Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday Thrills - Zimmermann Swimwear

Summer holidays have officially begun here in the Southern Hemisphere, with clear blue skies and soaring temperatures. This is the best time to soak up the sun, lounging by the pool or at the beach. And if you're doing just that, why not dare to be different with Zimmermann's unique range of swimwear. Anything but your basic costume, this established Australian brand creates exceptional ladylike suits that enhance the female form with contoured silhouettes, pretty prints and all the finer trims.

For Summer 2011-12, Zimmermann have went the vintage route, with alluring antique florals, ruffled edging, corsets and halter necks. Swimwear has never looked this elegant. You can still be fashion-conscious and style it out on the sands with a designer suit that's guarenteed to turn up the heat. Each print is available in one-pieces, bikini's and throw-over dresses, so you can layer and chose a cut that you're most comfortable with. All suits are made from Italian lycra. Here are some pieces from their latest collection.

1. Collector Printed Lace bikini. Two-piece suit with delicate laser-cut lace frill over the bust. Comes with detachable straps. AUD $260/$258/R2175
2. Collector Printed Lace bikini in Bluebell. Moulded brassiere top with detachable halter straps and wide brief with laser-cut lace flounce. AUD $250/$248/R2090
3. Devoted Scallop Bikini. Antique floral print bikini with scallop frill detail and low wide brief. AUD $220/$218/R1840
4. Collector Printed Lace one piece. Multi-printed suit in hazy orange and blue shades. It has a laser-cut lace frill over the neckline. AUD $350/$347/R2925
5. Collector Printed Lace one piece in Bluebell. The intricate lace detail is more visible on this suave blue suit. AUD $340/$337/R2840
6. Devoted Corset. A vintage floral one piece corset, with grosgrain ribbon detailing along the paneled bodice. AUD $375/$372/R3135

7. Glasshouse Rectangle Link one piece. Colourful one-piece with gathered bodice, tie-up straps and rectangle-link detail. AUD $170/$168/R1420
8. Dreamer Plunge one piece. Something more classic to bring out your inner Bond-girl, this noir halter suit has a deep plunge neck and waist tie. AUD $165/$163/R1380
9. Savannah Belted Drape. A beautifully draped retro one-piece in a tearose print. Comes with bright pink belt & removable straps. This one is my personal favourite. AUD $325/$322/R2715
10. Rhapsody Cross-back bikini. Geometric block print shiny lycra bikini with black grosgrain ribbon straps. There are several types of designs in this vibrant print. AUD $210/$208/R1755
11. Avery Stud Underwire Bikini. We saw bird-prints all over the Spring 2012 catwalks, and now on swimwear. This one has black studded detailing and removable straps. It also comes in white. AUD $230/$228/R1925
12. Savannah Splice Frill bikini. A charming vintage-inspired suit in a tearose print with contrasting animal print shoulder frill. Mismatched suits are quite the trend this season. AUD $195/$193/R1630

Check out the Zimmermann website to see more stunning swimwear. These prices have been calculated according to today's exchange rate. Purchases can be made internationally via Shopbop. However you spend your summer holidays, don't forget to let the fashionista inside you stand out ;)

Happy Summer & Happy Shopping!


Paolita@BerryHaute said...

#12 has to be the naughtiest bathing suit I've seen in a while,

Ellen H. said...

So jealous it's summer in the southern hemisphere! it's getting chilly here in the states :(


xoxo Kellz* said...

dis is awesome!!

babylovesfashion said...

that is the prettyest swimwear collection I have ever seen!
love your blog!


Kassi said...

I love unique swimwear and this is all so pretty! Thanks for sharing! :)


Alena: Oh, It's Just Perfect! said...

I'm drooling!! These are GORGEOUS. #10 is my favorite!! xx

Punctuation Mark said...

i love the cutout blue one... sooo cool!!!

Hannah said...

Ahh I want them all!!!

xoxo, H

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Beautiful suits! One of the wonderful things about blogging with friends all over the world is exactly this! You get to enjoy Christmas in NY and I get to dream about the beach with balmy temperatures! Love it! Thank you for your comment darling ... left you a little note in response at http://tiny.cc/bwswk ...

Have a wonderful week!
Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

jamie said...

ouu! wish i had a bikini bod!!!

love, jamie

Yuka said...

i love #2!! cant wait till summer!

Purvi said...

