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Closet Confidential With Fash Boulevard

Energetic and aspiring accessories designer Anna Hodge is a former small town girl who has followed her fashion dream all the way to California. Her journey began with an impressive internship at popular clothing brand BGBG Max AzriaAnna's blog Fash Boulevard is an online stage upon which celebrity style and her own personal style collide. With an eye for beautiful jewellery, her incredible collection of cocktail rings is one to be coveted. Anna shares her wealth of voguish knowledge with us on this edition of 'Closet Confidential'.

How would you define your personal style?
Dramatically simple with far too many accessories. Growing up in the south and now living in LA. I've had the pleasure of being exposed to an eclectic mix of fashion. Whether it's classic with a hint of edge or a simple dress with a dramatic heel, I love combining different elements to create a single look.

What is LA street style like?
Well this is pretty much what my blog is all about... When I first moved to LA after graduating from Auburn University I knew I wanted to work in fashion and in order to do that I needed to follow LA's trends meticulously. I quickly realized that in Hollywood street fashion is celebrity fashion. Celebrities like Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe are the women keeping Hollywood on their fashionable toes! And now I'm here to blog about it.

What are your fashion fundamentals? 

My mom has had a fabulous fur that I've played dress up in for
 as long as I can remember so it's a natural obsession. It can dress up anything from jeans to a fancy cocktail dress. I also recommend a blazer because you can wear it to work or throw on a giant statement necklace and wear it out to drinks with the girls. And of course, every closet should have the essential black pieces. Black skinny jeans, blouses, cardigans, jackets, heels, and tights. They match almost anything and are a great base for building a stylish ensemble.

Would you choose comfort over fashion or fashion over comfort?
I love this question. I would definitely choose fashion over comfort. I can't tell you how many times I've worn constricting jackets and blazers or tight tiered skirts that I can't bend in, but at the end of the day it's all about wearing what makes you feel fabulous. And sometimes fabulous involves blisters and car rides that consist of lying in the back seat because the dress it too tight to sit in. As much as it drives my family crazy, I am the girl wearing sky high stilettos to my little brother’s baseball games. That's just me. I'm most comfortable when I feel like I'm wearing a good ensemble. But that doesn't mean I don't have an impressive collection of lounge wear. If you ran into me at the grocery store, I'd probably land on everyone's worst dress list, trust me.

No good outfit is complete without...
A cocktail ring! As a girl who loves to talk with her hands, a major oversized ring is always a fashion must. Whether you have a super expensive Melissa Joy Manning ring or one from Forever 21, no outfit should be deemed complete without a giant cocktail ring.

What designer items are on your fashion wish list? 
Oh this is an easy one! As a fashion blogger it's very easy to build up a sizable wish list because I'm constantly discovering new brands, trends and always finding online purchases to obsess over! Coming in on the top of my wish list is the new Michael by Michael Kors large leopard print Hamilton tote, the Melissa Joy Manning extra large double slice ring and the Boutique 9 dark purple Cesena Wedge Pumps! I'd kill to own all of these pieces. But in all honesty, I'll probably have a fash heart
attack the day I own a Birkin!
What has been your best fashion buy?
I recently bought a Michael by Michael Kors cardigan cape that I'm completely and totally obsessed with. It's stylish while still being seriously comfortable, which is a major perk for me. I travel a lot so pieces that I can wear for comfort while flying and also dress up for dinner with friends are always my most coveted pieces. For me, a good buy isn't a cheap price, it's a versatile item that will stand the test of time... Or at least until my sister takes it for herself!
Where would you love to max out your credit card?
As un-posh as this may sound, it would be extremely easy for me to max out a card or two at Macy's. But trust me, I'm not the only one. I've ran into Joanna Garcia, Vanessa Hudgens, Kyle Richards, and Ashley Tisdale while browsing through the racks at Macy's. I love a store that has designer brands, private label brands and amazing deals. My go-to's are Bar III, BCBGenerations, Kensie, INC and Free People. Plus, there's like thirteen Macy's within a twenty mile radius of my home.
Most extravagant fashion purchase? 
A pair of purple satin strappy Giuseppe Zanotti stilettos, which I bought after attending the Vegas boutique’s grand opening party hosted by Giuseppe himself. I had to have them! They were calling my name. Unfortunately now... so are the bill collectors, but trust me... Heels are always worth it.

