Monday, December 23, 2013

The Royal Swazi Experience

Last weekend, I took a trip across the South African border to our neighbouring country of Swaziland. Eventhough it is one of the Southern Hemisphere's smallest countries, the congenial Swazi hospitality and stunning mountainous landscapes made it well worth the visit.

Swaziland borders Safrica to the north east, and is ruled over by King Mswati III.
Map via Google Images

Our accommodation for the weekend was the Royal Swazi Villas, a luxurious home away from home that superseded my expectations with it's spacious chambers and modern design. This double story chalet features 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, an open plan lounge, dining room and kitchen. The entire villa is encircled by glass doors and high windows, attracting warmth from the fiery Swazi sun and an abundance of light. 

The King Suite offers an imperial living experience where you can truly reside as royalty for the duration of your stay. The bed was so comfy, we almost didn't want to leave. A separate dressing room closeted all our luggage and the palatial bathroom with jacuzzi bath enhanced the grandeur of the villa. I wouldn't suggest opening any windows or doors small gap and we found ourselves facing the cockamouse from How I Met Your Mother
Yes people, it does exist.

The Villa easily accommodated our group of ten people, with different suites to choose from. These were two of the other opulent bedrooms in the house. 

The African baroque themed lounge and dining room was like a page out of a home decor magazine, tastefully decorated with beautiful furnishings.

The best time to cruise the swimming pool would be late at night, where you can have the place all to yourself and escape the extreme daytime heat.
Image via Royal

For an authentic tribal Swazi experience, you can opt to stay in one of these traditional beehive reed huts within the compounds of the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary.

Royal Swazi Spa is one of country's best golfing resorts with an 18-hole championship course.
Image via

We took a leisurely hike through the Mantenga Nature Reserve where a winding pathway paved with lush greenery, shady indigenous trees and soothing bird songs led us toward the majestic Mantenga Falls. Perfect for a picnic or afternoon dip, being immersed in such exquisite natural beauty was the highlight of the trip.

Being a short (and at times rainy) weekend, I didn't get a chance to see more of Swaziland, and as I have heard, there is a lot more that this wonderful country has to offer. It is only about a two-and-half hour drive (there is also an airport), so I would definitely recommend a trip to any fellow South Africans and international tourists.


Unknown said...

Wow, this place is amazing!!
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The Dragonfruit said...

Ah man, take me with you! This looks amazing. You'd definitely need more than a weekend to fully explore :)

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The Equinox Fashion by Paweerata said...

Whoa! I wanna take vacation there really!

Coco Colo said...

Great pics... the pool Looks so lovely
Must have been a great trip!

Unknown said...

WOW Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience, was a fantastic trip!

Pilar Domínguez said...

Very nice pictures! they invite to have a great time in Swaziland. My best wishes for you and your family these days, Sam. I don´t know if you celebrate Christmas. Kisses:)

DD said...

So close to SA and I have never been it looks beautiful - maybe the next time we are in SA we will give Swaziland a try ;)

Sveva said...

There is Embassy of Swaziland near my house in Rome!
This place is so beautiful, great resort and amazing nature reserve!

Emilie said...

I've been to Swaziland (and to SA) it was breathtaking! I remember making a walk by horse in the nature, it was unforgettable:) This hotel seems so beautiful, I really should go back:p Hope you enjoyed your stay!

Edyta said...

What a WOW location! Lucky you!


Emmylou said...

Oh wow! Look at the place where you stayed. Looks like slice of heaven, Sam:) Thanks for sharing. Hopefully can see Swaziland someday, along with South Africa too.

Unknown said...

Beautiful place Sam Wow, Happy Chritmas Sam :)


Nhi said...

Hi Sam!! Wow your weekend looks great! such a beautiful place and the weather looks amazing! i'm really jealous over here lol. i love to read those kind of travel posts:) thanks so much for sharing! btw. would love to live in that villa :D hihi
have a great week!

lots of love xx

little luxury list said...

Sam, it looks so beautiful and serene. I am glad you got to enjoy the facilities and that your family still had a good time. I'll have to remember this place!

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Sandra Leiva said...

OMG! Looks amazing!!


Jackie Harrison said...

Wow Sam this its great information and very detail you did amazing on the images I want to go and take a trip there so beautiful. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Demi Mist said...

