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The Savvy Girl's Guide to Frizz-Free Hair

The Savvy Girl's Guide To...
Fighting Frizz & Flyaway Hair

We all have those those days when your hair looks like you have been plugged in an electrical socket. Not a problem if you're going for that tumbleweed type of look, but there's a fine line between sultry out-of-bed hair and looking like a you're harboring a bird's nest in your tresses. Weather conditions are partly to blame for our electrifying hairstyles - Dry hot air leads to flyways, whilst humidity creates unwelcome frizz. However, over-processing, heat styling, bleaching and colouring also cause our hair to behave badly. These are my tried and tested frizz-busting tips for glossy locks.

Frizzified hair at Marc by Marc Jacobs FW13 

Tips to Get Rid of Frizz & Flyaway's

*Get your hair trimmed every six-eight weeks to get rid of dry split ends that create frizz.

* Resist the temptation to wash your hair every single day. Those natural oils from your scalp assist in coating the hair that's in need of moisture.

Sleek straight not-a-hair out of place at Rebecca Minkoff FW13

*Try a cold rinse after you wash and condition to seal off and smoothen down hair cuticles.

*Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel as this creates friction which leads to frizz. A microfiber towel is a better option, or if you don't have one, try patting and wrapping your hair dry with a soft, clean t-shirt.

These are some good serums, sprays and defrizzers to try out. Nope, that's not mascara, it's John Frieda's brilliant full repair touch-up frizz tamer. Perfect for on-the go and it fits into your handbag.

*A moisture-rich conditioner is the best remedy for dry hair. Apply to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, then leave on for about 2 minutes after shampooing. Rinse off thereafter.

*Apply hair serums while your hair is still wet, as this is when your hair is easier to manage.

*When picking out a conditioner or hair serum at your beauty store, look for one that has added proteins and silicone. The ones that work best will usually be clear and in liquid form.

*Sleeping on a satin pillowcase will reduce friction and hair breakage.

*If you have to use one - a flat iron will instantly smoothen down hair cuticles and lock in shine, but don't forget to use a heat-protecting product beforehand.

*Try an apple cider vinegar rinse for a more natural approach. Pour half a cup over your mane after shampooing, leave in for a minute, then rinse out with cold water. Condition as usual.

*Onto more kitchen essentials, whip up an egg with a tablespoon of water or almond oil, the yolks help to make a protein-enriched hair mask. Apply half an hour before washing your hair. 

*Mash up an avocado with some olive oil for a nourishing, easy, at-home hair treatment.

*We often turn to serums when trying to tame flyaways, but this usually sits in a film on top of your hair, whilst oils are absorbed into your hair. Try coconut oil (yes, it does smells quite coconutty) or use olive oil instead. Coconut oil usually solidifies, so hold the bottle under warm water until it dissolves into a liquid. Massage into hair & scalp, wear a shower cap and leave on for an hour or overnight. Wash out with a good clarifying shampoo & conditioner.

*Another good defrizzing trick is to try kiddies detangling spray...and on the plus side your hair will smell of strawberries.

*Swap your current hairdryer for an ionic one, as it adds ions to your hair and neutralizes the electric charge that causes static hair.

*When blow-drying wavy and curly hair, use the diffuser (it's that alien shower-head-like attachment that came with your hairdryer).

*Don't point the end of the blow dryer upwards at your hair from the bottom, as this will split hair follicles and amplify the frizz factor. Rather angle the nozzle down in the direction of the hair shaft. Set with a blast of cold hair to close off the hair cuticles.

*Run a dryer sheet (it can be found in the detergent section of your grocery store) across your hair to remove static.

*Use brushes made of rubber or wood with natural bristles. Plastic brushes produce static.

*Use a wide-tooth comb on damp or wet hair, tugging at knots with a brush leads to breakage.

*Buy a spare toothbrush and spray a little hairspray on it to comb down those pesky flyaways at your hairline. Ensure that your hairspray is alcohol free, as this ingredient dries hair out.

Blake Lively's unruly flyaway's are perfectly primped for a red carpet appearance.

*This has happened to me countless of times -  After trying on clothes in a store changing room, my hair becomes a hyper-static mess. Before leaving, take some hand cream and rub a little between your palms, then lightly go over your hair with your hands.

