Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The RVN 'It' Dress

One of this season's most popular dress comes in a fitted mini silhouette, with a trendy jacquard geo-textured print from New York based brand RVN. The optical illusion dress has been seen on over 15 different starlets (and counting), in a range of duo-tone shades.

Besides just celebrities, this prismatic print dress has been a massive hit with the average girl as well, being sold out on several websites and also a favored choice at Rent The Runway. Click on the links to see how stylish everyday fashionista's wore their RVN 'It' dress. For $75, you too can rent a part of this geometric fashion frenzy.

RVN's Geo Signature bodycon dress retails for $395,
It is sold in four sizes and three colour combinations.
It comes in both a round high-neckline with cap sleeves and with a strappy crew neck.

Who Wore RVN Better?

The Black & White Edition

The black & white version of the RVN geometric print jacquard dress has been the most popular with celebrities. Each of them selected to style their mini with slight variation. Cher Lloyd went for a Christian Louboutin Mary-Jane flower pump and pop of red with an Onch poison apple necklace. Both Kristin Chenoweth and Tiffani Thiessen opted for open-toe booties, while Smash star Megan Hilty wore peep toe sandals. Rumer Willis picked a pair of cap-toed flats to wear with her RVN dress and Jamie Chung wore pointy-toe pumps.

This geo-patterned dress has also been popular on Celebrity's Instagram accounts. 
Disney's Zendaya Coleman and Kylie Jenner wore the black and white edition of the fitted mini dress with simple styling, while singer/actress Tamar Braxton paired her scoop-neck, inverted colour version of the dress with a slick black blazer. 

The Verdict: I prefer the dress styled by Cher Lloyd, I liked her choice of flower-trimmed shoes and the pop of red with the cute bitten apple necklace.

The Blue & White Edition
Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh teamed her RVN blue & white dress with white sandals. 
Jessica Szhor showed off her toned figure in the Aztec inspired look, with black sandals.
Heather Graham took to the streets of Brazil in her RVN mini with bright blue strappy heels.

The Verdict: With a choice of white, black and blue heels, I liked Kimberley's white pair but I prefer the fit of the dress on Jessica. Could they swop shoes perhaps?

The Orange & Black Edition
Songstress Amy Heidemann wears the orange and black version of the geo-print dress with whimsical feather trimmed heels by Jimmy Choo, black bangles and a clutch bag.
Ashley Tisdale styled the famous RVN frock with black peep-toe sandals & a Prada clutch.
Reality personality Angela Simmons wears the scoop-neck version of this RVN dress with caged Manolo Blahnik sandals.

The Verdict: I like the chic styling of Ashley Tisdale's outfit.

Do you think that this geometric 'It' dress is worth all the hype?
Which colour version and styling do you prefer?


Demi Mist said...

Very nice dress! Not for everybody though, but they look nice on thin girls.

Megan said...

I'm not sure about this dress Sam, it kind of hurts my eyes.

Admirably Pretty said...

The blue and white one is the best! Such a pretty dress, but such a pity it can't be put into a picture really well because of the moiré effect!

XO Imke

Stella said...

Seems like a popular dress!
I prefer the blue version!
Stella from a A Shiny Place

Always Maylee said...

I really like the blue and white version and I like the version that Jessica is wearing the best.

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Zoe H said...

Oh my I love the dress and can completely understand the hype surrounding it... I would have it in every colour ;) Hope you're well xxx
follow on instagram @fashwanfox

Lilli said...

Hi Sam! What an interesting choice today, I honestly am not a big fan of the dress cause I think is pretty hard to wear and does not suits everyone for the geometrical print, so in my opinion it isnt worth all the hypes is got! You could find many ladies wearing it, is interesting to confront them: the black and white edition is my fav version though, Jamie Chung is who wore it better, but have to agree with you, among all Ashley Tisdayl rocks it!:) Kisses dear, hope your day is going fine! xo

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

What fun designs and i'm with you - Ashley looks fab! Minimal accessories and light shoes (in design, not color
)are key!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Lilli said...

Sorry to hear it Sam, brrr I can get you, still remember the cold winter we had this year! In this part of the world finally the summer kicked off so today is pretty hot! Send you a bit of sunshine!:) Kisses!! xo

Denise said...

I liked the style of Cher Lloyd, but honestly, such a beautiful dress - and I wish I could wear it - was better worn by the models :)

Kim Alston said...

I like the look on Tisdale and Chung.

Style-Delights said...

Wow..this dress seems to be very popular among celebrities! Love the blue and white version a lot! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
Style-Delights Blog

ChatterBlossom said...

I actually love the orange version the most!

Bailey Schneider said...

Oh I LOVE IT!! I can definitely see this print become a trend in EVERYTHING now ;-)
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

Kati said...

Thanks for your kind words on my last post!
This dress seems to be truly popular and I like the blue and white version best!

Have a great day,

Cinnamon and White Chocolate said...

It is a nice dress, but I would never wear it, if such a huge pile of ladies are wearing it... Fashion is all about making a statement, sending a message with what you wear, and I cannot see any interesting message in a copy-paste stlye dress... And cannot understand that all of these women, who have a lot of money, choose the same dress...dear Lord... Ilina

It's Hope, LHOPE. ^-~ said...

I love the orange/black one on Amy. :}

Kate Rose Blair said...

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kim bim said...

I def agree with you on this,Omg!!! I am absolutely in love with the prints on these dresses.

Lala H said...

wow gorgeous dresses! i like the idea of renting too!

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Tanya W. said...

Thanks for taking your busy time to leave a lovely comment on my blog sweetness! I love the black/orange last set that I would wear! wishing you happy Wednesday:) x


Corinne said...

I love this look, Cher def pulls it off the best!

Corinne x

Grace said...

I love how Ashley Tisdale pulls it off! So pretty!

Have a great day!
A Southern Drawl

Linda Becaca said...

That is some crazy print on the dress, but it works on these ladies

Trendy Teal

Diva Desle said...

Wow these dresses are gorgeous! Eek;-)))

erica marie said...

This print is so much fun! Love it on Jamie Chung and Ashley Tisdale.

xo erica

Kacie Cone said...

Wow so popular! I love it in the orange, Ashley Tisdale looks great! I'm not really liking the tank top cut but I love the tshirt like cut!

Punctuation Mark said...

love it in the white background!

Mihaela Pojogu said...

I love on blue :)
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My Urban Market said...

Hi Sam. These dresses are gorgeous. Jamie Chung, for the black and white edition, and Heather Graham, for the blue and white edition, are definitely my favorites. Kisses.


Joan said...

great post dear, care to follow each other?
love your blog. stay in touch.

kisses from Dubai,

Alysia Choo said...

Wow all these outfits are really pretty! :)


Coco said...

Ashley Tisdale wore it better, though I like the black and white version of the dress!
Coco et La vie en rose
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Oh to Be a Muse said...

Wow, this really is an IT dress. Seems like everyone has worn it. I think I like it best in orange.

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TinaS said...

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Patricia G. said...

the dress is amazing!! they look fabulous with it!!!

Sandra Martinez said...

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This is such an amazing post, im in love! (:
Have a really nice day :)
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Joana Teixeira said...

i love it! it looks really cool :) but i think it has to be with very simple accessories and shoes

Menos es más said...

no me gusta!! :D

Ileana said...

Beautiful dress! I really love the orange one, it looks amazing on Ashley Tisdale!

Danny said...

wow, that dress is so amazing! they all look great on it!

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blackberryfashion said...

interesting print! :)

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Toks said...

Nice print, I think I prefer the blue and white version.
Thanks for your sweet comment.

Elly @ Caribbean Living said...

Oooh I love this game Sam - ok my votes go to...Jamie (less interesting I guess, but I love the understated heels), Heather (awesome shoes, love!) and Ashley (heels/clutch combo, love). It's a seriously divine dress, it's not often that I fall for every colourway but this one's got me for sure!

MOSAMUSE said...

jami chung or zandaya

Cheyenne Ji said...

This pattern is a little too busy for me personally but I think some of the celebs pulled it off!

Bernadette Czle said...

loving them all <3

EMA said...

Wow these dresses look great, and they definitely stand out!

Constance said...

I like Jamie Chung and Ashley Tisdale!

Shayne ♥ said...

interesting dress :) not something i would wear tho but it will work on some girls. kylie looks cute in it :)

Mindy Fan said...

hmmm.. Kylie and Ashley are rocking this style. I don't know how I feel about it on me though haha. I don't think I can pull it off!
Thank you for your comment on my last post by the way! =)

borka gamero said...

Lovely pieces! I would totaly wear it... the pattern is great!
Keep up the great job in your blog!
Kisses from Miami,

Bodil Huisman said...

The dress is beautiful, no wonder everyone wears it!!
I love the dress the most on Ashley Tisdale and Jamie Chung :)
Have a wonderful week Sam!


Nicole said...

Hey Sam! Hope all is well in the Durbs! I'd love to give this style a go the one that little Jenner is wearing.

Paola Lauretano said...

I love the orang & black version Sam! This dress is amazing, with an original
print, but i think it isen't easy to wear...
Have a fab day doll!!!

Rahul Bhatia said...

Very colorful and soothing designs:)

Nina said...

Is it worth the hype? I didn't think so at first but then I saw all these different girls with different body types rocking the dress and I actually get it now. All of them look good in that very same dress :)



ooo thats such a cool dress! too expensive for my liking though hahaha ;)


♥ Ellen
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Dale Janeé said...

Wow, this dress is really hot and I think I like the black and orange version best but they are all very chic and look good on so many different body types.


Dascha Boonstra said...

So amazing!


Peet said...

Ha, everybody really wore this dress!!:) I love this dress, the print is gorgeous, and I like all of the outfits too, except for Cher Lloyd's. Those Louboutins really threw me off - why would you wear something with a flower with this print?!