Three beauty products you can't live without?
I can't live without my black Cover Girl crayon eyeliner, which I've 
been using for years. It goes on super easy and always looks perfect. I don't care if I was stranded alone on a desert island, I would still take my eyeliner with me. My fellow blondes will understand. Second would have to be my Chi straightener. It gets my hair flat in seconds which is perfect for those days when I'm running late. And the third beauty item I couldn't live without would definitely have to be bobby pins. They can add a twist or braid to boring hair or fix bumps in your pony tails in seconds. Not to mention they are the sole key to getting the perfect ballerina bun. I never leave the house without a handful of bobby pins in my purse. They're a staple.

Who are your style icons?

Old Hollywood is where I get most of my inspiration. Marilyn Monroe, Edie Sedgwick, Bridget Bardot and Jackie O are massive figures in my style inspiration bubble. As for my present day style icons, Nicole Richie, Rachel Bilson, Lauren Conrad and Rachel Zoe are constantly impressing and inspiring me with their fabulous looks.

Biggest Fashion Do's 
Pile on the jewelry. Every piece should showcase a different side of your personality. Rock lots of sequins and fur for fall and most importantly, don't exit your home without a cocktail ring on your finger.

Biggest Fashion Don'ts 
Don't be afraid to express your personal style. I went to a college that's daily uniform consisted of Nike shorts and UGG boots, but it's important to remember to look further than those around you for your fashion inspiration. It's okay to stand out. No town is too small for city girl style.

Fabulous fashion advice

Too much is never enough. I knew I was going to be gaudy from the day I learned what the word meant. I dream of being that older woman with the super high heels, the fur coat, and layered in tons of bangles and cocktail rings. This is the character in my head I dream of being. She is my fashion dream. Incorporating bits and pieces of that character into my more reserved daily style is what gets me excited to get dressed in the morning. As a girl who grew up in small towns (I've lived in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama) I know what it's like to have bigger style dreams then those around you. That's why I think it's important to build that fabulous character you so desperately want to be and try adding hints of her into your daily style. It'll keep you inspired until the day you decide to whip her out completely. Confidence is key to being and looking the best you possibly can, but perhaps the most important advice I can give would have to be to always remember to dress for yourself... not for anyone else!

*Special thanks to Anna for taking part in this interview. Wishing her all the best with her exciting new accessories line.


Dolce said...

:P I decided to take a break from my assignments, and I just read pretty much the whole thing! I strongly agree with your response on "fashion don'ts"! UGGs, yoga pants, TNA Sweaters + Coach bags are like the biggest hits in my school. Although I have uggs, yoga pants and tna sweaters, I refuse to join with the crowd. I like to dress up, even for school, because I get to express who I am :)

Woo Birkin Bags! Though I personally would want more Balenciaga bags or a Dior piece >_<;

Danielle @ VintageDanielle said...

Jo Bao, I so agree with you about the fashion don't. At my university, it's plain sweatshirts, jeans, and ugly uggs. I try to put more effort into my style and wish more people would too because it's an expresive artform.

Hayley said...

this is such an awesome awesome post! I love the fashion icon choices... they are definitely among my favorites too =)

stylenuggets said...

Carrying bobby pins around is a great tip. Loved the interview.

Rahul Bhatia said...

A great read!

Rakhshan said...

the micheal korrs cape cardigan is so classy wow and i agree about the cocktail ring it can add that zing to your overall outfit!
loved reading about Anna!! thanks for sharing sam xx

Anonymous said...

i'd love to have a birkin too!