*And if all these ideas fail (and I hope they don't)...grab a wide-brimmed hat, silk scarf or hoodie to hide those gravity-defying flyaways.

What is your best advice for fighting frizz & flyaways?


Ramida Dusdeevutikul said...

Love these hair style!


Federica Di Nardo said...

I definitely have to try this out!


Christine ♥ CHRiiSSYDOLLXO said...

Thank you so much for the helpful tips! I badly need them right now coz I've been having problems with my hair recently because of all the hair colouring and bleaching :(

Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
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Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Some really fab tips Sam.I love John Frieda and Aussie products. I also swear by hair oils now and my favorite are Kerastase Elixir and L'Oreal do a gorgeous smelling oil also.I use both before blow-drying my hair and sometimes a little extra on the ends when my hair is dry. Great tip about using kiddies detangler-never thought of that.
Hope your week is going well Sweets xx

Anita said...

great post :)

Joana Teixeira said...

great tips!

Jackie Harrison said...

Awesome tips like the homemade mask it always get your hair alive and the drying tip with the towel so true I use paper towels to prevent fly always it work. Great post doll.

Elle Sees said...

great tips! i also suggest avoiding products with alcohol in them, or at least as one of the first ingredients listed

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Great tips Sam! I've been meaning to try an apple cider rinse for a while and should do that soon!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

What a list of tips! Fabulous! x

Pamela RG said...

These are awesome tips for hair. I usually use Kiehl's silk Creme for hair to fight frizz. It really helps to condition our hair and to shampoo every other day. I also do the cold rinse as it makes the hair shiny too.

Gina said...

What a fabulous post, darling! You call it the same thing I do...finger in an electrical socket! Ha ha! God knows I struggle with this. Not washing my hair everyday and using Moroccanoil has really helped.
Blake Lively is gorgeous! Even her fly away hair is stunning!!!!

XO, Gina

Gloria la borsa di mary poppins said...

very nice!:)


Margaret Dallospedale said...

Great tips! I didn't know about satin pillowcase.
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Serena said...

My hair is in such bad condition right now this post is just what I needed!
I haven't had it cut in probably half a year as I'm afraid the hairdresser will chop it all off :(
I use a tangle teaser comb which is amazing! I also use coconut oil once a week!


getcarriedaway said...

great post sweety! thank you for your tips!
have a wonderful week!


Lilli said...

Morning Sam! You shared such great tips, I need them since I have a huge passion/obsession for/with hair. Actually, the best time of the year for my hair is the summer when I can avoid the dryer which makes my hair very dry and it tend to break..I try to trim it once a month, but very few since I love long cut. Despite the conditioner and the Argan oil (before and after dry, a little bit), I dont use much on it cause my hair is very thin and tends to dirt soon. I also wash it not every day..or I wont have any on the sculpt!:) Im curious to try some homemade treatment also. I usually dont brush it, just use a wooden comb when they are wet. Have a good day dear, kisses! xo

Jayme and Mendi said...

We love this post!! There are some great products that you have listed and some that are on our lists to try!! We love the Aussie and John Frieda products and Mendi is just trying out some Living Proof.

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Valeria said...

This is post is so useful. I didn't know many of these advices.I would like to try some homemade treatment and I hope to do it soon. Kisses.


Ania Zarzycka said...

Blake Lively is so cute :) great tips!

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Diva Desle said...

Great post darling! Hair masks and serums always works for me:-)))

Carolyne O' said...

The perfect guide honey, it's very helpful <3



♥vendy♥ said...

Hi dear love the straight hair...mine are really frizz...terrible... :(
happy day

ELISA said...

such a useful post!
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Mª Pilar Domínguez said...

I love straight hair because when I have my hair frizzed I lost lots of hairs. Kisses, Sam:)
Thanks for these advices,dear.

Style Servings said...

Loving the natural solutions, will definitely try!

Caitie Schlisserman said...

Thanks for these tips! Over the years I've done so much damage to my hair... I've colored in multiple times, used to blow dry and straighten it everyday, but now... I've let it all be! I let it air dry and haven't straightened it in about a year! I'm into my natural waves now... I like the messy look :)

Lady à la Mode

Cinnamon and White Chocolate said...

