Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Frills

This poem reminds me that when we least expect it, someone somewhere may be inspired by something we do or say. It could be your comments, your views, your values or your kind actions. And although it may seem simple or insignificant to you - you never know; to someone else, it may mean the world and influence their lives for the better. We each have the ability to make a positive difference in someone's life...sometimes without knowing it at all.

You never know when someone
May catch a dream from you.
You never know when a little word,
Or something you may do
May open up the window
Of an inquiring mind that seeks wisdom & light.
The way you live may not matter at all,
But, then again you never might.
And just in case it could be that
Another’s life through you,
Might possibly change for the better,
With a broader and brighter view.
It seems it might be worth a try
At pointing out the way to the right.
Of course, it may not matter at all,
But then might.
  So keep on doing whatever it is you do,  
You may inspire one soul or perhaps even a few.
*Poem by Helen Marshall, edited by me. Image via


Bodil Loïs Huisman said...

Gorgeous poem, love the clue. Thank you for sharing this with us Sam :) have a wonderful weekend!


Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Wonderful Sam. Thank you so much for inspiring and sharing.
Have a lovely weekend Sweets xx

Anita said...

i love the poem

A Very Sweet Blog said...

sam, that is so true! people tell me all the time that i inspire them or helped them and i'm like what did i do. hahaha i know different ones have inspired me.

Francesca said...

That is a beatiful poem, very inspiring and true! And I like the photo you added with it! Have a lovely weekend! :)

Rahul Bhatia said...

A lovely way to bring a week to an end and work with passion for a new week!Have a funfilled weekend Sam:)

Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

Beautifully stated and couldn't have come at a better time doll...I've been feeling so uninspired lately this is just the jolt I need to get me outta the funk!

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such awesome feedback- hope to see you back soon sweets!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

MOSAMUSE said...

nice poem!
happy FRIDAY!

煒霖 said...

Amazing Poem!!! =]

Caramella said...

Lovely poem!

Indistinctive Writer said...

So true... in fact, your blog 'Frills and Thrills' inspires me to continue blogging.

Thank you Sam!! ^__^

Have a very nice Friday!

"Diaries of an Indistinctive Writer"

Fashion-isha said...

That was beautiful! Thanks for the encouragement. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

trishie said...

Have a lovely weekend, Sam.

Stilettos Diary said...

lovely poem.. have a great weekend..


little luxury list said...

Thank you for the inspiration dear!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Izzy said...

what lovely words! we're sometimes making a positive difference to someone even if we don't know it.

Metallic Paws- giveaway up on my blog!

Anonymous said...

True inspiration. Sometimes we are inspiration for others due to our work, studies or our personality :)

gigi said...

love the photo and the wording so inspiring and so very true! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

Sofies closet said...

I love this picture so much! :D

Valeria said...

Beautiful and inspiring poem.


Jane Rose Caruso said...

Oooh Wonderful!
Chocolate Rose Style

Madame Chic Bcn said...

What a beautiful poem and words darling!! Great inspiration for this moment of my life!!

Fashion-Bridge said...

Fantastic, breath-taking, inspiring as always dear Sam!



Moonstyle said...

nice post!!

Jessica said...

Lovely and inspiring poem!!!

The Fashion Heels

Unknown said...


new post!

Rosie von Waldherr said...

Really inspiring poem! I do feel like sometimes we might inspire someone without even knowing it!!!

Thank you for your comment, yes the test went well!!! Oh, and for some personal reasons I decided to change up the blog's can check it out if you feel like it =)

The Austrian Rose


Wonderful image! I agree, we can all receive and give inspiration in so many ways even in the simplest form! Happy weekend Sam! xx/Madison

Je ne sais quoi said...

okay it may sound cheesy but i mean , it is inspirational as you are to me ! I've always commented that oh i would want to post about this and that ! so here you go a proof look
love you Sam! Have a great friday doll!

Alexandra Zakharova said...

Great poem! Thanks for sharing such a nice post! Also a very large 'thank you' for taking the time to leave a comment for me!
Have a happy time, Sam!

Best wishes, Alexandra

Lilli said...

Hi Sam! Thats why I love to read your friday frills, since they inspire me for the day:) I didnt know this poem, is so positive and optimistic and I read also in this way: to not give up: what we are doing or try to achieve could be hard, at the first we didnt notice any development but it just could be a change in someone's life:) I can apply the same way to think also for blogging, many times we can be without motivation or inspiration but maybe someone find it on what we share:) Kisses dear and have a great friday!♥

Unknown said...

such lovely post. thanks for visiting my blog, I'm following you now. I'd be very happy if you follow back. <3

Silvia Negretti said...

Sure you inspire me a lot with your friday frills!
Lovely poem, it's full of happiness!

Antee Gurung said...

Wow what an amzing poem to be inspired from........ Love ur Friday frills! U keep on doing it cuz we love reading them

Take care Sam!

Unknown said...

Amazing poem and than you so much for being a wonderful friend!!!
Have a wonderful rest of the day!

Daniella said...

A truly lovely poem Sam! So very true and something a lot of us should remember :)

Take care and have a wonderful weekend

Daniella xox

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings said...

This might be one of my favorite Friday Frills. It's so true!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Anthony Hopper said...

Cool poem!

Diana Marks said...

Beautiful poem!

LA By Diana Live Magazine

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