Macherie said...

You know, its always great news to know regular people making it big. Kudos to you for featuring her.=)

Indistinctive Writer said...

good luck on her career ^_^ may it be bright and splendid

I just realized I don't have most of these wardrobe essentials O_o

I 'so' want a cocktail ring! ~_~

Purvi said...

It was an interesting read... its the first time I have seen somebody so in favor of the cocktail rings :)
Off to visit her blog now :) :)

Antee Gurung said...

hey yes aisha is one of fav movy!!! i was also dissapointed of how few ppl only appreciated it...the fashion was amazing indeed!!! btw i'm following u...follow me we share our interests and thoughts!!! m so glad to come across ur blog dear!! xoxo

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Erika said...

beautiful interview!

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Anonymous said...

We share the same style icons. This was a great interview. I always love reading your Closet Confidential post.

-Alyssa Sorow

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Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

Great post! Love Anna and her blog :)


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Chanel Tonè said...

What another FABULOUS post!!!

Let's see where to begin?

My personal style is modern with a sophisticated undertone and a touch of class. My personal motto is to dress for not where you are but for where you want to be. I am a believer that to greatly impact an ensemble is with a pop of colour and that shoes and accessories can instantly turn an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary!
My fashion advice is to smile because that is a woman's best accessory and if God didn't love curves he would've made the world flat! I can't live w/o eyeliner, nailpolish and concealer. Designer buys on my wishlist are Michael Kors and Dooney & Bourke. Lastly, my style icons are Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, Kim Kardashian and of course most importantly, my mommy :D

This was fun!!!

Don't forget to try and follow me on GFC ;)

Chanel Tonè said...

I greatly enjoyed that interview. I just had to put my little 2 cents in. Pretend that I'm a superstar for 5 minutes. hehe.

Great job!

Sam said...

Hi Chanel, I am loving your motto "Dress for not where you are but for where you want to be". Thanks for your "2 cents", it is worth much much more than that :)

Meenakshi (meen-ak-she) said...

Love all the outfits!!

Bonnie said...

I love her blog! It is one of my favorites to visit. She has such an awesome sense of style, and she seems to be a really cool person.
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Love Anna's style. She's my favorite fashion blogger. Loved finding out all these things I didn't know about her.

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Awesome feature! Loved the interview :) x

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Great interview Anna! Xo

ChiChi81 said...

Great interview, Sam. I picked up a lot of insight from her, and I just loved it when she said no town is too small for a city girl style. I shall keep that in mind ;)


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How interesting. Love her style. I'm going to check out her blog right now.

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karin said...

Very nive post, I like her blog very much and your interview was great too.Kisses fom

LMF said...

GREAT interview. One my favorite things to wear every say is a big ring!! I have all different kinds. I have to say, that I completely agree with her on that being a must for those of us who talk with their hands. I really enjoy this article. :)

MinasWall said...

Hey Sam. These are amazing questions. I've been such a huge fan of Anna's ever since I saw her on It's nice to get to know her on a different level. One of the best interviews I've ever read. Following your blog now.

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia said...

I agree, great questions! I really enjoy people who make fashion their own. And the photo sets you've put together are lovely :)

Sam said...

Thanks to everyone for all your comments! I'm glad that you enjoyed this interview with Anna.

Sass@Frass said...

Just found you on the Fash Boulevard fanpage.I just fell even more in love with Anna and her style. Thanks for all the hard hitting questions. I love the idea behind Closet Confidential. You've got a new follower.

Kisses said...

Great read, I love Anna's blog and it was fun reading through this interview. It's so cool she's from a small town.

Following you now, you have a really nice blog!
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Liyana Meer said...

I love this interview! Great work :)

hannahstiff said...

Thanks for featuring Anna, she's such an inspiration! I truly believe that no town is too small for big fashion risks. XO

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I adore this post because Anna Hodge has been a true inspiration to me lately!

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