In autumn, with that stupid humidity my hair often looks like I don't have any significant amount of it on my head at all! But, I only use a shampoo, and sometimes before washing I apply almond oil, so, ceoncerning your fantastic tips, it is no wonder my hair looks like s**t sometimes...I should deffinitely consider using some of your tips! Ilina

Monchi said...

LOVED this post.
love the products and tips
i will have them in mind

Ma Petite Ana said...

Amazing post !!!
kisses dear

Kim Alston said...

I need to invest in a microfiber towel and one of those hairbrushes! Excellent tips Sam! Thanks!!!

Tanya W. said...

Hi sweety! Such a helpful post of you, I do need time to do my hair's treatment done very soon! Your Hair's product post very inspiration!!! Thanks so much for the beautiful wishes stopped by! Have a grateful day to you Honey!


Paola Lauretano said...

I love your helpful post Sam.... very ineresting tips!!!!
Tnx for sharing!!!!
Kisses my dear!

kim bim said...

Hahaa.. You made me laugh,I was just imaging pictures in my head reading through your post.
Great tips babes.

Emmylou said...

Great tips, Sam:) I'm a big fan of coconut oil for hair. That's my fave tip.

Linda B said...

Ah man, frizz, my number one enemy...haha, great tips, I needed them!

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judith said...

Buen post!!

Antonella C'est moi said...

Great tips My dear kisses

Denise said...

Dear Sam, by no means have I forgotten you and your amazing blog, but I am on my way fighting the lack of energy, and finally I came to your blog again, which makes me happy! I will more regular now :) So, you have to bear me and my silly thoughts :) Frizz-free? A concept that is out of my dictionary, unfortunately, but I started accepting it :)

Kashaya said...

Great tips.=)

Alejandra said...

I always prefer straight! haha
Have a nice day dear,

Your Beauty Fix said...

Love that Aussie 3 minute conditioner!

Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

Francy -Stef said...

This post is really useful!!!
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awhite said...

Living Proof is an awesome brand- I adore their products. :)


Afina blog said...

Love love love the looks!

Manhattan Image and Style said...

I totally needed to know this! Thanks so much for sharing!! <3


Imogen said...

This is my main problem with my hair. That's one of the reasons I tie it up every day. Great post.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oooh I totally need to try some of these products!

Stella said...

Sam, this post is soooo helpful!
I stuggle with frizzy hair, in the UK humidity it's crazy.
Thanks for all the tips and advice!
Stella from a A Shiny Place

Mélo l'imparfaite said...

thanks for the helpful post !

Coco Colo said...

Great post :)


The Sunshine District said...

I love this post! I have had my share of frizzy days, and I usually just end up piling it on top of my head, but these are some practical tips I know I can use!
xo Jac

Oxana Krutilina said...

Great post Sam! I have frizzy hair but not all of them, part of my hair is straight :), I used to make my hair straight all of them but lately I fall in love with frizzy plugged in electrical socket hairs and intentionally I try to make them even more frizzy:) small lovely chaos:)

Happy rest of the week dear Sam! How is Spring time In South Africa? It's so warm here in NZ:) thank you for lovely comments:) Recently I met nice people from Zimbabwe and South Africa, they've lived here for 12 years:)

Maddie said...

Thank you Sam so, so much for this post- I really appreciate all the tips and ideas you proposed as I am definitely struggling with my hair! And my hair gets frizzy all the time especially at my workplace of the air conditioning!
My hair gets greasy very soon, so I have to wash my hair very often! :( Yesterday I bought my first dry shampoo, so hopefully that problem will resolve!


Elsey Whisperingstyle said...

These tips are great for the Winter season since that's when your hair goes a little more frizzy.

Josie said...

Fab guide Sam! I love coconut oil for my skin but never considered using it on my hair before, what a good idea! xxx

Caro * said...

Amazing post with fabulous hairstyles ! Thank you for those tips :)

dk said...

ah welli also love the frizzy hair :D but i also like sleek styles! thanks for sharing advices with us!
and for your comment on my blog <3


Elly @ Caribbean Living said...

Oooh thanks for these tips Sam, this is one big problem for me!! It's better than it used to be after slathering on Moroccan hair oil, but these ideas are much appreciated still! Hope your week's going great my dear.

Dressed with soul said...

