Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Suitcase System

One of my pet peeves is packing. I think has something to do with my indecisiveness, I can never make up my mind on what to take and what to leave out. Also, I am a minimalist packer, I only take what's absolutely necessary and nothing more. I once met a girl who had her entire weeks' outfits planned on an Excel spreadsheet, down to the last sock. This seemed a bit extreme but maybe it's good to be that organized. So, to save on time, I developed my own 'Suitcase System'; which is a foolproof plan designed to make the agonizing packing process a smooth and easy one. Now what used to take me hours to pack a bag for a weekend away, literally takes ten minutes.

My Suitcase System works as follows:

*I only pack outfits that I have worn before and know look decent and fit well. This saves me from trying on a million different things.
*My failsafe outfits include two pairs of jeans or tights with a few pretty tops. One casual for daytime, one dressier for a night out.
*I stick to creaseproof clothes in the same colour palette, so that I only have to pack one or two pairs of shoes to match. 
*I take one neutral coloured handbag that will go with everything.
*A few accessories that can multitask with all outfits. 
*A black tailored jacket that works well over anything.
*Four items of make-up. 
*I also keep a vanity bag fully stocked with all the necessities, so I never have to pack one each time I go out. 

It all goes into a small lightweight bag that can easily fit in the passenger seat of a car. This packing procedure proved to be successful every time...until now. This week I have the daunting task of packing a bag for a 4-day wedding weekend. I tried applying the above rules to this mission, but it just doesn't work. The whole system crashed! I will tell you why.

This is what I have to pack:

*Four casual day outfits - four tops or dresses and four pairs of jeans/tights.
*Two semi-formal outfits
*Winter jackets
*A couple of cocktail dresses
*One evening gown, actually two, incase the first one doesn't pan out
*Eight pairs of shoes
*Three handbags and three clutch bags to match each outfit
*A hair iron, hair dryer and hair products.
*A clothes steamer
*A box full of fascinators
*Accessories to match each outfit. Belts, earrings, chains, bracelets and rings.
*A make-up bag with half the contents of a MAC counter.

I have begun packing 2 days in advance but haven't gotten anywhere. With all the pre-wedding events and unpredictable coastal weather, I have no idea what to pack. So I'm taking as many options as possible. At this rate, I will be hiring a trailer to lug my luggage 300km across the country. You think I need luck now...just think about when I have to come back home and Unpack.

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