Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Frills

Hold on to Faith, 
It is the source of believing that all things are possible. 
It is the fiber and strength of a confident soul. 

Hold on to Hope, 
It banishes doubt and enables attitudes to be positive and cheerful. 

Hold on to Trust, 
It is the core of fruitful relationships that are secure and content. 

Hold on to Love, 
It is life's greatest gift of all, for it shares, cares and gives meaning to life.

Hold on to your dreams, 
Achieve them diligently and honestly. 
Never take the easy way or surrender to deceit. 

Hold on to Family and Friends, 
They are the most important people in your life, 
and they make the world a better place. 
They are your roots and the beginnings that you grew from. 
They are the vine that has grown through time to nourish you & help you on your way.

Hold on to all the things you are, and all the things you have learnt. 
For those are the things that make you unique. 
Don’t ignore what you feel and what you believe to be right and important. 
Your heart has a way of speaking louder than your mind. 

*Author unknown. Image via Lazaro


Ana Silva said...

So fancyyy!! thanks for the comment <3
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andysparkles said...

Great post, lovely words!


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LaTasha Bunting said...

Hello lovely Sam,

Oh, it was my pleasure! I appreciate your friendship and all of your kind compliments! You are just the sweetest and loveliest person EVER! I totally adore you! My week is going well! I hope yours is going well love! I love pink too! It's my fave color! That's so awesome that you like pink as well hun! I'm glad that you like the decor sets! I do appreciate your comments very much love! You're amazing! :)

I LOVE this Friday Frill! It's very beautiful hun! Amazing words love! I think each and every thing mentioned is important to hold on to. Each and everyone of them make life worth living!

I mentioned you in this post love!

With love,

Leonor said...

PERFECT dress!!!
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Tamara Chloé said...

Such beautiful words and so true!
Enjoy a fabulous weekend Sam kisses xoxo

Tamara Chloé

Birdie Liau said...

This is such a lovely post (: , have a lovely week ahead of you! I love the dress, it's so pretty. x

Toks said...

Beautiful photo and lovely Friday Frills post again.

Elle said...

Sam, The photo is sublime, and the quote is inspirational and meaningful for this time of year!
Thanks for sharing!!
XX, Elle

Emmylou said...

Ooooo...I love the pic, Sam:) Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend ahead:D

Beautetude said...

This was such a lovely post. Beautiful dress & words.
Have a wonderful Friday.

Pamela RG said...

Hold on and never give up! So inspiring. It makes us move on. Have a Happy Friday!

Seryna Veng said...

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Chezka Cenon said...

It's a beautiful post sweetie! And it's so true for me nowadays, now I'm just trying to hold on to everything good in my life, forgetting all the bad.

Have a great week :)

- Che

Kim Alston said...

most definitely. hold on and continue to move forward. love that dress :D

Magdalene R said...

Inspiring and beautiful post!
Have an amazing friday honey :)

Linda B said...

I love what it said about holding onto faith :)

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Ardamus said...

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I hope I can have similar giveaway like this too.
Hope everyone enjoy it. Good luck.


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beautiful words, and great post!


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Anonymous said...

lovely and beautiful post ! thanks for following :) i am following on GFC :) xx

Patricia G. said...

Pretty dress!

dk said...

great and wise words, thanks for sharing! and i so so so love this ruffled dress - the model looks just like cinderella :)
hahaha, the houndstooth costume, yeah i've worn it also for a school play but i don't know if i want to share it yet XD


Paola Lauretano said...

Meaningful quotes Sam.... perfect today for my B-day!!!!!
Tnx so so much for your lovely words my friend!!!
Happy friday!!!!

Liana said...

Wonderful and super inspiring post dear! Loved it! x

Thank you so much for commenting the other day, I'm now your newest GFC follower! Your blog is amazing!! ♥

Liana x
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nokhuthula nyoni said...

Amazing dress!

Valeria said...

I always appreciate your quotes! This dress is wonderful. Have a nice weekend!


Johlet said...


Nicky mywishstyle said...

Fantastic quotes! have a good weekend

Marina Ghirga said...

Adoro!!! <3

dim_3fs said...

What an amazing dress!!!
Have a lovely weekend!

Sandra Leiva said...

Beautiful as always!!


Chadlen said...

Lovely words...
Have a nice Friday my dear Sam...


Jointy&Croissanty said...

Great words and beautiful picture!

Katie said...

Loved this, very inspiring- the words and the photo! xx

Alejandra said...

Super lovely post as always Sam!
Have a nice weekend dear,

Carolyne O' said...

