Friday, June 08, 2012

Friday Frills

Do more than exist, LIVE.
Do more than touch, FEEL.

Do more than look, OBSERVE.

Do more than read, ABSORB.

Do more than hear, LISTEN.

Do more than listen, UNDERSTAND.

Do more than think, PONDER.

Do more than talk, SAY SOMETHING. 

John H. Rhoades


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Live, feel, and observe - well said!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Nicole said...

Beautiful, as always!!! xxx

jamie said...



Cinnamon and White Chocolate said...

Enough said! :) We sometimes really don't know how to live, and all we need is to open our eyes and breathe in the life...if you are not hungry, if you have a place to live, familly and some friends...what else you need? :)

Lilli said...

so great words my dear! big kiss and enjoy your weekend!:*

VintageDanielle said...

Words to LIVE by. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

ICA said...

Well said!!! :) wonderful pic!

Have a nice weekend,


Fashion-Bridge said...

These are great words my dear Sam! They made me smile and actually do more than smile, they made me think about their meaning and love them:)



when BABI speaks said...

very inspirational indeed! happy weekend Sam! :-)


Punctuation Mark said...

Very beautiful!!!

Bodil Huisman said...

Have a great weekend!!
Thank you for sharing these wonderful words.


Cathy said...

Words to live by! Happy weekend!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Beautiful! My favorite part of this poem is "do more than talk. say something." That is definitely something that the blogging world could take heed to, lol. Happy Friday, luv!

Sootjeelina said...

Wow beautiful post! I especially love the line "Do more than exist, live". I try to do that everyday

xoxo Sootjeelina

indie by heart said...

Beautiful, as always. :) Brings many thoughts up.

Indie by heart

Alice Oliveira said...

Great post!!

I love the pic ^^

Roberta said...

Beautiful post!
Have a great weekend!

Carmen said...

beautiful post, dear!
And what a nice blog you have :-)

If you have time pls take also a look at my blog and become a friend too :)

XO, Carmen

Elena said...

Love this post!

Hope you'll visit me :)
Kisses, Elena

Style Servings said...

YES to this!!! Have a fab weekend!

Lolita in the Mix said...

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are having a blast!

Have a nice day, xoxo

Denise said...

Absolutely amazing and sooo true! It's like when someone says, by meeting a friend or acquaintance by chance in a supermarket, for example: "we have to set something, call me (or I'll call you) to go to a Cafe, or you could come to my place!" And it had NO meaning at all. The person won't call, so why all these thrown words without meaning? We have to feel, listen, understand and mean what we say!
Loooved these words, the best till now, in my opinion! Have a great time wherever you are!!!

Dee said...

Love it, so true this:)

Sydney H. said...

Love this and the photo :)
Hope you had a great Friday!

-Sydney xo

Filipa said...

Love this post... simple but powerful!!!
Hope your holidays are being great Sam!!!

fashionbyscarllet said...

Beautiful words!!
Have a nice weekend!!:D

Kisses **)

fashionbyscarllet said...

Beautiful words!!
Have a nice weekends!! :D

Kisses **)

ftashion said...

These beautiful words are such great reminders to just do a little more and we can live our life so much better!
Fang Ting


Such a great words!!!

Good to keep reminding ourselves not to forget!!!


fashion meets art said...

fantastic post. i love it.
and the picture is like a dream.
wish i could be there...
maren anita


Fictitious Fashion said...

Hi My dear Sam... How have you been??? Longgg time, no talk? How is everything going on?
I love this post.. Perfect! :)

Do stop by and say hi :)

Maybe you have time to read my New Post- Hot Pink Farewell


Sandra Leiva said...

You know I love your Friday posts always! <3

Anna Brain said...

Adooorable! <3

Andrea said...

So cute, thanks! ***

Roberta said...

Hope you are enjoying your trip!

Indistinctive Writer said...

oh so very true! thanks for this post Sam! i hope you're having a blast on your trip! ^___^

have a nice day!

The Sunshine District said...

we gave you an award over at our blog :)

Audrey Allure said...

Such wonderful words!

Leslie Quiros said...

lovely wordss!! hope you ahd a great weekend!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

So true! We should always keep that in mind.