Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who Wore It Better - Awards Show Edition

Celebrities should know by now that Awards Season is the one time of year when they will be photographed the most and in the public eye. So wearing the same outfit as any other starlet during this short space of time should be carefully avoided. But on occasions when they don't, we have posts like these. 

Who Wore Nina Ricci Better?
Left: British beauty Keira Knightley wore this black taffeta and lace Nina Ricci dress to the 'National Board of Review Awards' in New York on 10 January 2012. The dress has a sheer lace paneled bodice with ruched sides. Keira paired it with black tights, black Roger Vivier heels and a quilted black Chanel bag. She kept her hair in waves and wore a reddish lip colour and bright red nails.
Right: Tamara Mowry (from 90's sitcom Sister Sister) wore the dress just a day after Keira at the 'People's Choice Awards' on 11 January. She teamed the flirty black Resort 2012 dress with multi-strap black shoes. Tamara had her hair pulled back and wore large pearl earrings.

My Verdict: I prefer this dress on petite-framed Keira, and because she wore it with matching tights and heels, it gives the look more of a solidity.

Who Wore Paul Ka Better?
Left: Beth Behrs (from the sitcom Two Broke Girls) wore a Paul Ka dress to the 'HBO Golden Globes After Party' on Sunday, 15 January. Her pale shell pink mini has an asymmetrical frill down the bodice. She paired it with gold Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe heels, a sparkly gold clutch and soaring beehive hairdo.
Right: Selena Gomez was the first to wear the dainty dress, last year already at the 2011 'People's Choice Awards' on 5 January 2011. I'm presuming that Beth didn't watch the show. Selena looked pretty pairing it with nude heels by Giuseppe Zanotti, incidentally, and a black clutch. She had her to the side in cascading waves.

My Verdict: Selena 100%. Beth's space-age hair ruined it for me. I liked how Selena's hair mirrored the frill on her dress.

Who Wore Valentino Better?

Left: We just saw Stana Katic at the 'People's Choice Awards' last week (11 January) in a slinky black V-neck Valentino gown. The Castle actress looked stunning in this figure-fitting dress with gathered front and sported side-swept waves.
Right: Ali Larter wore the white version of the dress 3 days later at the 'Art of Elysium Heaven' event in Hollywood. She added turquoise earrings and wore a sleek straight bob.

My Verdict: Although the knotted front detail was more visible on the white gown, I have to go with Stana, simply because the dress fit her impeccably well.

I would love to hear your verdicts:

1. Keira or Tamara?
2. Beth or Selena?
3. Stana or Ali?


Stella said...

2. the same
3. Ali Larter!
Miss Starshiny

Deidre said...

1. I think Keira looks slighly better, but I think that's mostly because the black looks so good against her lily white skin - I think the dress would look awesome on Tam in a different colour.

2. I agree with starshiny, the same.
3. this was also the same for me!

Unknown said...

1. Keira.
2. Selena.
3. Stana!!
This is my opinion!hehe!

Molliee said...

I totally agree with you on #2 and #3, but I love Tamara's bare legs and shoes in that dress! great photos! xoxo

Josipa said...

Keira, Selena and Stana!

Fashion Pad said...

1. Tamera - I love the feminine look on her. Kiera's style is a little too goth-inspired for my personal tastes.
2. Selena - her hair, makeup and shoe selection complement, as opposed to outshine this frilly garment.
3. Stana - like you said, the fit is perfect!!!

Giulia said...

1- since Keira looks too thin in this picture I vote for Tamara
2- Selena gomez
3- Stana, the black dress fits her better!


Daniella said...

I have to say i agree with all your verdicts and with all your reasons why!! You certainly know what looks good and what doesn't. Great post sweetie :)

Take care,Daniella xox

Lien Fashion said...

Thnx for your sweet comment!!

Great post !! I think: Keira, Selina and Ali :)


ftashion said...

I totally love your "who wore it better?" series! It's such a fun game to decide (without peeping at your verdict, lol) then compare my verdicts with your choices. Our choices are a total match this time!

Fang Ting

steph said...

I agree with you on all three! Really love Kiera Knightley in Nina Ricci, the dress looks amazing on her small frame :)

Jessi said...