Dearest Sam, many thanks for your helpful tips! I try also to avoid to wash my hair too often and I douche my hair with luke water and vinegar. Normally I don´t use any products for my hair expect hairspray and shampoo because my hair doesn´t like to much chemistry ;) And as far as possible I dry my hair on the air :)

Wish you a happy rest of the week!

xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


Toks said...

Great post Sam.

Kat said...

thanks for sharing these tips! they're super helpful! :D


Donna Granada said...

thanks for sharing. I have dry frizzy hair. =( would you like to follow each other? =) I have new give away on my blog feel free to join too =) http://anotsosecretlife2011.blogspot.com/2013/10/everbuyingcom-clothes-giveaway.html

Pip said...

These are great tips Sam, and even though I don't have this problem, it was so well written as usual. I so love Marc Jacobs Fall '13 collection by the way and loved the model's hair. My hair is fine, so I would love it if I actually had so much hair that I had to worry about fighting frizz! LOL! Thanks for your very sweet words on my last post Sam! You are the best dear. :)

xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

Mili said...

Ooh I need to try some of those home remedies. I am forever stuck with a frizzy mess of hair. Thanks for the tips :)

Mili from Call me, Maeby

Lenusik Velvetrose said...

Fine post!

Michelle Elizabeth said...

Coconut oil always works for me!

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Coco said...

Dear Sam, this post packed with useful tips comes like an answer to my despair on humidity-stalked hairstyle. I admit to washing my hair too often, though I regularly condition them. I must try the toothbrush with hairspray tip because that was very wise dear!
Big hugs
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I've actually bookmarked this so I can come back to it when I try it! :)

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Nee said...

Sam, this is such a brilliant post! thanks so much for sharing those useful advices. really love your beauty posts:) i'm not a hair expert but what i can say is that i love to use conditioner and oil to make my hair look shiny and smooth. i was at the hairdresser yesterday... my hair is a bit shorter now and i got some BANGS now haha:) still have to get used to it...

lots of love xx

Mira said...

Sam I have tried everything to get rid of my frizz hair (it's naturally curly) but nothing worked! The only thing that really works is an flat iron but I'm too lazy to use it all the time. So I'll rather stay a frizz mess hahaha! Hope you're having a great day!!

xx Mira


Patricia G. said...

What great advice! My hair is wavy so only I have to mop up a bit with the hairdryer to make waves!

Larissa said...

I love DIY hair treatments even though I don't have any problems with my short hair.. its just too short to cause problems ;)
I love the natural look when it comes to hair styles :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Giulia Mattei said...

I've had this problem for years, but recently I started to learn more about my hair and I discovered some of the tips you wrote above. Everything changed :)

Janice Lunes said...

Great article!
I would love to try the Bedhead products :D

I've heard good stories about it so definitely worth a try now that I've seen your tips :D

Just got a new post up and would love to know what you think!



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I'll try those home remedies! great post!

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lovely post! x

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Mihaela Pojogu said...

I love Mark Jacobs's hair style. xo
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Mary Jo said...

I like serum to smooth my hair although it's not that great for your hair. A good blowdry is the only way that I get silky smooth hair :)


Shayne said...

very nice tips sam. i was meant to read this post. my hair is prolly one of the frizziest hair ever ^^

Marion | 24 hours of Fashion said...

I love this! Unfortunately I don't have the right hair to try these styles

Carolyne O' said...

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AlittlebitUnique // UK blog said...

This was such a helpful post, I suffer from naturally frizzy hair and it's a nightmare!!

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S said...

This is a great problem for me, i have a lot of curly hair and when it rains or there is wind they go wild!
I'll definitelyt try all your tips, dear!
Thanx for share!

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Aww thanks for the lovely lovely tips (: my hair is super frizzy and I definitely need this! x


dim_3fs said...

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Great tips!
I need some trimming and I should buy a product which protects from the heat.
Thank you for sharing!

Lady parisienne said...

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Rowena @ rolala loves said...

This is some fabulous advice Sam! I used to have a problem with frizz until I cut back on washing my hair. It really makes a big difference!

Rowena @ rolala loves

Carmen said...

Wow, really dense post! I don't know if I really have frizz or if my hair is just dry but what helped me to make my hair look best is to use conditioner, hair oil and use a straightener ;)

Rakhshan said...

such wonderfully helpful tips, i could use some tips! i love the effort you put in your posts hun :)