Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Scent of a Celebrity

The Most Popular Celebrity Scents of 2011

It seems like every celebrity and their chihuahua has created their own line of fragrances. In a commercial crazy world, these stars have left no product unbranded. Below are some of the most successful celebrity fragrances of the last year. Looking at the advertising and composition, would you consider trying out the scent of a celebrity?

The Pop Princesses
Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift. The first fragrance by the angelic looking songstress has a fruity-floral scent with emerging vanilla aroma, followed by raspberry, apple blossom, peach, sandalwood, freesia and green tea. The fairytale picture is enchanting enough to rouse interest.
Wild Rose by Avril Lavigne. This is the third fragrance by the punk princess, which is blend of fresh fruits (mandarin, plum, orange and pink grapefruit) and sweet florals. I haven't been convinced by her range as yet.
I Fancy You by Jessica Simpson. A musky, velvety floral scent with fruity Fuji apple and pear notes. The middle notes include lily of the valley, bergamot and tuberose. I am not really fond of any of these ingredients.
Dazzling Darling by Kylie Minogue. Warm and spicy notes of red pepper, orris, violet, acai berry and passion flower, with a rosy cashmere blend. A 'dazzling' photo to match.
Cosmic Radiance by Britney Spears. I grew up on Britney, so you can't blame me for liking her perfume range ;) It's a fragrant red bouquet, with mellow notes of amber, vanilla and sandalwood. I wish for a different bottle, this one seems plastic-y.

The Divas
Outspoken Intense by Fergie for Avon. A fruity floral with notes of star fruit, kumquat, blackberries and musk. The advert exudes power.
Secret Potion by Christina Aguilera. The girly pink bottle isn't corresponding with the rest of the ad. A floral oriental bouquet featuring jasmine, lemon, passion fruit, lotus and musk.
Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna. Her first fragrance is island inspired, combining red berries, peach and plum with a splash of coconut water, followed by violet, hibiscus and tuberose. 
Pulse by Beyonce. An tropical third fragrance from the singer, with a strong pear note, shadowed by bergamot, peony, jasmine, musk and vanilla.

The Glam Squad
Jennifer Aniston by Jennifer Aniston. She was the last person I expected a fragrance from. It's a clean floral scent, with notes of rose water, amber, lily, jasmine, musk and sandalwood. Sounds sophisticated, just like the actress.
Gold by Kim Kardashian. I was skeptical about Kim's perfumes, but after trying out a tester, I was pleasantly surprised. Gold is an opulent balmy scent, which opens with bergamot, grapefruit and pink pepper. Florals include rose, violet and jasmine, ending with warmer tones of musk, patchouli and amber. 
Love and Light by Jennifer Lopez. I can't keep up with all JLo's fragrances, this is number 17! It is described as a woody floral with fresh notes of mandarin, pomegranate, red currant and apricot, blended with patchouli, praline, rose crystal and jasmine. 
Shine by Heidi Klum. This is the models first fragrance, which is a musky floral, comprising of pear, pink pepper, lily of the valley, mimosa, sunflower and vanilla. I like the simple bottle.

These are the fragrances of 2011 that you couldn't even pay me to wear. 
Someday by Justin Bieber. Yes, it sold $3 million worth in three weeks, (now you know how he funded his Ferrari, impressionable tweens with too much cash). But if you're over 14, using it should be banned.
Purr by Katy Perry. I love cats and I don't mind Katy Perry. But the bottle and marketing of this fragrance was too kitsch and not enough class. 
Immortal Twilight by Twilight. The stench scent of this melodramatic saga has been bottled and sold to vampires and humans everywhere.
Snooki by Snooki Polizzi. It's too early for an April's fool joke, the spray-tanned scent of Snooki is the real deal. Things like this make me really worried about above-mentioned impressionable teens.


Jessi said...

It's amazing how many celebrities have perfumes out now!! I've never even heard of the Twilight one of the Snooki one, it's kind of random! Thanks for the post though, it was interesting to read about the many scents of all these famous people.

That 20 Something Virgin. said...

Oh geez. Everyone and their mom has a perfume nowadays.

Darn, I don't really like Taylor Swift at all, but hers sounds like it would smell good. Kim Kardashian looks like an alien to me with her hair pulled back so severely. Christina Aguilera and Beyonce just look really photoshopped in my opinion.

And you're right about the Britney Spears bottle, they feel plastic. We sell her perfumes at the store I work at and they just look and feel really tacky and cheap to me.

Molliee said...

I love Taylor, so the dress combined with the pretty bottle would win me over. That being said, I don't usually buy celeb perfumes!

Martin said...

It seems that they really earn quite a lot of money with fragrances. Most of them are really not good...

artichoke heart said...

you have such a sweet little though x

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Paolita@BerryHaute said...

I am sorry to say, but I have a celebrity scent phobia. It seems so commercial. If I had to choose I'd go with HK Shine, just because I really like her and I like how she kept it simple and classy.

Chanel Tonè said...

OMWow! I did not know Snooki and Twilight came out with their own fragrances!!!

I am not a celebrity fragrance kind-a-girl but if I owned one based on the celebrities I adored it would be Kimmie's, JLo and Rihanna.

Another fun post!!

VintageDanielle said...

It's amazing how many celebrities have perfumes, almost like a person makes it once there's a perfume names after them. I don't mind if it is a star scent, as long as it smells good. I prefer the fruit scents.

Oh to Be a Muse said...

i like Wonderstruck and Rihanna's ad campaigns the best!

Punctuation Mark said...

we got my niece the one from Justin Bieber and she almost had a heart attack... haha!

Kassi said...

Based on packaging Love & Light and Wonderstruck are my favorites. I need to go to the store and sniff these out - literally. I haven't smelled most of these!

A Life Un-Styled said...

I tend to stay away from the celebrity fragrances and stick to the classics, but I must say these are marketed really well!

Unknown said...

Really interesting!
I'd never seen the Taylor Swift one but I love the campaign and the bottle!


Purvi said...

The ad campaigns I liked are of Taylor Swift and Beyonce
but I will never pick up a fragrance on this basis :)

Anonymous said...

So many celebrities have perfumes nowadays it's hard to keep up! Out of all of these I would probably buy Taylor Swift's and Britney Spear's just because I like both scents. :)

P.S. Thank you so much for the sweet New Year's greeting!

Lots of love, B
Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

Anonymous said...

Handsdown Beyonce. Following.

Bailey Schneider said...

I can't keep up! LOL!!
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

Unknown said...

Like this post a lot!!!
I adore perfume and collect them!
Have a wonderful day!!!

Lipgloss Kisses said...

I like how you've grouped them in categories. I don't like celeb perfumes. I've never bought one. But then again I'm super fussy when it comes to perfumes. Haha. Cool post. ♥

Rahul Bhatia said...

Sam, a lovely collection of celebrity perfumes!Good information!

Ember Drake said...

Wow I never realised there were so many celebrity fragrances out there! I've only ever bought one - 'Glow' by JLo - and that was years ago!

I love the dress in Taylor Swift's ad though!


Anonymous said...

By the way, you couldn't comment on my New Year's post because I disabled the comment box!

Lots of love, B
Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

Indistinctive Writer said...

Oh my loveliness! taylor swift's dress is so pretty!

"Frills and Thrills by Sam" now that sounds like a perfume! ^_^

Anonymous said...

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Rakhshan said...

the celeb perfumes i've used have turned out good, i love JLo's still and glow and Britney's fantasy, jessica simpson's fancy love! So i'd definitely like to have a sniff of these.
that really intrigues me is jenifer aniston's u're right i bet it's gonna be classy like her!
great post Sam! a post about scents and im all eyes and ears:) x

Judith said...

Wauw, I didn't know that there are so many celebrities who has theres own perfumes. Nice post! :)

hope in high heels said...

The Jennifer Anniston one definitely - she's always classy. I also like the composition of the advert for the Heidi Klum fragrance - clean and natural

Denise said...

As usual, your post informed me very well about perfumes I tend to avoid. I don't like celebrity scents, never bought one. Well, if we consider designers as celebrities, then yes, but not singers and actresses.
Now you just wrote about two perfumes I would be interested in - I'll try to find them when I get to the Duty Free area at the airport! I like patchouli, musk, sandalwood, leather, tobacco, amber... in fact, male perfumes, but I also refuse to wear male scents. The ingredients I like are difficult to find in female perfumes. But it seems Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian's ones are the scents for me! I'll try them when I find them! Thanks for the information, brilliant!

Fictitious Fashion said...

NOt a tough one! I will choose Kylie Minogue's.. I'd have chosen Taylor Swift's but it has too much of fruity smell.. it gets on my head :D
I'm saying as if they are selling it to me ;)
THanks for stopping by dear..
A buffer is all you need to shine thngs up ;D

Erika said...

Snooky made a parfum?? ahahahah !

I follow u here , follow me please
And I ask you if follow me also here because my google give me a problems :((


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Live life glamorous said...

And most of the time, I don't like the fragrances ;-)

Miu said...

My favourite at the moment is Heat Rush by Beyoncé. Only because I smelled it, I don't know the campaign for it :)

Unknown said...

I love this article! So entertaining- PS: I actually smelled the Snooki one- one word- disaster!

Dominika | Into the Bloom said...

Reb'l fleur by Rihanna is definitely one of my favourite fragrances, I'm hoping to buy a bottle one day :) I would also love to smell Wonderstruck, wondering if it's any good!

Elle Sees said...

i like wonderstruck and Someday...i wouldn't buy it, but portions of proceeds of Someday go to charity, so that's better than most of the fragrances out there!

stylemailbox said...

that katy perry advert is so cool. i want to dress like that for halloween :-)

come visit me-

Sam said...

Hello Lovely Readers,
Thanks for your input, it was really interesting reading your opinions regarding celeb fragrances.