I agreed with all your choices. I remember Selena Gomez in that gown and thought she looked so adorable!! Thanks for doing this post, I really liked it!

Mandy said...

I absolutely love your blog! I cannot stop reading all your posts!

I think Selena is just adorable - I do remember seeing her in this dress and thinking that she looked impeccably ravishing ... if only I had the wallet to buy the gorgeous confection. :)

Thank you for stopping by my blog, I would love to follow you!

Mandy xx

Tania said...

Definitely Keira, Selena and Ali Larter! Loving your posts as usual, lovely blog xx

Rahul Bhatia said...

Sam,you have a discerning eye for details:)

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

I LOVE "Who Wore It Better!" I totally agree with all of your choices! Even though Kiera looks maybe a little too thin, the dress paired with the tights and heels says "Classy." And maybe Beth's dress fit her more curvy body better than Selena's but I agree on the hair. And Oh My Gosh, Stana looks stunning. I hardly recognized her as the actress from Castle, her beauty is always played down a bit on the show. Love the way she looks with her hair in the soft curls and the dress fits like a GLOVE! Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comment on Ooh La Frou Frou, Sam! Have a wonderful week. xo

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

tres chic chica said...

neither on the first, Selena looked perfect and Stana rocked the dress!

Paolita@BerryHaute said...

~this is my favorite kind of post of yours, love seeing the same "piece" on two different people.
Keira, Selena & Ali. Yes the black dress is a better fit but I kinda like the looser winter white version.

joy said...

haha I agree with you for everything...
1. I like how Keira wore it because I think she looked a bit more classy with her black tights.
2. I liked Selena Gomez's hair, so I think she wore it better.
3.Stana Katic because she looks amazing in it :)

A Very Sweet Blog said...

These were hard! HAHAHA I agree with your choices! But all of them look gorgeous. :)

Charlotte's House said...

Totally agree with your choices!!!
Among all those 6 girls Keira is obviously the best looking lady (to me, of course). She is very chic and stylish, if she were not English I would say that she is French.
I LOVE posts like this... could you post like this more often for me, please (I'm kidding :-)

Chanel Tonè said...

Tamara, Selena and Stana have got my vote!!!

Purvi said...

Keira, Selena and Stana :) :)

A Life Un-Styled said...


1. Keira
2. Same
3. Stana

Unknown said...

1. Tamara
2. Selena
3. Stana.

Great post, love to see this kind of things to compare two celebs with the same outfit

Ember Drake said...

1. Keira
2. Selena
3. Stana

Em :-)

Fictitious Fashion said...

I agree with you too.. Selena has done justice to the dress by wearing soft curls.. :)

Thank you for ur sweet comments on my blog :)

Hippiegonemad said...

definitely keira, selena and stana btw nope i'm a fashion design student here in milan and they simply allowed me to come in to the cavalli show

Thesmallnoble said...

1. Keira
2. Selena
3. Stana (but I like the white look too)

Elin Kling said...

1. Keira
2. Selena
3. Ali

Chandana said...

My verdicts match yours!


Denise said...

Mmmhh... for the first dress, I have a mixed opinion... on Keira you can see the lace bodice better, cause she's thin and pale white. On Tamara we can see the sleeve detail better. And I loved her shoes, but it's the dress the focus here, OK!
Then Selena for sure, although Beth's curves showed the dress in a good way - but maybe for her, black would have been better.
Then Stana, no doubt, cause I didn't really like the white dress on Ali Larter, and her bones were the focal point, I suppose... at least that was what I spotted! Again a great post, loved it!

Kdotorg said...

My verdicts match yours! The first dress suits Keira better because of her long torso, it just makes Tamara look quite short. In the second I like Selena's version better, mostly because of her hair and because the pale pink really doesn't suit Beth's yellowy skin tone. And in the third, as stunning as Ali is, the dress just fits Stana better as it shows off her amazing curves.
Really loving your blog, follow each other?

BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

love how the nina dress looks on kiera

Anonymous said...

