Monday, December 03, 2012

Things I've Learnt About Blogging

My Blog turned 2 over the weekend and to commemorate the milestone, I've decided to jot down the little bits of wisdom that I have collected over this time.

Things I've Learnt About Blogging...

*Even though my blog may hold the tiniest space on the web, to me it's a creative place I can call my own...where I am able to freely express what I'm passionate about. 
*I believe a blog shouldn't be defined by other's expectations or conform to any standards, it should only be about what makes you happy.
*It takes time to figure out and fine-tune your personal blogging style.
*One can never really get tired of seeing yet another pretty red carpet dress or outfit post.
*My favourite part about blogging is hearing everyone's opinions. It's always interesting how we can all look at the same thing & have entirely different views on it.
*I am still in search of a cure for BAS - 'Bloggers Addiction Syndrome'. It's a pretty serious condition - it starts where you click onto one amazing blog and that leads you to another one and another one and then another...and eventually you will either run out of webspace and battery life or someone at work/school/home will catch onto your click-happy antics.
*I've found that bloggers are some of the kindest, amicable & considerate people around. 
*I've discovered a fond home within this supportive, steadfast and courteous blogging community, magnetically brought together by our mutual love for fashion and style.
*There are some days when the inspiration to blog runs out and I've learnt that this is Okay. 
*I realized I don't need to read fashion magazines or browse runway pictures for style inspiration, all I do is log on to my favourite blogs (all 300 of them) for my daily fashion fix. 
*I really admire bloggers who write in English, even though it's not their first language.
*I also admire bloggers who find the dedication to post every single day of the week.
*I spend far too much time trying to figure out wobbly word verifications on comment boxes. This has to be my least favourite part about the blogging world.
*Although I may follow hundreds of blogs, I know it's not humanly possible (unless you're a member of The Big Bang Theory and have a time-freeze machine) to comment on every single one of them everyday. But the best I can do is try :)
*And finally, I have been lucky to make the most wonderful and sincere friends through blogging, whom I otherwise would have never met in the real world. 

So a massive thanks to each and every one of you, who are all truly special to me. I treasure your friendships, support and daily visits. (This is starting to sound like a melodramatic Miss World acceptance speech so I'll wrap it up now). Thanks for your constant contribution and encouragement over the past two means the world to me!

*Images via Tumblr. Collage by me.


ftashion said...

Hey happy 2nd birthday to your blog! It has been so so amazing for us too following your blog. Keep doing all these awesome stuffs babe!

Fang Ting

Antonella C’est Moi said...

beautiful photos!! kisses

Unknown said...

Amazing post! U said it all... I am still learning :)
Happy Anniversary Sam and happy monday! Xoxo

Borjana said...


katie said...

First off, congratulations on your blog truing two, that's quite exciting!

And yeeees, those words verification boxes for comments. I hate those, I think they're starting to get worst because most of the time I can not even remotely guess at what the letter are, they're so blurry! I have to agree with everything you've said, it takes time to figure out your own blog and style and there are so many sweet ladies out there. (Such as yourself!)

Rahul Bhatia said...

Congratulations Sam for turning two on the blogging world:) I am still a little far from that so am still toddling around:) Your blog is absolutely captivating and has the freshness in each post and have learnt about fashion world through you! A big thanks and may your blog see many more summers and shine!

sonia // daring coco said...

Aww happy 2nd blog birthday lovely. Really enjoyed reading this and have to agree with you about bloggers, they really are some of the sweetest and kindest people on the planet!

Have a wonderful week,

Valeria said...

Happy second blog birthday!
Have a nice week!


yoli said...

you have such a cute blog!

Josie said...

Yaaay, happy birthday to your blog! Deff one of my favourites. I agree with the things that blogging has taught you as well xxx

Jessica said...

Happy second blog birthday Sam!


The Fashion Heels

Lilli said...

Hi Sam!! First of all congrats to your blog!! Then, I have to say that I really enjoy all the thoughts you shared and cannot be more agreed with you! You are one of the kindest blogger around and I really like to see your posts, the effert you put on them and what you have to say, so keep on with it!! I'm thankful that I have met you through it since it shows the lovely person you are!!:))) lol I hate the verification words too!! so annyoing! Happy monday dear, big hugs!!♥

Heather said...

Happy blogiversary :) Thanks for the tips - loved reading what you have learned and your advice!