The perfect frill ever <3
Love how these wise words sound!


getcarriedaway said...

as always, wonderful words sweety!
have a great weekend!


Mira said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful and encouraging words with us. It's exactly what I need on a cold and dark day like this. Yes Sam it gets very cold over here. 10 degrees is pretty warm. Right now we have -4 degrees and it's just November. The coldest month are January and February! Wish you a happy Friday sweetheart!

xx Mira

Dressed with soul said...

Dear Sam, thanks a lot for this thoughtful words, as there is always the danger not to hold but to let go to all the important and wonderful things you mentioned.

I wish you a happy weekend and I´m sure you hold on on all the things you mentioned above.

xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

María G said...


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Daniella said...

As always Sam lovely, you have blessed us with such beautiful and inspirational words this Friday. Thank you dear :)

Take care and have a lovely weekend,
Daniella xox

Miss Top Ten Image said...

I love your Friday Frills dear!! They're always so encouraging and the pictures that accompany the text sooo beautiful!!
Happy weekend!!

Sorana Nistor said...

oh wow.....amazing dress!!!

Jessica Mattioli said...

Lovely quotes dear!
Happy Friday Sam!

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Jackie Harrison said...

Beautiful and great motivation and inspirational thanks doll. Have a great weekend.

Adeola Naomi Aderemi said...

Great pictures and very motivating post dear.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Dania Carbonini said...

This dress is absolutely fantastic, love it!



Marta Purriños Hernández said...

So great pic :)

have a nice weekend!


S said...

I totally into this post, very encouraging and inspirational!
Great frills!

Edyta said...

I truly believe in holding on to friends and family. Without them, can one even exist?


Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

Great post and such a gorgeous photo! x

Margaret Dallospedale said...

Oh my gosh!!! This friday I love the dress... It's a dream!!!!!
So inspirational post!
Kisses sweetie.
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Demi Mist said...

Very nice optimistic post!
And as always very beautiful photo!
Happy Friday Sam!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, that picture is fantastic!

Lilli said...

Hi Sam! I truly believe that we need to hold on faith, trust, hope, love, dreams, family, friends, and all the things which represent us. It is the only way to move on with positivity and courage. Always listen to what we feel inside because the most of the time our heart is wiser than our brain, we already know what is important and right, what is better to leave and forget, we just need to listen it and to be faithful in what is in our possibilities. People we love will be always there for us. Happy Friday my dear! Big hugs! Is getting very very freezing over here!! xo

Emmanuelle said...

Stunning blog, you have a new follower :)

Mª Pilar Domínguez said...

Always hold on, Sam. It is the key for survival in every single aspect of life. Lovely words and of course , the photo. Kisses and nice weekend, friend:)

Ozden Ozdogan said...

This is so good honey,I love your friday posts.Thanks for all the inspiration!
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Mary Jo said...

Beautiful thoughts and all of it so true. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

xo Mary Jo

Tr3nDyGiRL Fashion Blog said...

honey,this post is beautiful! i like it
check my blog if you want too:)

stylewithoutstyle said...

Such a beautiful post! :)

Victoria West said...

Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend my dear!

EstelleFashion said...

Jaka piękna suknia <3 chcę taką ;)

Coco said...

Hold on to your dreams <3
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Rozalia Szymiczek said...

ohhh <3

Kacie Cone said...

Beautiful words as always, happy friday :)

Viktoriya Sener said...

Have a nice Friday, dear!

Sveva said...

The pic is great and the quote too!
Have a good and happy weekend!

Kashaya said...

Beautiful post.=)

Sophie Sierra said...

What a refreshing, beautiful post with such lovely and true words!

Sophie xo soinspo

Michelle LL said...

Such an excellent words of encouragement Sam, thank you for continuously inspiring us with your thoughts every Friday, always looking forward to your Friday frills post.
Always hold on to your dreams is my favourite line, we should not give up on our dreams so fast, we can do anything we want to do with constant practice, willingness to do it and of course with help from God. Your comment always put a smile on my face, glad I found you :) Have a great weekend Sam xoxo :)

Dascha Boonstra said...

Stunning dress <3


Maddie said...

Sam your Friday frills posts are ones of the best! I always find something that would suit me, or the situation I am going through!
These were really great encouraging words mostly because the weather outside is very gloomy and cold, therefore my mood is a bit off as well! Can't wait for the snow, when everything will be brighter again! :)

Shes Dressing Up said...

Lovely post!! <3

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Wow that picture is STUNNING.

Pip said...

Sweet Sam,

Love this so much dear and hope you have a lovely weekend!

xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

Caro * said...

Fabulous post with lovely words :)

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