Nee said...

oh wow seems like everybody's wearing it hihi. i never noticed this dress before but i really like the black & white version. i think jamie chung wore it best with those pointy black heels:)

thanks for always stopping by:)
lots of love xx

Katie Frank said...

This dress is fab :O

The Style Maze said...

This dress is so amazing! I love how Cheryl Lloyd styled it ;) I have to look for a similar one for myself, too! I hope I will find it ;)


Natalia A said...

To be honest, I can't understand the hype around this one and also why all the girls above want to wear it so badly - I'd want to shot myself if I saw just one woman wearing the same dress and here there are clearly crowds of them. :)

S said...

I'm still uncertain about that dress, I can't understand if I like it or not!^^
Anyway I prefer it in blue & white version, even if jamie Chung's style is my fav!

ELISA said...

I love it...but too many of it around!

Nameless Fashion Blog
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Mira said...

My favorites: Cher, Jessica and Ashley. I wouldn't mind to have these dresses too. Sam I know you're not on FB. You can participate anyway!!! If I draw you I'll send it all the way to South Africa <3


Filipa said...

I Loved it, they are amazing!
That photo is from the internet, not mine, I forgot to put the link down there :)

Gloria la borsa di mary poppins said...


Dressed with soul said...

Yes, I´m sure it´s worth, because I like this trend really! Form me Jamie Chung is the winner :)

xx from Bavaria, Rena

Mélanie Lebreton said...

great selection !
just discover your blog !
I like your work :)
really passionate !
Rose Bonbon

Imogen said...

Cher Lloyd is my favourite! Her shoes are perfect and go with it so well. The dress suits her figure too.

Carmen said...

I really like the dress in white and blue but I think that all in all Jamie Chung, Heather Graham and Ashley Tisdale styled their dresses best, keeping it elegant and simple :)

♥ vendy ♥ said...

love it...I want the blue and white one...

★ Vendy ★
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Elsey B said...

those dresses are pretty!

Admirably Pretty said...

Thank you for your kind comment dear!

XO Imke

Johnny said...

i love the blak´n´white ones<333

Jayme and Mendi said...

I love this dress and agree that Ashley wore it best. The color is so pretty!!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Rakhshan said...

I like Heather Graham and Ashley Tisdale best!
Im good sam how have you been? x

Fashion-Bridge said...

Those dresses are absolutely stunning - sexy yet elegant, feminine yet not too girly! I especially LOVE the white and blue version. GORGEOUS!



Lady parisienne said...

very nice graphic dress!

Mona said...

beautiful dresses *.*

Gabriele said...

omg I LOVE IT! I think kylie jenner wore it best!

Street Fashion Paris said...

They are super hot!

AlittlebitUnique // UK blog said...

Literally all these girls look incredible, but I'm not actually a massive fan of the RVN dress :(

Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin


Tie Bow-tie said...

These dresses are gorgeous, I like blue and white one!

Denisa said...

Perfect patterns.

Emilie said...

They look all great, but Heather Graham wins the price for me :) I always enjoy these posts SO MUCH (as your 'outfits of the week' ones) so thanks so much for always making them :) And I was just wondering, how do you always find pictures of celebrities wearing the same clothes? I'm curious!! Keep up the good blogging because I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! :p


Yuli Conversations said...

Oh wow! So cute, i love it in blue!

Afina blog said...

Hi!!!! To tell the truth dress is absolutley difficult I love it only on first set, left model, in blue colour
thanks for comments, dear!

Francesca. said...

I keep seeing this dress pop up everywhere, it's such a great piece for S/S - I just wish I had the nearly $400 to snap one up! Kimberly Walsh is definitely my favourite in the dress, it looks great on a curvy figure (maybe I'm just biased because I have a very similar body shape to her...ha!) xx

Aleksandra said...

Beautiful dresses !
Love it in Orange & black :)

Wil Harris said...

Absolutely love this dress! It's so stylish, trendy, and sexy. Love how Jamie Chung wore it. She kept it really simple with black pumps.
XO Wil Harris

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I love ALL the blue and white ones. said...

Jamie Chung looks gr8!

Lipgloss Kisses said...

I like the black & white version the most, but I agree that Ashley Tisdale styled hers the best. :)

Beauty Follower said...

Jamie Chung and Heather Graham!

Margaret Cruzemark said...

Jamie Chung wore it better. She has perfect legs for this kind of dresses.
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Tamara Chloé said...

Sooooo worth the hype Sam!!
I have never seen these dresses before,so thank you so much for sharing this with us!

I love the red version on Angela Simmons and the white and blue on Kimbery Walsh is stunning and fresh for summer!

I will check out how much these dresses costs,but for some reasons I suspect they are quite pricey lol!

kisses xoxo Tamara Chloé

Tamara Chloé said...

aaah You just wrote it here, 395 dollars!
I think it's pricey but worth it in my opinion!
They are gorgeousssss

xoxo Tam

Elle said...

I vote for the black and grey and Jamie! Love that this dress is so well priced, too, perfect for all!
Another great post, thanks Sam !

Elle said...

Oops, forgot to leave my link.
XX, Elle