Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Which Brit Wore Burberry Better?

Who Wore It Better?
Burberry Prorsum
Spring/Summer 2014 Dress

Iconic brand Burberry is synonymous with British high society, so it's no surprise seeing the same look once more than once. The outfit in question is a fetching candy pink lace ensemble with collared short-sleeve shirt and fitted pencil skirt. Three famous British celebrities vie for the title of having worn this delightful Burberry Prorsum Spring 2014 dress better.

1. Style Icon Alexa Chung was the first to wear the ladylike Burberry Prorsum dress off the runway, at a launch for her Eyeko makeup line in December 2013. The DJ/Model banished the winter chills with a smokey grey oversized coat and a pair of flat leopard print loafers.
2. Cara Delevingne presented this pleasing sheer pink lace shirt and pencil skirt on the Burberry Prorsum runway last September. The supermodel was styled with a mint and green leather clutch and vivid pink T-bar sandals.
3. Most recently, we admired Paloma Faith at the Burberry FW14 Menswear show in London last week. The usually eccentrically dressed singer cleaned up exceptionally well in this beguiling pink lace look, creatively pairing it with a pastel blue overcoat. Paloma added a metallic clutch and pumps to her outfit.

As for 'Who Wore It Better?', all three Brit 'It Chicks' look incredibly stylish in their own right, and although I prefer Cara's runway clutch, my vote goes to Paloma Faith, simply because she inspired me with a charming new colour confection of 
bubblegum pink and powder blue.

Who Do You Think Wore This Burberry Look Better?


Carolyne O' said...

Cara without thoughts!
The dress is so particulat and precious that I don't like a coat on it, don't know why :)
Xxx princess



Rozalia Szymiczek said...


Jackie Harrison said...

Paloma Faith looks elegant my favorite.

Valeria said...

This dress is adorable and I really like it. I love Alexa but this time my vote goes to Cara. She wore it better! xx


Carmen Victimofmycloset said...

A very nice dress, I love the color!
I think I'll stick with Cara!

Good day!

Madame Poupée said...

Paloma the best!

Gloria la borsa di mary poppins said...



Emilie said...

Cara without any doubt! Alexa paired it with a wrong coat that makes the beauty of the dress fade and I don't like Paloma's hair with it (but she wears it with a stunning coat!!!). There is no match for a Delevingne on the style level :D xxx

Stella said...

I prefer the runaway version.
Stella from a A Shiny Place

Lena vgolove said...

Amazing dress! i love look # 2

Have a nice day!

Bárbara Marques said...

I like Paloma Faith's look the most :p


Lana Ivanovic said...

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Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

The runway look is my favourite 100%. :)

Klaudia L. said...


Katie said...

Alexa is always amazing, though I think I like Paloma the best this time! xx

Adeola Naomi Aderemi said...

Cara on the runway is my favourite!

Sveva said...

Cara on the runway! But also Paloma wears this dress better than Alexa, love the combo pink/light blue!

Mira said...

Cara, Cara and Cara!!!! She amazing. Wish you a wonderful day Sam <3

xx Mira


S said...

Cara without doubt!!!! :D

Denise Sabs said...

I was going to say Cara, and although she looks great, I vote for Paloma now. I don't really like neither Alexa nor Paloma's style, but as I said, today I choose Paloma because of the mixing colors, daring for something bold (as usual), but this time tasteful, in my opinion. I love mixing colors! I think she looks exquisite in that pic! denisesplanet com

Nameless Fashion Blog said...

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Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...



Victoria West said...

I think Cara D. wore it the best. :)
Have a lovely day sweetheart!

Pooja Mittal said...

I think cara did the best job with the beautiful dress
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Lilli said...

Morning Sam, first I am delighted by the dress itself, very romantic and adorable, loving the color and the lace details. Then, Im in trouble since they all in their own way wear it very well. Alexa Chung with that oversize coat is glam, though I dislike the shoes; while Paloma Faith is so lovely pairing it with pastel tones. I think though Paloma is enchanting, Cara from the runway is definitely my choice, the dress suits her divinely, more than the other 2 ladies. Have a good day dear! xo

Katherine Unique said...

Ilove 3 one!:-*'
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I can see that you love what you are doing!
Thanks for posting! Love you :-*

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Mª Pilar Domínguez said...

I don´t know how to in English but I Liked Paloma Faith too because she did " the best" for the dress with her combination. I loved that blue coat. Kisses:)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Paloma Faith is my fav!

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

What a gorgeous dress! All 3 ladies look amazing but I agree with you and my vote also goes to Paloma because that color combination of the dress and coat just makes me so happy! I don't think she's ever looked better!

To answer your question, I haven't tried a vegetarian version of that dish but I imagine that tofu could work quite well with the soy sauce and balsamic marinade.

Rowena @ rolala loves

Antee Gurung said...

I love the runway look of Cara! Alexa looks grt too.

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Sadie said...

