Monday, July 04, 2011

Closet Confidential with Jasna

Jasna Zellerhoff
is a personal style blogger, stylist, columnist for Style Scoop & Feston, as well as an all-round fashionista. On this edition of Closet Confidential, she tells us more about her eclectic sense of style, closet staples and love of accessories. Her blog Fashionjazz is an inspiring photographic journey of her continually evolving style.

How would define your personal style? 
My personal style changes very often, but I do find I lean towards the rock chic style with a touch of quirkyness and vintage in most of my outfits. 
I love wearing items that most people wont wear or wear them in a way that is different to everyone else and of course I love to layer my clothes.

What has been your best fashion buy? 
My best fashion buy is actually 2 garments, I can't really choose, so my faux leather and faux fur coats are by far my best buys!

Most extravagant fashion purchase 
My Guess Handbag, I bought it a few years ago and at the time it cost a small fortune, but after 5 years it still looks brand new.

What are your favourite accessories? 
I am an accessories queen, so I love all types especially rings, bangles, hats etc.

What are your favourite fashion reads? 
I love magazines and books, in fact I have so many favourites that its really hard to choose, but if I had to choose I would say the UK ELLE, NYLON, Jalouse, and the 'Style Yourself' fashion book.

Best Fashion Trend 
70's flare jeans

Worst Fashion Trend 
I dont really have a worst trend as I am open to a lot of new trends and I love trying new styles.

What designer item/s are on your fashion wish list? 
I used to be a real designer girl but as I have gotten older and my style has evolved I tend to lean towards vintage and one of a kind items. 
One designer item I would still really love even though every blogger has one is the YSL ring, its gorgeous! 

Who are your style icons? 
Nicole Richie, Chloe Sevigny, the Olsen twins, Alexa Chung, Zoe Kravitz 

If you had just 2 minutes to put together the perfect outfit - what would it be? I would pick jeans whether it be skinnies or flares, then I would add a shirt half tucked in with a belt, add wedges or boots and then pile on necklaces, bangles and rings. 

Would you chose fashion over comfort or comfort over fashion? 
I think it would depend on the item or garment whether I would choose comfort over fashion, but more often than not I go with the saying "beauty knows no pain" so probably fashion over comfort... :) 

What are the 'must have' items in your closet? 
Leather jackets, faux fur coats, jeans, dresses, jewelry, hats, headbands and really high heels! I live in my heels :)

Fabulous fashion advice
Experiment as much as you can so you know what styles suit you and what styles don't, then stick with what looks good on you and most importantly makes you feel good. 
If you feel your outfit needs something extra, then just pile on the accessories, it will completely change the look in a good way.

*Special thanks to Jasna for sharing her style secrets.


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