Pearls & Paws

Unknown said...

this is such an interesting post great to see what you have done :)



Bravoe Runway said...

Congratulations on your second blogoversary! I always enjoy reading your posts!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Post,my dear! great view of blogging. i love it :)

Madame Chic Bcn said...

Congratulations dear!! I agree with you in many of your thoughs... Hope you go on writing for many years!! It's always a pleasure to read you...

Megan said...

Happy 2nd birthday bloggy!

I think everyone who blogs suffers from a little BAS. I definitely do!

little luxury list said...

Happy blog birthday! You are a great blogger and I am always awed by the dedication you put into creating each post. Red carpet posts are always lovely!
It has been a pleasure "meeting" you.

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Alexandra Zakharova said...

Nice post, thank you for share!
Have a fabulous time!

Best wishes, Alexandra

Silvia Negretti said...

Happy 2nd blog birthday dear!
So sweet post, go on posting like this!!!

Elizabeth Lore said...

Hello! :) This is really good blog. I really like your style. Beautiful pics. :)
I am now your new follower.. I hope you follow back.. (?) !!

So... have a nice day lady :)

Teresa said...

You are too sweet!!! I totally feel you :)

I felt flattered with the comment about bloggers who write in English even though it is not their first language.. that's me.. I speak Spanish!

Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary.. please keep posting!!

have a great week dear :)

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Hi Sam! Congratulations on your two year blog birthday (or anniversary)!! I loved your list ... and what a wonderful list it is, I'm sure that all of the bloggers reading will relate! I think we all run out of inspiration at times (and it IS okay!) and I too marvel at bloggers that post every day! A lot of creativity goes into each post and with my busy illustration schedule, my Monday blog is a perfect fit! And I too just love all of my blogging friends, what a truly REAL and wonderful group of friends they all are! Happy Monday, darling Sam! ~S

SANDY M Illustration

Unknown said...

hah..I actually wrote something similar and I agree. I found blogging helped me learned a lot of things and make friends like I can never imagine. Keep it up!

Hugs and kisses for you.

BERRIES said...

yay congratulations Dear ♥

Always Maylee said...

Happy blogiversary! And I love this list of things you've learned, I totally agree, especially about how wonderful the blogging community is. :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Ice Goddhez Blog said...

Awww so sweet! Really inspirational too. We learn along the way. And glad to meet people like you, Sam! :)

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Carmen said...

Congrats on your blogiversary. This is a really nice post and remembered to stay calm on those days where I don´t immediately know what to blog about :D

Francesca Giusti said...

love your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

Caroline Susanto said...

I read each of your wisdom and agree! :) You put all my thought into words. :) Lovely pics, btw. Congratz for reaching 2 <3


Cathy said...

Love this post and your BAS comment...I have the same issue :)

Oh to Be a Muse said...

That's pretty much exactly all the things I've learned from blogging too. Bloggers are super nice, like yourself. So thank you for blogging and happy 2 year blogiversary.

Unknown said...

Hi my dear! The friends part it's my favorite, I've just meet tons of great people blogging, and by the way, happy second bday!!!!!!!Love your blog and your dedication every single day...and thanks so much for all your sweet comments, they mean a lot for me,you always made may day girl!:)
GIVEAWAY on my blog, check it out!!!!!!

Darlene said...

Hey Sam, congrats on your 2 year anniversary!! I love your blog and it shows that you love it too :o) I think you would make a wonderful Miss World!

xo Darlene

p.s. I don't have those wobbly word things on mine so come over anytime. I don't like those either.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so you have twitter or fb??

If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration...check out my blog:)

Have a great week dear

LOVE Maria at

Elisabeth said...

Congratulations dearest Sam! You are definately a talented blogger so keep up the good job! :)
Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! Great that you've liked my Christmas stories! Thank you for the compliment concerning my manicure!

E from Helsinki

Stephanie said...

You are definitely a talented blogger girl! And your blog is amazing!

miss b said...

Congratulations and what an interesting post. Everything here makes sense and I especially agree about enjoying reading comments. I too am amazed by bloggers who write in English even though it's not their first language. You selected some very pretty images! I always enjoy my visits to your lovely blog!

Wonder Woman said...

I LOVE this post! Happy anniversary to your blog, btw! Keep it up! :)

Anonymous said...

Great to read about your passion for blogging. Two years is such an achievement! Keep up the good work and the inspiration.