Have to admit I'm not in love with this dress but I love the colour and it looks great with the colour of the coat that Paloma has paired with it :) xx

Paola Lauretano said...

Alexa is my favorite, Sam!!!!
She has a great style, and this lace dress so feminine is absolutely cool worn with a masculine oversized coat!!!!
Kisses darling!!!
See you soon!!!

Karolina Antosik said...

Cara is my favorite one :-)

Isa Machado said...

Love the last one! :D

Janne said...

They all look stunning, but my favorites are Cara & Alexa :)

Marina Ghirga said...

Lovely dresses! <3

Angel Pinkoolaid said...

I can see myself going for Cara's look more since it is simple and very feminine :)


Plami said...

Personally I think Alexa wore it best. I love the way she toned down the pink with the grey coat and the juxtaposition of fabrics and shapes she created.


Corinne said...

i love alexa chung's version, but with Paloma Faith's shoes!! haha
xx Corinne

Caitie Schlisserman said...

I'm a sucker for bright colors, so have to go with Paloma's... even though I'm a HUGE alexa chung fan.

Lady à la Mode

Margaret Dallospedale said...

Alexa Chung is so elegant and chic.
Her style is amazing!
Have a sweet day
The Indian Savage Diary

Dania said...

In my opinion Cara Delavigne is the best!



Serena Macari said...

I love how Paloma styled it with that beautiful pastel coat but Cara just kills the look for me! Amazing!

Effe coco said...

this dress is particular and has a particular color, so i like to dress it alone or with an another pastel color like the color of the coat of Paloma :)

Kat said...

i love how alexa styled it! i always love pink and gray together! :D


Busisiwe Mgoboli said...

It without a doubt looks better on Cara. But I love the styling with the blue coat.

Coco said...

Honestly I can choose Sam. These ladies have plenty of classiness, three thumbs up!
Coco et La vie en rose
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awhite said...

Loving Cara the best- but Alexa really rocked it with the gray coat, too. :)


Carmen said...

Hmmm, that´s a hard decision this time! I was going for Alexa Chung before I saw her shoes which are rather weird with that outfit. The runway look is of course great but the other ladies were right to wear a coat on top. When it comes to Paloma Faith I think it´s all a little bit too much with her make-up but I would say I prefer her outfit nevertheless ;)

getcarriedaway said...

such a beautiful dress! thank you for sharing dear!
Cara is my winner today, but Alexa and Paloma look great, too!
have a wonderful day!


Kacie Cone said...

I actually really like it on Cara, it's a beautiful dress, it doesn't need much styling!


ylenia said...

The combo with mint coat is my fav!

Afina blog said...

love Kiara`s look

Mingaile Tarpy said...

Not sure - either Alexa or Cara… All look great!

Oriana Campanella said...

I love this dress! In my opinion Cara wore it better.
Oriana xxx


his little lady said...

Oh gosh, Alexa Chung is always so fabulous but Cara Delvigne is killing it!!
xo TJ


Marie Zamboli said...

I follow you back honey <3 thanks a lot. Now can we also follow on BLOGLOVIN and Google+? <3 let me know

Jelisaveta Đukanović said...

Beautiful! You have a really nice blog here! I like your posts! :) Cara is the best!

My Fashion Jar

LoveT. said...

Cara :)
Wonderful Post!


Patricia González Fernández said...

alexa chung is absolutely amaaaaaaazing =)


Dressed with soul said...

Today it was not necessary to think about who is the winner for me, because for me this is now question: it is Cara! To be honest I would love to own that dress :)

xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


Pauline | Fashionosaur said...

Cara. She's sooo pretty and she wears it in a very simple way with lovely shoes, I like it!
xx Pauline fashionosaur.blogspot.com

Sophie Sierra said...

Hey Sam, another wonderful post as always hon! <3

Cara definitely has the edge on this one I think ;-)

Hope you're having a wonderful week sweetie xo

Sophie <3 soinspo

laviniah k said...

Hey hun, this is incredibly hard to choose, they all wore it well in their different eclectic ways..But simply for going the extra mile and adding that extra wow factor to the look, it has to go to Paloma Faith! The blue coat and metallic accessories are perfect with this Burberry dress!

Have a fab week love xx


Georgina Castellucci said...

I think Paloma wore it best! What a beautiful dress xo

Laura said...

I love that dress!

Svetlana said...

I have to admit that I think that cara wore it the best :)
I don't like her very much but the dress fits her perfect and her blond hair matches with the nice color of the dress :)

Svetlana from Lavender Star

Rosa Mari Moraza said...

Beautiful dress! For me Cara is the best!
Big kiss Sam ;))

Lady Trends
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Samra Seljpic said...

The dress is amazing and Cara wore it better :)


Josie said...

I like Alexa's kind of daring choice of shoe but it's the blue/pink combo Paloma is rocking that I just love the most xxx

Pamela RG said...

Cara wore it better. Looks great on her.

Toks said...

