Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Heidi Klum Vs Versace - A Supermodel Showdown

If you watched the 'MTV European Music Awards' over the weekend, you would have noticed the hostess with the mostess, Heidi Klum's 8 amazing wardrobe changes during the show; plus another for the after party. Unlike other presenters, Heidi's entire showtime closet comprised of specially handpicked dresses by Versace. The German supermodel has left little to the rest of Versace's celebrity fans to choose from for future events. 

Here's a look at Heidi's 9 outfits right off the Versace runway, and from one supermodel to the next, does Heidi outshine the runway girls?

Look 1: Heidi kicked off her EMA night in a gold studded denim blue one-shouldered gown with daring criss-cross lace-up detail on the bodice & thigh high split. Heidi kept the look as on the runway, opting for the same strappy boots. At Versace's SS13 show, Estonian model Katlin Aas wore the dress. Heidi's look is a bit too va va voom for me, I pick Katlin.

Look 2: Walking the red carpet, Heidi picked a sleek little black dress with metallic-stitiched mesh detail, from Versace's Fall 2012 collection. Silver grey platforms complete her look. Jasmine Tookes wore this dress on the catwalk. I think here Heidi wears it better.

Look 3: My absolute favourite dress of the night, a serene white woven bodice with voluminous chiffon layered skirt. Heidi stuck to the circus theme of the show, adding a black top hat and fingerless gloves. Polish beauty Kasia Struss wears the gown on the Atelier Versace Fall 2012 runway. Its a tie, they both look sensational.

Look 4: Heidi rings up the evening in a saffron orange crushed silk dress with black lace accents and knee-high gladiator heels. On the Versace Spring 2013 runway, the dress is worn by Danish model Nadja Bender. Another tie, they both look fetching.

Look 5: Heidi is elevated in a slinky black bohemian dress with beige lace trims and nude gladiator sandals. On the catwalk is Russian dame Anna Selezneva in the same dress. I'm giving this round to Heidi, I prefer her colour of heel.

Look 6: Heidi dons a sky blue tie-dye gown with cut-out bodice, gold waistband and super high slit. Anna Selezneva wears it on the catwalk. Again, I think both supermodels do great justice to this look.

Look 7: Heidi changed up into something more 'comfortable' for the after party, choosing a lavender blue mini dress with embellished skirt from Atelier Versace Fall 2012. I am going with Aymeline Valade from the runway on this occasion.

Look 8: Heidi wears another Versace SS13 outfit - a black leather coat with a beige lace and leather insert skirt. Dutch model Bette Frank wears it on the runway. I am not a fan of either. 

Look 9: And finally, Heidi showed off her best assets in a sunset canyon shaded tie-dye gown with risqué low cut-out neckline, leather studded belt and ultra high bordering-on-illicit slit. I much prefer Kel Markey wearing it on the runway.

Which of Heidi's Versace looks is your favourite or least favourite...and do you think she wears it better than Donatella's Glam Squad?

*Images via mtv.com and style.com


Demi Mist said...

Heidi is so beautiful!
Have a great week!

Fashion Lover said...

I prefer Heidi in all the looks!!!


Tian said...

I think she does the glamourous looks better and the edgier looks look better on the runway. :)


VintageDanielle said...

Look 1, I agree with you. Heidi seems to pop out a little much. All the rest, she can rock them as well as the models. love her!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

my favorite is look #3. my least favorite is #5. Heidi, looks better than ALL of the models. HAHAHAHA You are so right! Heidi, is just CUTE and GORGEOUS! It's an awesome combination. I can't believe she's had all of those children and still looks amazing! Excellent post and comparison.

The Marcy Stop said...

Love this roundup and your selects! It's so interesting to see the clothes both on and off runway.
following you on GFC now!


rach. said...

love this!

love, rach.

alongobucco said...

Heidi is always a win in my book!

The Glossy Life

Sakuranko said...

Really fashionist post!