Great post! Love you and your blog dear! Such charming images. Happy anniversary! xxoo Madison

Rosie said...

Aww I LOVED this post!! It's totally true, every single one of the items you talked about!! I love blogging and I too feel that I've found some amazing people through it! And yes, hearing everyone's comments about what I post is one of the most rewarding things there is!

Thank you for your amazing comment on my blog! I was sold with this post so I'm following you now xD


Sandra Leiva said...

Happy 2 years, dear! <3

Kashaya said...

Beautiful pics and great blog post.=) Congrats on two year as a blogger.

Unknown said...

Happy blog anniversary! I laughed so much when I saw your moan about the comment verification! I was thinking the exact same thing the other day! Haha. xo

Unknown said...

Great post!
Thank you for the lovely comment on y blog!

BERRIES said...

very interesting, beauty photo-inspirations ♥

Audrey Allure said...

I agree! And happy birthday to your blog :)

Unknown said...

very nice!!!:)

Francesca said...

Happy blog anniversary! I really enjoyed this post, it is so true. I get more inspiration from these blogs then magazines :) And I'm pretty sure I am suffering from BAS too! Those word boxes are so difficult, aren't they? And I never get them right the first time.

P.S. I made the hot chocolate tutorial you suggested! :)

c said...

beautiful post! and congrats on reaching the 2 years!


ps. we are now having a wonderful Kenzaa give-away!!

Unknown said...

great pics!

New Post!

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Happy Anniversary and many more happy years in blogosphere! Lots of great points here and I can definitely agree with word verification - always a painful experience! ;)

Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

Awww congrats on 2 years, Sam!! I love your blog so much. I can't seem to remember one post that I was bored with or didn't think was awesome. :) You are so sweet and thoughtful and encouraging... I hope you stay in the blogging world for years to come!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Sam, congratulations on a great 2 years girl! You always respond to blog posts. I find that awesome! I enjoy reading yours. You keep me up to date with what everyone is wearing! Keep up the great work.

Unknown said...

Great post! The blogging community really is fantastic :) said...

Happy blogging, dear! It's really amazing meeting new interesting people trough our blogs!
kisses and hugs)
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Tamara ChloƩ said...

happy blogging B-day sweetheart!
you have such a cute blog with great posts,very inspiring!
I love this post and yes on almost all points I totally agree with you!
blogging is addictive for SURE lol

thank you so much for your sweet comments!
I followed you on blogloving and GFC,so I can keep in touch with you!

have a great week Sam!
xoxo Tamara ChloƩ

Catriona MacLeod said...

This was such a lovely post, thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed reading it. Haha I also HATE trying to figure out the wobbly letters! I get it wrong far too many times.

Clara Turbay said...

it´s great, really love it!

cmichellestyles said...

Happy anniversary doll! I enjoyed reading your reflections! I do believe that bloggings is YOUR OWN creative space n' should not conform to others! Love this!


P.S. Feel Free to enter my contest to win a free clarisonic mia!!!

Clara Turbay said...

it´s great, really love it!

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary dear and I personally believe you are a rare gem in the blogging community!
Always love your posts and blog from the very first click!
Keep the good work on and more grease to your elbow!

Helena Resende said...

Happy aniversary! :) Nice post!

LongIslandWeddingOfficiant said...

Happy B-day to your wonderful blog!!! And great post by the way!
Hugs from New York,
Ask Erena

Unknown said...

Happy 2nd Year Blognniversary lady and you deserved a gold metal for been one of the best-est and nicest bloggers out there. I truly enjoy coming to your little space and visit for my dose of great writing and just outstanding posts. And I truly appreciated every single comment you leave for me because I know they come from your heart and you're an inspiration. Thank you for sharing with us what you learned so far about blogging and couldn't agreed more with you. Wishing you the very best love.

<3 Marina

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Happy 2nd birthday to your beautiful blog Sam! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on blogging and I feel lucky to call your little space one of my favorites to visit. I feel more in the know with red carpet styles/fashion shows thanks to your inspiring posts and you can count yourself up there among the kindest and most supportive bloggers out there. I echo your sentiments and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who's flummoxed by those pesky word verification boxes. Cheers to many more blog birthdays!

Rowena @ rolala loves

Allison said...

Loved reading this! I agree that our blogs are our own personal spaces- I think of mine as a diary that I can look back on! ;)


A's Fashion Files
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EMA said...

