring table setting. You can also wrap little boxes of chocolates for each guest with floral wrapping paper and place on top.
6. Use pastel coloured water or gardening jugs for a serene summer table setting.

7. Place some candy swirls in a bucket for a two-in-one sweet treat and table centerpiece. 
8. Stock up a large glass vase with silver or gold covered chocolate kisses.
9. Spray paint pinecones in metallic hues & lay them out in different vases tied with ribbons.
10. Use any colourful Christmas lights that are not working anymore to fill up a vase. 

Edible Ornaments
11. Lay oranges topped with daisy straws on a cake plate, it will also lend a lovely zesty scent to your table.
12. Who knew green and purple cabbage leaves could be this versatile? Tie them around tea-lights and add them to a jewel toned centerpiece, along with some artichokes.
13. Add some vibrance to your table with a tall vase of lemons, sprinkled with silver baubles.
14. Bedazzle some pears with stick-on gemstones for a glittery and easily elegant show piece.
15. Asparagus can be used to make a DIY green themed vase to hold a floral bouquet.
16. A vintage wooden box stacked with peaches, apricots or plums will add a flavorful finish to your summer holiday table.

Jazz Up Your Jars

17. Roll a few of your elastic beaded bracelets around mason jars for a pretty jeweled effect.
18. Tie a doily around your jars and adorn with flowers.
19. For a more romantic look, use burlap and lace tied with string, and festoon with flowers.
20. Try a chic countryside centerpiece with hessian and a checked ribbon.
21. For a non-floral centerpiece, place glass stones into your mason jars, fill with water and a floating candle and wrap up with a raffia bow.
22. Peg antique postcards or family photos inside your jars and garnish with flowers.

Floral Flair
23. Transform a mundane muffin tin into something marvelous by placing candles and flower jars alternatively in each holder.
24. An ice bucket or silver kitchen utensil can be repurposed as a vase.
25. Glass cookie jars are beautifully ornamented with floating roses.
26. Remove the paper coverings from your soft drink bottles and place a single flower in each.
27. Adorn your cake stands with floral domes, made by sticking the stems of flowers into a polystyrene ball.
28. Turn your fancy stemmed drinking glasses upside down to cave a colourful bloom underneath, and balance a candle on top for an outstanding centerpiece.

Happy Holidays Dear Friends. 
May it be a Wonderfully Joyous One!

P.S I will be away for the rest of the week for an annual family Xmas get-together. Chat back to you next week.

*Photo sources: bhg.com. realsimple.com, countryliving.com, marthastewart.com, pinterest.


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Awesome decor tips, Sam:)
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inspirating pictures
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Great post as always Sam! These are lovely ideas!! Have a Merry Christmas!!!

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Great ideas. Have a wonderful Christmas Sam
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I love your selection (especially the table with the lollipops... oh well )

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Ohhh que bonito!!!
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Wonderful photos dear Sam, it's a great inspiration for any party!
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Nice ideas. I like colorful table settings.

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Oh how I love festive decorations!

Min Tarpy said...

What amazing ideas! My friend did lots of sweet decorations and it all looks beautiful, but she is the interior designer, so she always makes things work…
Merry Christmas, Sam!

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merry christmas, sam! love these ideas.

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you have such a lovely ideas :) my favorite one would be the festive one :) have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year !! xx

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Such inspirational ideas!

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I love the Pastels. Happy Holidays hun to you and your loved ones.

La Bella Vita said...

Wow Sam-- you did it again! Such an amazingly thorough post with so many great ideas. I wanted to pick my favorite idea but am very undecided. I am a big jar collector-- mostly for my make up brushes and hair brushes, etc so I am thinking I want to take a few ideas from your jazzy up your jars section!

merry Christmas -- happy new year to you and yours! I am looking forward to another year of posts from you! :)

Rica x0x
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diana said...

Those are great ideas!! finally Christmas days is almost here.
Whising you the best :)


Sue Westrell said...

These are all so lovely! There are a bunch of ideas here to keep around for when I'm back home in Cleveland and not visiting my anti-fancy parents. I especially love the flower domes and mason jar ideas, but surprisingly, I also like all the pastel ideas. Apparently I really like pastels when they aren't on me! But they're all super pretty, especially the layered plates one.


Birdie Liau said...

Pastel and festive settings is really cool(: I wish I can decorate stuff so well too! x


Pinkoolaid said...

cool designs


Diva Desle said...

All these are so beautiful and would be great for any summer party<3 Have a wonderful festive season and lots of love. Xxx


These are very lovely Sam, I also loved the colourful painted mason jars. Wishing you a happy Christmas and wonderful New Year. xx

LaTasha Bunting said...

Hello lovely Sam,

Such good choices hun! I love the pastel place settings! Too beautiful! :)
The jars are pretty! But I love those floral flair pieces! Gorgeous!
Awesome post hun! :)

I hope you have been doing well love! Happy Holidays hun!
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Christmas Eve doll! :)


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Lovely ideas dear!!! Merry Christmas! :) :) :)

Evi xoxo

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U, I really like the festive ideas, I want a bowl of sweets on my table too!:) Or a bunch of colorful yummy cookies everywhere!! Although that wouldn't be too smart, but hey, it's holiday season, we have to overeat, right?:) Happy holidays, babe, lots of love, hugs, kisses and warmth all round.

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Hi Sam,
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Everything Looks so wonderful and festive
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This post brought a festive smile to my face well done my beautiful friend,
Merry Christmas may it bring happiness and laughter and plenty of blessing to you and yours.

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great table decor sweety, so colorful, made me smile!
wish you a merry merry chrsitmas full of joy and happiness!


Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Such gorgeous ideas Sam. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Thank you so much for your lovely comments over at mine, but for always being SO supportive of my humble little blog all year round. Wishing you nothing but the BEST for 2014.
Lots of hugs Sweets

Lilli said...

Morning Sam! Oh, now these are really adorable ideas! Wish I could recreate some of them for my table, the festive set in particular is my fav! I usually keep it the most simple possible to make more space to the food stuff, so I put a centerpiece and some Santa Claus/Angel/Reindeer candles on it. My dear friend, I stop by especially to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Hope you have a cheerful and peaceful time with all your family and loved ones, filled with joy, love and much happiness! Hugs and kisses! xo

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Cute post! I really like the festive decorations as the other ones rather remind me of Sping or Autumn. Living in Europe I´m really traditional when it comes to that ;)
Merry Christmas to you and your beloved ones!

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These are great ideas. I like the candies in the jar. Kids will love that. Merry Christmas to you Sam! Enjoy the Christmas Holidays!

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Excellent table decor ideas, doll! Merry Christmas!


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Festive is my favorite
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Wow! Such a needed and soooo beautiful decorations, I love love the vintage kind the idea added. Thank you so much for a beautiful wished on mine dear Sam. I also, wish you a beautiful and joyfulness Christmas with your family. :):).


The Elle Diaries said...

Beautiful ideas! You never fail to disappoint, and I always open this blog with high expectations!
I love the floral balls , and the gem studded pears, the jeweled vessels, and well, all of it!
Fabulous post as always, dear Sam!
XX, Elle

Corinne said...

these are all gorgeous! i'm glad i'm not the only one obsessing over pastels right now (i have a powder blue problem these days :D)
have a great holiday!
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Merry Christmas!


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These are so pretty and very inspiring. If i had a table to decorate this year, i would be using some of these lovely ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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What a lovely post! Many inspiring ideas. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas dear! I wish you health, joy and happiness.


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So many great ideas! If only I had the time to decorate my place but every year I'm just too busy to do so... Merry Christmas!

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Hope you enjoyed the Christmas time so far and the weather in SA is like you want it!

Happy holidays my dear friend!

xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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Mmm edible centerpieces are the best - functional and delicious! I also love filling glass jars with ornaments or candy too. Happy new year dear!

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Pastel Pastel Pastel! Merry Xmas love!

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Hi Sam, great inspirational pictures! I most of the time don't get further than some candles on the table and the standard Christmas colored ornaments. And of course the tree not too far from the dinner table. When is something too much, right? The living room shouldn't look like Dinseyland… With your tips I am sure everyone can make something really beautiful.
Happy holidays, dear Sam!

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Very nice ideas and tips Sam!
Happy holidays!!!

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amazing! what a great round up Sam! love the pine cones I recently did something like that for my home during fall. thanks for the inspiration hun! xx. gigi. www.gigikkitchen.com

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The lemons center is such a wonderful and unexpected one!

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I always love having fresh flowers in my house! If I would have enough money I would buy them all the time, except for summer, when I can get flowers for free from my garden, but, yeah, I miss some freshness in my house during winter!
Beautiful inspiration! :)


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my my.. this post is very creative and inspiring! love your post as always darl. :) x

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