How fun post !
I think that Tamara, Selena and Stana wore the gowns best ;>

Thanks for your comment dear,

xx Satu
Indie by Heart

Mónica Villar said...

i like this kind of spot cause are really interesting.

A chic kiss ;-)

Teresa said...

1. Tamara - Keira is too covered up, that dress is too long to wear tights.
2. Selena - Cuter hair and shoes!
3. Both, Stana looks elegant in black and Ali looks vibrant in white.

love this kind of posts where i can choose :)


Vicky Fernández said...

Normally it's easy for me to choose who wore it better but this time... I love all styles! I can't see anything I dislike...

About my post, here you are:

Both bags in my trends report are from Asos.



Angie said...

Great post!!Love your blog;)Following u immediately:)
follow me back?



Bailey Schneider said...

Tamara, Selena and I liked both the black and white dress - they both looked gorgeous :)
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

Anonymous said...

1. can't decide because i like this dress on T's body shape better, but it seems to fit K more correctly?

2. def Selena...she looks amazing!

3. Stana...but then I'm a sucker for black gowns.

<3 Cambria

Dominika | Into the Bloom said...

1. Keira
2. Selena, I adore this girl in pretty much everything :)
3. Stana

Valeria said...

Thanks a lot for your kind comment!!! Start following you on BLOGLOVIN and GFC!!! Hope you'll do the same!!! xoxo

Giulia said...

Hi Sam, just click on the flag of your country at the top of my blog to have the translation :)

Arianne said...

I definitely vote for Tamara, Selena and Stana! I don't know why, but I think they look like prettier with the dess!
My favourite one is Selena... why is she so pretty?!
Much love,
xo -A

Elle Sees said...

I love all the ladies on the right...that never happens.

VintageDanielle said...

1. Tamera
2. Selena
3. Stana

DailyGlamour said...

All Great

Elisabeth said...

Tamara, Selena and Stana!
Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! Honestly you don't feel a difference between -2 and -6..when it's less than 0, you only notice once you go over -10 or so.. :)

E from Helsinki

Katherine said...

I vote for Kira, Beth and Ali!

Victoria West said...

1. Keira or Tamara? - I like Tamara more, I don't like Keira's tights.
2. Beth or Selena? - can't decide, I guess I like both
3. Stana or Ali? - Stana, it flatters her body better than the white dress.

Stella said...

I prefer Keira, Selena and Stana.

Dainté said...

I would say Tamara,Selena and Stana :)
Im just having SUNDAY WISH-LIST ,and I would be really happy if you could join it :)

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I love doing these! Keira, Beth & Stana!

Alexandra said...

The last two are a bit trickier, but DEFINITELY Keira in the first one! Then I'd have to say Selena and then Stana for the other two. Great selection love!

Alexandra xo

The Fashion Diaries said...

keira, selena and stana :D check out my new post!xoxo

Unknown said...

I love the dress on Keira! This is always my favorite section in magazines... love that you have it here on your blog too!

Unknown said...

First Pic: Tamara Mowry

Second Pic: Beth Behrs and Selena Gomez (like them both)

Third pic: Stana Katic

<3 Marina

Annie L said...

I agree with your pics!...except I think in the first photo I might have to go with Tamara. A full figure works better with this dress for me.
xo Annie

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Tamara - her curves make the dress look so much better. Keira makes it look boyish.

Selena - hands down.
Stana - I'm going with her simply because the dress isn't white against a white backdrop.

great post!

Marianna said...

oh love those kind of posts!
although i love how the dress looks on Keira (its looks more delicate than on Tamara) i vote for Tamara cause i like the girly approach she took, and i much prefer it with bare legs.
i like that Keira goes for the vamp look but the tights kind of ruin to me. its much more flirty with bare legs.
selena hands down.
hmmm tought call i like the white dress but the black one fits impeccably- i give it a tie.
kisses girl!

Nitika Bhatia said...

Stana Catic looks Fab.. Soo does Selena.. :)

hope in high heels said...

These are so much fun! I agree with all your choices with the exception of Keira. I vote Tamara... I like bare legs with the dress though would have preferred a demure peep toe shoe with it. On Keira, I think the tights ruin the femininity of the dress a little.

Rakhshan said...

100% with you on all three xx