I love Alexa but on this occasion I would have to go with Cara.

Michelle LL said...

Cara wore it better, pastel colours suits her. Love Paloma's eccentric style as well. Have a nice day Sam and thanks for the wonderful insights. Have a nice day my friend :)

Magda Carvalho said...

I like to see the dress in Cara Delevingne .


andysparkles said...

Love Alexa's look!


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Melo Limparfaite said...

I would say Paloma :)

Julie Chagas said...

I would pick Cara, because I love her!


bridechic said...

Actually, each woman gives the same dress a new look!

ChristelPaola said...

Def Cara in my opinion, her looks is pretty and feminine :)


Elle said...

Sa, These are such fun. My vote goes to Paloma Faith for her styling choices of tffany blue overcoat, the her perfect pewter pointed toe pumps. ( I guess i got suck on the letter p, and will continue:
Perfect Post!
XX, Elle

Tanya W. said...

Sam! I'm going to Alexa chung, She looks amazing but all of them beautiful! Thank you for the very sweet dropped by sweety!
Hope all is wonderful with you!


Linda B said...

These Brits know how to style a dress! Personally I love Cara's runway look

The Dragonfruit Diaries


Love Alexa, but Cara's one of my favourites! Hope you have a wonderful week Sam. x/Madison

Patricia G. said...

The three are amazing!! This Burberry dress is fantastic!

Mili said...

Eeeep, such a tough pick as always. I would have to say Cara though, with Alexa coming in a close second :)


Share a Secret said...

With Chiara looks salmon color and with Paloma pink. ;)



JANICE G said...

amazing dress

the STYLE Fringe BLOG

Christine ♥ CHRiiSSYDOLLXO said...

Definitely Cara! Love her so much. <3 She looks absolutely stunning in any outfit, she's a true supermodel! :)

Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

Sandra Leiva said...

Paloma Faith's outfit is my fave :D



Jessica Mattioli said...

Cara <3 my fav!

The Fashion Heels

Joy Shana said...

I will take Paloma, she made the outfit pop love it

Adriana Carmen said...

alexa chung’s outfit is something that anyone could wear, but paloma faith’s look is more daring and stands out the crowd

Jonnessa said...

I like Paloma's version. Very feminine and elegant. :)

Keep in touch,

Pip Addis said...

I love how Alexa paired the color of that dress with gray! Looks perfect!
xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I agree - Paloma really brought a wonderful whiff of color to the outfit. I can't wait for spring!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Elle Sees said...

love it on cara the best!

Marina Ghirga said...

Buona giornata! Un bacio,

Edyta said...

My vote goes to both Cara & Paloma :)


Kim Alston said...

Cara! Cara! Cara! It's her attitude and confidence.

Dascha Boonstra said...

Caraaaa <3 She looks stunning.


Chiara T. said...

Cara! She is like an actress, she is able to make the dress as her skin!
even if Alexa is one of my iconist!

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Nicky mywishstyle said...

For me Burberry for the season s/s 2014 has one of the best collection ever seen... the pink dress is fantastic and Cara too!

Arrow said...

Amazing outfits! But as for me it looks perfect on Cara!

London Loafers said...

I think I'll go for Cara on this one! This dress is far too beautiful to have a coat worn on top of it!


Maddie said...

Cara looks the best in dress, but I think I really like how Paloma styled the outfit- the pastel blue coat + the dress= genius!


Anthea F said...

I love Cara!
Anthea’s Fashion

Gina said...

Alexa Chung looks the best :)

Larissa said...

I think the dress is too pretty to cover it under a coat so I like Cara best in this post!
Thanks so much for your last comment :)


Nery Hdez said...

Great post
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różowa szminka said...

I love pink

What Kenny Hearts said...

great post dear! Love it on Paloma!

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Gina said...

Cara gets my vote!
XO, Gina

Corinne said...

I love it best on Cara!

Corinne x

mademoiselle mode said...

Cara is my fav :)


Ileana said...

Love it on Alexa :D


Caro * said...

Cara ! Burberry is one of my favorite brand ! :)

(Anna) la mode said...

This is such a pretty look. My favorite is Paloma Faith. I love how she combined the pastel pink of the ensemble with pastel blue jacket. It really makes the pink pop!


Birdie Liau said...

All the dress are so pretty and elegant (: absolutely love it! x


Elly @ Caribbean Living said...

Fab post Sam! My vote goes to Alexa for sure, I loooove this shade of pink paired with her grey coat, and a little leopard just makes everything better… Ooh also loving Cara's pink sandals, they are beauties. Have a fab weekend!xx

ss fashion world said...

alexa wins ! lol :) i just love her and she put together everything so amazing !

Miu said...

I also like the colour combination Paloma Faith chose :)

June said...

I like it on Cara the best. Though she hasnt styled herself as she's on the runway, this dress is best worn simple and elegant the way she's got it on with the cute pink t strap shoes and hard to notice mint bag