@Indistinctive Writer - thanks, your comment made me smile :)

@Vintage Danielle - I would also buy a fragrance based on if the scent was appealing.

@20 Something Virgin - I agree about the photoshopping, something very sneaky going on there.

One Stiletto At A Time said...

I tend to always go by the smell of the fragrance rather than the Celebrity. The Celebrity actually cheapens my opinion of fragrances rather than entices me. Britney, Kim and Beyonce have the best smelling of the bunch.

Unknown said...

all faboulouse parfum but what is your favorit??? if you like follow mealso on facebook ! have a wonderful day… keep in touch…

Daniella said...

This is an interesting post my dear!! Overall i guess the scent is the main factor if when i buying a fragrance but i also like bottle designs to and whats going to look nice sat on my dresser. Unfortunately most of the time i am of the same opinion as the girl above where a celebrity fragrance dose have cheaper feeling about it,i don't why and its not necessarily the smell but the overall look. I think if i had had to choose i would quite like to test out the Jennifer Aniston Fragrance,it comes across as less is more and like there is no pretence or over the top glitz and glam to her fragrance.

Really enjoyed reading and looking at this post sweetie,Daniella xox

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog,and for your sweet comment.
This is a great review,I cant believe justin beibers perfume sold so well,I suppose its not that suprising!
Jennifer Anistons,sounds like I imagined it would be,which is great that the scent reflects her.
Im following your fab blog x
Wishing you all the best for 2012 x

Vicky Fernández said...

Wow! I didn't know all those famous people had their own perfume! I'm faithful to J'adore...

Thanks a lot for your comment in my blog! It was very sweet! I love your style ideas! Would you like to follow each other?


The Fashion Diaries said...

omg it seems to be an invasion o.o the only one I'd like to taste is the Rihanna's one, because I like her and her style so much.. but the others leave me perplexed! hope you'll visit my blog! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I would consider to try the first one Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift or the jennifer aniston frangance i always like her.

Kisses Alexnadra,

Unknown said...

There are sooo many to choose from!!! Seems to be taking over.

Alina said...

Great post,hon!I didn t know there were so many!

Skinny Moonstick said...

This is great! What an amazing post dedicated to the parfums! I must admit I like Kim Kardashian's original scent, it's very warm and sweet :)
Next I should try Taylor Swift's fragrance!
Good luck!

Tea said...

Hey, thank you for your sweet comment :)
Yes, I study journalism and I'm very happy with it (journalism was my choice since I was 14, so...) I still have 1,5 year to go and I'm not quite sure what I'm gonna do after. Reason is bad situation in journalism in Croatia. I do know that I would love to be/work in fashion, obvioulsy :)
What about you?

Anonymous said...

haha indeed hun. Every celebrity and their chihuahua :P I actually havnt heard of ALOT of these collaborations before but the market is sooooo terribly diluted with perfume options its understandable I suppose :P Nice roundup hun! Twas very informative for this fragrance-noob :P

Eli xx

Jelena Zivanovic said...

I love celebrity scents!! My favorites are the ones from Jennifer and Britney, but I must to try all from your fantastic list!:)

Arianne said...

Awww this post is so original! Well, in my opinion, many times the advertisement is better than the parfum haha I mean, that people usually buys this type of parfum just because it's made by her or his favourite singer or because the advertisement is so amazing, but anyway, I recognise that I also do it haha.
Much love,
xo -A

joy said...

J Lo made 17 different perfumes already? That's so much! I haven't tried any celebrity fragrances yet but after reading this post, I want to try Wonderstruck and Jennifer Aniston's perfume. Ahhh I love the dress that Taylor Swift is wearing in her ad :)

Couture Lotto said...

I've tried a few of these at the stores though I've yet to find a celeb perfume that screams "buy me!" Some smell pretty good though.
Christina's ad cracks me up!

Alena: Oh, Its Just Perfect! said...

None of the celebrities with perfume really appeal to me. I haven't smelled any of them though, so who knows...I might LOVE some of them :)

margaret cruzemark said...

This is such a great post. You have done a wonderfull job.
Wishing you the best for the new year.
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Dainté said...

oh, thank you for sharing this ! I love it. Now I can see, which perfumes should I try in stores next time Ill visit them :)


Great post! JLo has 17 perfumes?? That's insane.



Marianna said...

Hey, Sam i am so glad that my computer is fixed now and i can read your posts. i loved this post since i haven't read something similar a long time now, i only wish you had a bit more reviews on each perfume instead of just telling us of what it consists. (not critisizing here,just saying).
taylor swift's, although not my fave singer, bottle has a eerie magical-fairytale feeling on it and accompanied with the commercial i get a feeling of what this perfume is all about.
brit's seems plastical to me too.
jennifer aniston's is a clear, simple, sophisticated bottle,the changing colors of it remind me of sea and sea rocks.
overall i agree with all your comments on the bottles and perfumes.
great post.
lots of love,
*check out my new post about embracing our body and curves: