Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tuesday Thrills - J Brand Jeans

Wide Leg Jeans
by J Brand

This Winter, the wide leg jean makes a trendy comeback. This 70's inspired pair of denim is fitted on the waist and hip, slightly looser on the thigh, then extends into a bell-bottom shape from the knee down. The wide leg silhouette elongates your bottom half and makes you look taller. Which is exactly what I need. I love these fabulous pairs of wide legs from quintessential denim company, J Brand. 

1. Skipper in Atlantic. 100% cotton, mid rise pair of jeans in a lovely blue-grey colour. Wear it to work with a tucked in white shirt. $211 or R1421.
2. Kiki in Pure. A dark blue pair of high rise jeans made from lightweight stretch fabric. Wear it with high heels, pretty cami and cardigan. $180 or R1212.
3. Bette in Aspen. White jeans can be intimidating, but the shape of this one ensures a classy look. Wear with a light denim blue shirt or striped tee for a nautical look. $218 or R1468.
4. Kiki in Shadow. A black pair of wide legs is more forgiving on your bottom half. This high-rise stretch jeans are as good as a pair of black trousers. $196 or R1320. 
5. Kiki in Lotus. This medium blue denim with faded detail is great for weekend wear with a simple t-shirt and leather belt. $203 or R1367.
6. Bette in Wonderama. A lighter wash denim with high rise and front pockets. Wear with a printed feminine 70's style blouse and wedge heels. $218 or R1468.

To purchase a pair of these jeans, visit www.jbrandjeans.com
The only South African stockist listed is 54th and Lex in Johannesburg.
I used today's exchange rate, so these prices are subject to change.

Happy Shopping!

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