Interesting prints and details :)

Dagmara said...

Holy crap these are all so beautiful! Ahhh nice post.. I can imagine how hot it is in South Africa!


FashionJazz said...

Love the prints! :) xx

Bailey Schneider said...

They are so gorgeous ... The only thing I have an issue with and I don't know if it's just me... but spending over a grand for a bikini seems ludicrous. It's a tiny bit of fabric that covers the important bits, but that's it! I'm no scrooge, but I think the prices for swimwear is absurd :-)
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

Denise said...

I looooove all of them! (number 10 not that much, but all the others are amazing in my opinion!) Yes, the south hemisphere is really soooo hot! Unfortunately I don't tan, I only get red... so that I normally don't go to the beach very much... but these pieces are really amazing!

Teo said...

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Hope to hear from you soon and don't forget to come back on my blog and check the news i'll post:x

xoxo Teo

Paula said...

Love the blue bikini! Yep, I´m on holiday in Japan, going to Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Okayama! xx

Teresa said...

haha thanks for sharing this, since i live in the Caribean where i can still go to the beach on Christmas :) i'm in love with #2!!!


Filipa said...

i can´t look at your post anymore or i'm gonna start crying!!

Selene said...

thank you for your comment!!
lovely blog and nice post!

De Carona Na Moda said...

Que lindos!


Anonymous said...

Those swimsuits are gorgeous!! It's winter up here, but this post is making me want to take a beach vacation immediately! I especially like the one-pieces - I'm thinking about getting one of those this year instead of a bikini. So cute!

Sam said...

@Bailey, I agree with you that it is a tad bit expensive. I suspect it's because it's a designer brand and the state of our SA rand is dismal :(

@Filipa - maybe we can swop seasons - I miss Winter!

Puchi said...

The blue bikini and the black halter... Lovely!!!

The Chic Etoile said...

Thanks for your sweet comment and for following me!!!





Deepika said...

thank you for your comment on my blog!
The blue one is awesome and nice post!
Following your blog as Divassence :)

Fictitious Fashion said...

hey sweetheart.. how r u doing? <3
Number 9 and 10 are me!!! pink n girly n well hot :D haha
N u din knw one thng abt me.. I love swimming.. n have done it for at least 4 years :D

Maybe you have time to participate inMy First INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAYcelebrating 100 followers :)

Under the Fluorescents said...

one, two, three, and twelve are my favorites! love all the ruffles and detailing


kirstyb said...

the 3rd bikini is amazing x

Marta said...

Nice I like number 9!! Great post!


Tamra said...

I love that brand and those suits are oh so cute! Makes me want to hit the beach now!

seascaped said...

thanks so much for checking out my blog. i'll be sure to follow on bloglovin!. xx

That 20 Something Virgin. said...

Aw thsoe are so pretty I love florals.
And also, I'm way jealous. Winter is just starting where I live! I hate being cold, wish it was sunny year round :p

two birds said...

ooh that savannah belted one-piece is so retro and fun! but the thought of getting in a suit right now...

Rakhshan said...

have never felt the need for these lols:P but they look good nonetheless! xx

Elle Sees said...

So cute and has me dreaming of summer.

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

These are so feminine! Love it! I think the first one is my favorite. It might be time to get in shape for the summer swimsuit season already! :)

MolDiva said...

Hey love,you have an amazing blog. I love your pretty style and cute looks. Maybe you can follow mine if you want


Anonymous said...

I'm so obsessed with all of the antique floral prints :)


What Is The New Black said...

Such gorgeous and inspirational swimwear, really! I love number 6 (the swimsuit) - amazing!

*Glam Chameleon* said...

I MISS summer!!!:( But I love those bikinis so much, romantic and girly prints!!!! Gorgeous!;)
Jelena (glamfabchameleon.blogspot.com)

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hope in high heels said...

I love everything Zimmerman... am getting the urge to look up my nearest Perth store. The one pieces in their range are stunning and in fact I believe I could find myself wearing one before the summer is out! In answer to your question, my current home is in NYC but we'll eventually move back to Melbourne. As to which city I prefer - hard to say as they are SO different. Long term, definitely Melbourne for the lifestyle. Short term, definitely NYC for the energy and pace.


Daniel Hirsch said...

I've really enjoyed having a look around your blog today, keep up the good work!
Thanks for sharing.