Wow congrats on the 2 year anniversary and I definitely agree with your advice!

fabulouspetite said...

Congrats. I love this post.It is so true and hit the right note. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the sweet thoughts.


Rebecca said...

Congrats on your 2nd blog anniversary!


Unknown said...

Happy anniversary, hon :) Keep up the good work!
xo Jac

Ayantika said...

Happy Birthday to your baby (blog) :)
Keep up the good work.
P.S- I also loved today's post!
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on hitting such a milestone, dear! So proud of you!
I couldn't agree more with these thoughts. It's taking me a while to find out the direction I want my blog to take but I'm sure it'll clear up a bit more as time passes and I blog more.

Lovely post! Thanks for sharing! x

Love, Fatima (fashionpilgrim)
Twitter: @fashpilgrim
Facebook Page: Fatima A.
Instagram: @fashionpilgrim

Kacie Cone said...

Aw beautiful thoughts and beautiful photos!

MOSAMUSE said...

cute post! it also takes me forever to figure out the word verifications! haha

Kells said...

That is one awesome post! I read every single word and I could not agree more! Although I have not been blogging for long, I understand it entirely! Brilliant idea for a post! I really enjoyed reading it!

james said...

happy second birthday to frills and thrills!! this post is very inspiring <3 I'm so happy we met, sam! you're such a sweetheart and I look forward to many more years with you :)

Kat said...

aww happy seconde bday to your blog!! :D how exciting! :) i totally agree with you on a lot of your points!! blogging is definitely a great outlet and i hope you continue to enjoy it for a long time! :)

Aleksandra said...

Congratulations !
You have a great blog !
Lovely post !

Elly said...

Congratulations! I love so much can grow from what begins as just a simple blog. :)

Ali W. said...

First of all, I love these photos! Second, I totally agree that you just have to blog about what makes you happy! So true.

Nhi said...

happy birthday to your baby! this is a wonderful post Sam!:) I definitely spend too much time on the web / on blogs too! it's an addiction lol. I really enjoy your blog because you have the latest trends, the best collages and a super good appreciation for fashion. You are so gorgeous & I appreciate each and every comment of you:)

lots of love <3

Ember Drake said...

Happy 2nd Blog Birthday! :-D And what a lovely post!

I completely agree that you can never have enough red carpet outfit posts and I'm exactly the same with word verification - I spend ages staring at the words convinced that those letters don't exist in any language haha


Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings said...

Happy 2 years to you!! We are so happy that we have gotten to know you through your fabulous blog!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Miu said...

Happy Bloggiversary!
Your post is a wonderful way of celebrating :)

VintageDanielle said...

Happy 2 years doll. I think I have BAS too, I can spend hours reading different blogs haha. Love this post idea, might have to borrow it for when my 2 years comes up. I'm looking forward to many more years of reading your site.

margaret cruzemark said...

This is a really great writting. I do agree with most of the things here. Personal blogs is about having fun. No competition, not at all.
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Martha from Malta said...

Very honest and touching writing. Congratulations to Frills and Thrills for turning 2 :) I agree with everything you have said. I have been blogging for just a few months and it has changed my life. My blog is my personal space, a space in which I express myself. I have gotten to know some incredible people and I have also learned so much about different cultures and different people.
It is good to know that my feelings are shared amongst other fellow bloggers :)

nini said...

Dearest Sam , you have taught us all by this post, previous ones and upcoming as well. from your sweetest comments and fashion insights. so thank you !
im so glad I can say I have a blogger friend in south africa whom i learn from and admire tho we never met! but hopefully some day! much love doll , congrats and happy 2nd anniversary Frills and Thrills :)

Unknown said...

Love following your blog so well done on it's success.

Chris Ed said...

Hi Sam:) Happy second bday to your lovely blog! I love reading you! Really cool post, I like the part with the BAS:)
kisses chris

zhanna said...

Congrats Sam!! I am so lucky to have found your blog!! You are such an insperation!


Congratulations!! 2years is an achievement seriously!! I love the part on the verification, so true!!! :D haha

Anonymous said...

Great words Sam!

I feel that blogging has helped my confidence and fear of failure! The blogging world is so supportive and kind. Everyone has been so welcoming and acceptive of me and my style. Starting my blog was one of the best decisions I've made.. Just wish I had more time! lol

xo Marie