Monday, July 18, 2011

Vampire Diaries Casting Call

Who We'd Like To See
On Season Three of The Vampire Diaries

Season 2 of our favourite supernatural series ended on a rather intriguing note. Not so much of a cliffhanger, but more of a thrilling taste of what's to come. The cast of The Vampire Diaries could not have been better selected, they were voted as the sexiest cast on TV by Victoria's Secret. 

There are so many actors and actresses I would like to see guest star in the next season. So, as we anxiously await for Season 3 to hit our screens, I've made up a list of my guest star dream cast. I've also asked a few diehard Vamp fans for their guest cast wishlist. This is who we would like to see in Season 3.  

My Choice
1. Rachel Weisz. With Jenna and Uncle John gone, Elena and Jeremy will need a new guardian. I think Rachel is a good choice, she looks like she's actually related to them and she's acted in several supernatural movies before. Also, Alaric will need someone new to distract him from the bores of being a history teacher.
2. Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Just look at him...he was born to play the role of a vampire, preferably an evil one. He could act as another awoken 'Original', one that's more wicked than Klaus.
3. Zoe Saldana. She always lights up the screen. I'd like to see her star as Bonnie's older sister or step sister. One that she never knew existed.
4. Eric Dane. Who better to play the role of an all powerful, revenge-seeking werewolf than he? He could play a pivotal role in the war against Klaus.
5. Olivia Wilde. Up until now, Klaus has been indestructible. He needs an Achilles Heel; a past love that broke his heart (if he ever had one) and someone who has a spellbinding force over him. Enchanting beauty Olivia is perfect for the role.
6. Matt Bomer. This gorgeous White Collar star is going to be huge in Hollywood. Before that happens, I wish he could make a turn at Mystic Falls, as a Salvatore cousin. Damon is going to need the help to find Stephan in Season 3.
7. Elle Fanning. At her young age, she's an enigmatic actress. I'd like to see her guest star as a relative of Caroline's, one with a supernatural secret.
8. Victoria Justice. She is Nina Dobrev (Elena's) real life doppelganger, even prettier, if that's possible. If Nina ever gets tired of playing both Elena and Katherine, Victoria could step in.  

Viewers Choice
I took a survey of the biggest Vampire Diaries fans I know - this is who they would like to see guest star in Season 3.
1. Kristin Kreuk. 'Loved her in Smallville and haven't seen her since. I'd like to see her as a werewolf, who challenges Caroline for Taylor Lockwoods' affections.' 
2. Channing Tatum. Elena needs a 'human' love interest in the next season. Someone hotter than Damon and Stephan put together. Who else but Channing Tatum to fit that role.
3. Fergie. She should guest star as a family member of the Salvatore Brothers' who comes to help kick some Klaus' butt.
4. Taylor Lautner. This was a popular choice. Apparently people feel that his werewolf talents are wasted on just Twilight.
5. Dakota Fanning. Another Twilighter, who a fan would like to see as a mysterious newcomer to Mystic Falls, one with a dark side.
6. Jesse Williams. This Grey's Anatomy favourite was selected to be a new love interest for Bonnie. 'The whole Jeremy thing is too weird.'
7. Jada Pinkett Smith. 'Bonnie doesn't have any family members in the show.' Jada could make an appearance as Bonnie's mum, who's use of too much magic has left her slightly deranged.
8. Alex Pettyfer. He's gotten fans in a tizz since the movie Beastly. A fan said she would like to see him as the son of Klaus, 'who is completely good and virtuous.'
9. Amanda Seyfried. 'I'd like to see her as guest star as someone with supernatural powers, but who's not a witch, vampire or werewolf. Something else...'

Im thankful that no one mentioned Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart or any of the Disney crew. I am surprised no one said that Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) from Gossip Girl would make a good vampirous villian. Who would you like to see in Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries?


FashionJazz said...

I love your list, great choice! Hope you have a lovely Monday xx

Sam said...

Thanks Jasna
Same to you :)

Janine / Being Brazen said...

I like your list better - cant wait for season 3

Sam said...

Me too...I hope that someone from my wishlist makes to Season 3.