The place looks very beautiful!
The photo with the swimming pool is amazing!
The cockamouse exists? Really?

mademoisellemode said...

So lovely place in Africa :)


Elisa Zanetti said...

That's a place a wanna go to!
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Unknown said...

I am screaming Awesome Sam! Please take me there.
Have a perfect Xmas sweetie.

Paola Lauretano said...

Wow... great experience, amazing pics, lovely place and wonderful trip!!!!
I love Africa!!!!!!!!!!
kisses darling!

2piezas said...

Wow, me encantaría estar ahí!!!!!!!!!!
Es un lugar fabuloso.

Feliz navidad.
Besos mil.

Carolyne O' said...

Wow babe! It was an amazing experience, I'd love to go to *-*


Unknown said...

It looks gorgeous. I hope your had a wonderful time.

Gina said...

Oh my, this looks so peaceful. Did you get to see any tigers? I'm all about the big cats:)

Merry Christmas, Sam!
XO, Gina

Unknown said...

Omg, Sam! This trip must have been so relaxing. The villa was beyond gorgeous and oh, how I could use a late night swim in such a beautiful setting! Happy holidays to you dear and hope that you have a wonderful week!
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Patricia González Fernández said...

OMG how beautiful!!!!!

Lilli said...

Morning Sam! I bet you had an amazing time there. I confess to not know this country near yours, what a shame it looks like a paradise! Wish I was there right now among all the green and the peace of nature. The Royal Swazi Villas is outstanding! Not only for the luxury interior of the suits but even cause it seems the best place where rest and the pool in particular and by night!:) Hope you could come back there soon. The Mantenga Nature Reserve is marvelous, I want to hike there. Kisses dear, happy Mon! xo

Ileana said...

Wow! What a beautiful trip!!! Great pics :)


Margaret Dallospedale said...

Hello my sweet Sam! This place is so wonderful!
Happy holidays and kisses
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Fashion-Bridge said...

It looks amazing and it seems like you had a great time. Such a beautiful place! It took my breath away.
Merry Christmas dear Sam! I wish you the most wonderful time!



Unknown said...

What an amazing experience, I'm so envious and hope you have a fantastic time! Xx

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Anonymous said...

wow, the place looks beautiful, great pictures too! :O


Romana said...

That looks amazing!!!
I've tagged you in my winterlicious tag! Check it out here..

Unknown said...

This is so beautiful and thank you for sharing!
Merry Christmas dear Sam and have a wonderful one with your family!

Kati said...

Wowzers, that landscape looks gorgeous!!

Have a fantastic Christmas time,

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Thank you for the post and photos, Sam! Really enjoyed it. x

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

This looks like such a luxurious experience and those views are absolutely stunning. I hope you get to return there for a longer stay next time!

Happy Holidays dear Sam!

Rowena @ rolala loves

Milica Petrović said...

Beautiful place dear! Gorgeous! xoxo

Unknown said...

I love these photos.The place looks so calm and relaxing.Hope you had a great time there.I love nature!!
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Unknown said...

very nice!!!

Josie said...

What a beautiful place! Was great to learn a bit about Swaziland too, the only thing I know is that Richard E Grant was born there haha. Glad you had a fab trip! xxx

Mikka said...

Amazing place, looks very tropical and a great place to relax. Would be a dream come true for me to visit that part of the world. Sorry for my late response dear, was so busy at work lately. Wishing you a happy Christmas Sam. Kisses xx :)

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Wow! So, so beautiful. This is really nice. I am sure you had a blast. The pool area is so dreamy. Nice of you to share.

Happy Holidays!

Alexandra Zakharova said...

oh, looks like you had a wonderful trip, dear Sam) I really glad to see something from your life here at your blog, not only things dedicated to fashion and brands:)
Mantenga Falls looks just gorgeous, I'd love to see it with my own eyes! In general the area is very picturesque and those landscapes are truly beautiful! The hotel rooms looks cosy and comely according to those photoes, I guess anyone would like to have spend a weekend in a place like that;))) Thank You for sharing such a nice post!
Wish you a blessed day ahead!

Carmen said...

The hotel looks so great! Sometimes a weekend trip is all you need :)

Yulia Sidorenko said...

looks like a great trip, dear! nice photos)
i'm following you via gfc, btw) hope you could follow me back;)

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keep in touch, xoxo
love, Yulia

Putri Valentina said...

beautiful place dear :D


Min Tarpy said...

Oh, so not fair! You are showing all those beautiful pictures with that gorgeous swimming pool, but it's freezing here in the UK! Merry Christmas!

fashionseducer said...

beautiful photos


Hannahs Heels said...

Wow.. I know where I want to go on my Honey Moon :P

Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

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kqnstyle said...

Beautiful place and photos <3 Love your blog and all the inspiration :)
I'm your newest follower ^.^
XO Karla

Rakhshan said...

picturesque destination and luxurious accommodation, what more can one want from a vacation. Hope you had a lovely time Sam, the pictures are stunning, I wish I could take a vacation someplace as beautiful! xx

diana said...

Those are amazing photos! 

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Looks lovely! I want to go to there! Africa would be an amazing trip.

Moscow Blogger said...

love love love!

Jacy said...

Wow, this looks like such a wonderful trip! I traveled to South Africa when I was 6, but I'm hoping to return in the future and to see some surrounding countries as well!


Laura said...

Wow, it looks amazing!

There's a giveaway on my blog, in case you're interested :)

- Laura

The Style Maze said...

It looks amazing, my dear! You must have had so much fun! Especially the picture in the dark, the pool kind of reminded me of my summer and made me miss the summertime so much!

have a great week <3


Mitha Komala said...

the view is amazing! i bet you have a great time <3

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Dressed With Soul said...

Dearest Sam, thanks for sharing this amazing details regarding your trip! Swaziland must be indeed a wonderful and impressing country and I can imagine that you enjoyed this short travel even much more as your accomodation looks really luxery and invitingly!

Wish you Merry Christmas my dear friend from SA <3

xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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miss b said...

Your accommodation is so tasteful and the swimming pool looks so romantic and inviting at night. The countryside is lush and green and what a stunning waterfall. A great travel post! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for regularly visiting my blog. I always enjoy reading your lovely positive comments, Sam.

Coco said...

Thank you for sharing this delightful experience Sam, I'm charmed by that luxurious villa and by the history of the nation. I wouldn't choose a more traditional accommodation if I had the opportunity to visit Swaziland. Another African country which fascinates me is Botswana. Much much Love
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June said...

Beautiful place! Glad you had a great time! Have a great Christmas!

BELULOVE said...

guauuu amazing!!!! kisses

Toks said...

Beautiful pics, Looks like an amazing place.

Rahul Bhatia said...

A lovely retreat, Sam! Am sure you must have had a lovely time! Wishing you a Merry X Mas and a Happy New Year

Diva Desle said...

So beautiful<3 I would love to travel to .Swaziland too. The scenery looks amazing and so peaceful. Great holiday destination:-) Glad you had an awesome time

LaTasha Bunting said...

Hello love,

I wish that I could travel! This looks like a lovely place to visit! Simply gorgeous!
The nature reserve looks so beautiful and relaxing!
And is the decor really that pink or peach-ish color? So super pretty!
The Villa looks beautiful! The lounge and study room looks super cute!
The swimming pool looks amazing!
You're so lucky!

With love,

Miss fashionmix said...

The views are amazing!!!!!! Great photos!
Merry Christmas dear!
XOXO from Shanghai

Chic Delights said...

Great views. Everywhere looks so green and lush. The Villas look so comfortable and clean. I would like to experience staying in those Huts. Looks like you enjoyed your trip Sam.

Elle Sees said...

that looks just amazing sam. happy xmas

Anonymous said...

I would love to visit this part of the world. It looks so beautiful and exotic.

Beauty Follower said...

Wonderful place, love the green scenery!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

the landscaping is absolutely breathtaking! gorgeous land. i love where you all stayed. so pretty.

Patricia G. said...

Seens an amazing place!! Hope you enjoy your holidays!
Kisses and merry christmas, dear!

margaret cruzemark said...

Great photos. Hope you had the best of times.
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Caro * said...

Wonderful photos ! Thank you to share them with us ;)

Sin12012 said...

Oh wow !

Miu said...

Thank you so much for your words, I really appreciate them!