Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Atelier Versace Evening Gowns

Atelier Versace Spring/Summer Collection 2011

Versace have released their Atelier Spring/Summer 2011 Collection in sublime designs and a palette of pretty colours. I love the array of soft frills, intricate ruffles and interesting use of colour fading. Australian model Abbey Lee Kershaw looks doll-like in this ultra-feminine range. My favs are the asymmetrical gray-to-black tiered frill gown (middle left) and the sugary shaded pink ruffle-bottom dress (bottom middle).

In a perfect haute couture world, I would be able to own each one of these enchanting evening gowns and have some somewhere fabulous to wear them to. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world, but a girl can always dream.

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dream夢兒 said...

-likes top-middle and middle-right.
-she does look quite a doll!
-likes the combination of sleek and frills.
-top left, right and middle-right gives her a lighter, beyond-this-world look; but the simplicity, symmetry and high-rise, elongated design makes her a goddess.

Greetings from Canada