Sakuranko Blog
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Je ne sais quoi said...

Beautiful post ! Well all versace lovers are def drooling right now just like me
I couldnt agree more with you on the white serene dress it is a masterpiece as well as dress nb 6 its so mermaid like !

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I adore Heidi but the only look I think she outshines the runway model in is Look 2 :)

Diana Marks said...

She rocks Versace! Love all these looks!

LA By Diana Live Magazine

Megan Diaz said...

She stepped out of the box for sure! Love MOST of them, agree on your picks!
Hot Pink Day
Libi & Lola

Josie said...

I really don't like Heidi Klum, I've never rated her as a model! So it's the Versace girls all the way for me. I think that orange dress is my favourite.

By the way I'm practically salivating over those Charlotte Olympia shoes in the last post! Hope you're well Sam :) xxx

Jessica Cai said...

really love these bold versace dresses! i don't think she looked better than the runway models but still beautiful xo jess

Punctuation Mark said...

She looks better and better with time... Love those knee high shoes

Jo said...

I love love LOOOOOOVE look 3! I would get married in that dress--it's beautiful! =)

<3Jo of thelittledandy.com

Ali W. said...

I think I like Heidi better in most of them! She makes anything look good. Love that belted leather jacket.

Kacie Cone said...

I think she looks better in all of them but not the first and the last. With her curvy body shape they kind of look a little (for lack of a better word) slutty instead of high fashion. Otherwise I think shes beautiful!


MOSAMUSE said...

such a cute post! I would say... hiedi wins it everytime!!


Chris Ed said...

Hi Sam, Heidi looks beautiful! I like look 3 and 7! Lovely post,
kisses chris

Allison said...

OMG she looks gorgeous in every single one!
P.S. Don't forget to enter my Fossil Vintage Revival Bag Giveaway! :)

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Reinhardt Kenneth said...

she walks like donatella, the squad added a touch of edge to the outfits since they're just walking beautifully like fierce dolls, while heidi klum-with her model features, somehow looks a bit, just a bit more playful, now every versace fan is just like oh crap this lady is gorgeous and lucky. XX
anyways, go check out my latest portfolio "Oriental Heartlines"
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fluff and fripperies said...

Heidi looks absolutely stunning - number 8 isy favourite I think, it's a bit edgier xo

Nee said...

her looks are beyond stunning!:) i didn't know that all the outfits were from versace! really enjoyed the EMAs there were some pretty cool acts!
lots of love xx

Ember Drake said...

I think Heidi looked gorgeous in them all (although I do prefer Bette Frank in Look 8!). I completely agree with you that Look 3 was the best outfit of the night - the top hat and gloves were perfect accessories!



Antonella C'est moi said...

she is fab!!kisses

Well... said...

Yeah, there's not much Heidi can't pull off...aha, I agree with most every decision you made on the looks!

Trendy Teal

OneRedCherry said...

heidi is one of my favourite

moonstyle said...

she's beautiful!

Poppy Lee Jones said...

personally i'm not a fan of heidi klum but she does look really good in the 8th outfit. i prefer the runway models in the other ones though, but that's a matter of taste, i guess it's because i don't like her personality that much.. or what i know of her personality from shows like germanys next topmodel and stuff.
and i'm going to post some more london photos with my next outfit post. :) xx


febrina utami putri said...

heidi klum is the best! outfit number 3 and 6 are my favorite!!

Pauline Lim said...

Really great post!:) Heidi looks good in all of them I must say!:)

xx pauline

Lilli said...

Hi Sam! I think she rocks in all the Versace's looks! wow just gorgeous! My fav are the look n.5 and 6, love those colors on her!! Great images, I like how you put the photos of her with the one's from runway! Have a nice day dear! Big kiss!!:*

Lyosha said...

Hi dear!
great review! I love Haidi's fist look the most in fact very vampy and sexy. it feels fine for MTV. look 5 is amazing, beige gladiators look better

Inside and Outside Blog

life is style said...

great post :)

Anthea Sanna said...

follow you too dear!

I've a new post!

The Urban Market said...

Thank you very much for your comment.
My favourite outfit are n.2 and n.3. Lovely post!
Kisses from Venice.


Bravoe Runway said...

I have to be honest....I wasn't impressed with any of these looks...I liked it better on the Donatello squad...something about the way these looks we're accessories I didn't think really did her justice.

Anonymous said...

wow! Versace is my all time favourite brand, I think the dresses and designs are super sexy, creative and look very flattering on women. I think heidi Klum looks absolutely stunning in all of these looks. I am in love with all of them but my fave would have to be no.2. Gorgeous!!

LaraBeTheOne said...

She looked stunning!

Itchy Edgy said...

Amazing post dear!!! Heidi Klum is so gorgeous!!! Love Look 3!
Thanks for your sweet sweet comment :) Xx


Simona Fogliamanzillo said...

Heidy is totally amazing!

Arisa Mameda said...

Thank you for your lovely comment! Your blog is amazing! I like it!
Why don't we follow each other? :D


S said...

She's gorgeous and looks amazing with every outfit, but the look 3 is definitely my fav!


Marsa said...

i think i like the runway girls look better in the first one, but as for the rest they all look great :)


Sandra Leiva said...

I love the 2nd dress :)

Adly Velasco said...

I think the runway models look better in the more daring pieces but Heidi rocks the rest just as well. :)


Katie Frank said...

wow she looks stunning!

Nataly Pylypenko said...

I like your blog!)
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Agnieszka (Aga) Guerrero Olesinska said...

The second look is my favourite! Great blog and photos!
Check mine and let me know if you would like to follow each other:-)

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Wikaa said...

She has got beautiful dress at first photo ♥
Heidi Klum is great :)

Lejla said...

Love these dresses :)
And she is amaing :)
I love your blog :)
Would you like to follow each other?

charliewilliam said...

I like the third one :)

Would you like to follow each other?

Anonymous said...

stunning dresses! i was pretty much in line with all of your calls :)
love your blog!
following you now :)
would love if you stopped by my blog sometime and followed if you liked!

Hanna & Christel said...

Her body is beautiful, much better than the extremely thin model look!


Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

This was such a cool post... comparing the person who wore the dress to the model on the runway is genius! I'm in complete agreement on most of your choices. Heidi looks fabulous!!

Kashaya said...

I love look 3 and my least favorite is the last look...

Borjana said...

Ohhh how gorgeous is she?!;-)

Elle Sees said...

I only like the last!

Sweetmona said...

amezing dresses!!!

Vicky Fernández said...

I think Heidi is too "sexy" for some of those dresses and they don't look smart on her but most women are like her, I mean, we have curves... Models shouldn't be so thin...


Tammy Lau said...

I have to say....at her age and still so hot!!! She is just too awesome:)


Zahra Sandberg said...

I think Heidi looks better in ALL but maybe look #5 - she is a real woman and totally rocks the dresses!


Instant Milk said...

I really really don't like that she wears this. It's a little trashy for me. I agree in that she has a great body and is still so beautiful, but just think she shouldn't be wearing these kinds of dresses, specially look 1 and 9. Too much!
I like her in look 5 and 8. Awesome outfits and still classy for her.

Heather said...

Honestly b/c of her cute personality I love all of the looks on her - she's a gorgeous supermodel and TV personality so she can pull them all off :)

Pearls & Paws

Bodil Huisman said...

Heidi is amazing. I thinks she's gorgeous and she definetely looks the best in every Versace look.


Jayme and Mendi said...

Wow, look at Heidi! I'd say my least faves are the first and last dresses - a little too much cleavage. But all of the others...she is stunning!!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Adeola Naomi said...

Ok I would say Heidi all the way anyway, since I am a big fan but let me just try to justify why she rocked it all.
She is like a decade older than the runway models and she really is wearing the dresses no the other way around, where sometimes I find the runway girl just can really pull them off.
She is hot and The white wedding dress like is also my favourite.
Not to be vain or anything but I wish I would still look hot like that in her ages or Naomi's Supermodels I both like for all different reasons.
Hope you are having a wonderful week so far lovely!

ZxM Style-Squared said...

Looks 2 and 7 are closest to my heart!!! I used to love Heidi, but she seems to have gotten a bit annoying with years! ;) yet no matter what, she will always be the body!!!;))


Kat said...

ahh she looks beautiful in anything!!! loveeeee heidi :D


Rebecca said...

What fantastic outfits she got to wear! She looked so lovely!


Marina H said...

I love Heidi she's absolutely stunning and oh so talented. I love her in all the outfits.

<3 Marina

kuti said...

i think Heidi look better in no 3 and 6.. and i think she can be look great in other too.. cause the camera angle.. i think if she get a good angle for the pic. she will look better..


Lavender Loafers said...

I love Heidi!
Follow you back! Thank you!

borka gamero said...

She rocked every single look!
I would like to know what she does to have that body after 3 kids and almost 50 years old... flawless!
Kisses from Miami

erica marie said...

I really love the dress from look 3 but I like the way the model wears it. I think the black is too harsh for me in Heidi's look.

xo erica

Sooji - Glam Mania said...

I love the Look 1 and 8! Heidi wears it more sexier and the model looks more chic! Love em on both! <3 Wish to own a gown from Versace one of these days :)

Glam Mania

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Heidi can pretty much pull off anything she wears. Like you I love look 3 the best. That dress is just gorgeous and she and Kasia both wore it beautifully.

Thanks for all your support! We made it through the snowstorm last week but it's a relief for things to be normal again. The power surge problems in SA sound quite awful as well. I hope that it's a situation that can be resolved soon and that it's not been too terrible for you Sam.

Rowena @ rolala loves

Emily Marie {Isnt That Charming} said...

Heidi for the win!!! Love all of these looks on her.
Isn’t That Charming.

sonia de macedo said...

I didn't get to see this but heard all about the changes so thanks for giving me an FYI! A little disappointed in the black long sleeved dress, maybe it's just the angle but I don't like it and it was one of my favorites from the runway :o(


Elena said...

Beautiful dresses!!!!!!!! The one with floral decorations is my favorite!!!

Akiko said...

Gorgeous looks..! xo akiko
Style Imported

Anonymous said...

least fave is the first dress. fave is the third :)

The Chic Sheet said...

I think the last look flatters her the most :)


Chris Ed said...

Hi Sam thank you for the lovely comment!
kisses chris

trishie said...

Look 3 is my absolute favourite...so gorgeous!

Dane said...

Heidi is looking SO orange in that first pic. I preferred the runway looks.


Elma said...

I prefer most of the runway looks, but I think Heidi looks better in 3 and 7.

FashionJazz said...

Heidi looks amazeballs in everything :) Hope you well hun! xx


Fashion-Bridge said...

Heidi looks gorgeous! I can't believe that this woman has 4 kinds! 4!!!!She's stunning and I really like her as a talented woman and a style icon. I must truly said that I'm not the biggest fan of Versace designs...quite often they are too scream-y for me. But Heidi did definitely pull all them off!




EstelleFashion said...

Pretty dresses <3

Have a nice day ;)

Erica said...

hi beautiful :) i find your blog amazing :) so i'm following you now :) mind following back? :) thanks a bunch!!!
The Girl with the Muji Hat

The Garage Starlets said...

In love with looks 5 and 7!


Beauty Follower said...

I like her 5th look!

Anum Khan said...

Aside from the last one, I actually prefer Heidi's look for all of them! Great post, I enjoyed it, haha.


Margaret Cruzemark said...

Heidi looks great after 4 kids in this age, but i think that showing off so much skin is not a really good thing..
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark