Monday, December 09, 2013

Who Wore It Better - The Bella Thorne Edition

Who Wore It Better?
The Bella Thorne Edition

2013 is the year that Bella Thorne has gracefully emerged as a young style icon, displaying intrigue and quirkiness with her innovative sense of fashion. Bella has also been the perfect poster girl for Blumarine this year, favoring the Italian brand for many of her red carpet appearances. But this 16-year-old has been caught wearing the same outfit as other starlets more than six times. Trendsetter, or copycat? And Does She Wear it Better? You Decide...

Round One
Bella wears a red and pink rose printed monochrome ensemble by Blumarine, featuring sheer sleeves, a folded tulip skirt and ankle-cropped pants, along with black pumps.
Behati Prinsloo selected to wear the same Blumarine outfit sans any pants.
Verdict: I like it on all three, it's a very pretty and girly look that a petite teen, a Victoria's Secret beauty and runway model all wear charmingly.

Round 2
Bella Thorne adorns a playful orange & white graphic printed look by Katie Ermilio, with cropped top and peplum maxi skirt. A statement necklace & black sandals style her outfit.
Jaime King picked the same look, shortening the length of the skirt & adding metallic pumps.
Verdict: Although this isn't my favorite look from Bella, I will chose her because this eclectic outfit suits her youthful style. I also like the topknot.

Round 3
Bella looked engaging in a pastel pink stripe and floral frock with draped skirt by Blumarine. She jazzed it up with green Bionda Castana shoes and a nude clutch.
Jada Pinkett Smith wears the same winsome dress with snazzy suede pink and red Alaia sandals and a rosy Jimmy Choo clutch.
Verdict: I love Jada's heels but I like the fit of the dress on Bella. 

Round 4
Bella is pictured in a navy blue and white Alice + Olivia window-pane printed dress with A-line flaired skirt and tie-up sandals by Prabal Gurung.
Mena Suvari wore the same strapless dress a year earlier with bright red Brian Atwood heels.
Verdict: Mena wins this one for me with her savvy pop of colour.

Round 5
Bella wears yet another look from Blumarine's Fall 2013 line, this time in a blush shade with sheer yoke & sleeves, embellished by aqua & white floral appliqués and metallic pumps.
Amber Kuo enhances her outfit with a crystal necklace & nude studded Louboutin pumps.
Verdict: I prefer the fit and styling of this dress on the runway model.

Round 6
Bella looked dreamy in the fairy-like sheer floral dress with nude inner corset by Blumarine.
Kacey Musgraces wore the same stunning dress to the CMA Awards 2 weeks before Bella.
Verdict: I preferred this delicate look on Bella, her braided crown added to the romance.

Does Bella Wear it Better? 
List numbers 1 to 6 and let me know what you think below.

P.S. My next post will be on Wednesday.


Patricia G. said...

Bella Thorne is fantastic with all the dresses, but I think her hair style is not always the best, like in set 6, I prefer the long hair of Kacey Musgraves or in round 4, Mena Suvari is more elegant.

Valeria said...

Bella Thorne looks great in all of these dresses. I'm in love with the last's so romantic.


Unknown said...

Great post!
Round 1,2 and 3 wins Bella
4 - Mena
5- Amber
6 - Bella

Have a good week!

Unknown said...

It's so hard to choose,they all rocked it for me.

Jenniya said...

beautiful outfits. :) Most of them wore it like the runway model. :) can't choose for the best

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Sandicious said...


Demi Mist said...

From all the appearances I prefer Bella Thorne Round 6.
Have a great new week!

Lilli said...

Morning Sam! Hope your weekend was terrific and amusing! I always enjoy this kind of feature from you. I'm not a big fan of her, she is so young and I think doesnt stand out for the little age she still has in all the outfits, though I agree with all your verdicts and with the dresses in which she looks better. Regarding the clothes my fav is the Blumarine one in the last round, so princess like, romantic and gorgeous, she is adorable on it. While the first and the fourth are totally not too much suitable for her young age. Have a great Monday and week ahead my dear, big hugs! xo

Alexandra Zakharova said...

To tell the truth, I like the way those garments look only on models. On skinny tall models anything would look just gorgeous, though.
Wish you a blessed day ahead, Sam!

Jeannette said...

GREAT Post!!! Nice Inspiration!!!


Jackie Harrison said...

Nice fashion selection like Behati Prinsloo in the 1 row and Mena Suvari in the 4 and Bella Thorne on the 5 they look stunning. Have a great day doll.

Unknown said...

Love 1 ( Behati Prinsloo ) and 2 ( Jaime King )
Happy monday sam!!!

The Fashion Heels

Dominika | Into the Bloom said...

1- runway model
2- Bella
3- runway model
4- I am torn between Bella and the runway model
5- runway model
6- Kacey

I loved this post, what a great selection of outfits!

AnnaBella said...

Nice post. I like the dress on round 6

bbb said...

wow this is pretty hard but Bella won the round4 for me! Love your post always Sam! x

Sandra Leiva said...

My favourites are:

1 - Behati Prinsloo
2 - Bella Thorne
3 - Jada Pinkett Smith
4 - Mena Suvari
5 - Bella
6 - Bella

Have a lovely day, dear <333



Nice post dear!!!


Rozalia Fashion said...


Unknown said...

Round 3 - the model
Round 4- Bella!

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L.E.N K said...

nice pics!!
want them all!!

ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

oh my just love these kind of posts! you must be working a lot to find the photos!we have a lovely giveaway on our blog, be sure to check it out! :)

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Elle Sees said...

for most of these, i liked them shorter!

Diva Desle said...

I am loving round 6. They look amazing:-))))

Carolyne O' said...

I agree with you, she wore better in every look but... I love Mena Suvari even if I don't like the red shoes with that dress ;)
Xxx princess


Beautetude said...

Hard choice. I loved them all.
Have a Happy Monday hun.

Ashley Phillips said...

Great post Sam! I'm loving round 5! Have a great Monday!

Always Maylee said...

I'm loving Bella Thorne in pretty much all of these!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Unknown said...

Bella wore all the looks in a simply way and I like it!

Unknown said...

I loved this post! Bella Thorne certainly has great style! I must say that from rounds 1 to 5 I preferred the model wearing the outfits, but alas, models are really great, and besides, the publicity pictures are pretty much airbrushed as I always say! But then if I had to choose one of the two actresses wearing the outfits, not considering the models, I would say Round 1 - Bella, although I found creative the way the other wore it; Round 2 - Jamie King; Round 3 - Bella; Round 4 - Mena, because of the red shoes, although Bella is also lovely and I also loved her sandals; Round 5 - Bella. But as I said, the models for me wore the pieces in a great way, from 1 to 5. And finally Round 6, Bella wins for sure, even better than the model! I guess we have pretty much the same opinion! denisesplanet com

Mr K. said...

Great post!

Marion | The Dutch Adventure Seeker said...

Great items!
1: Behati
2: Jaime
3: Bella
4: Both
5: Bella
6: Both
That's my opinion :)

Rakhshan said...

My favorites are
1. All three but if i had to choose one then Bihati, the dress looks better sans pants
2.Bella and Jamie both in their own ways
3.Bella, love her hair hairstyle and pastel green heels
4.Mina, its a better fit on her and as you said the heels add a pop of color!
6.Kacy, her hair in soft waves goes with the delicate gown!

Hope you're doing well Sam, have a lovely start of the week! <3

Unknown said...

Lovely oufits..I love floral prints most!! <3

LoveT. said...

3.Jada Pinkett Smith
5.Amber Kuo
6.Kacey Musgraces

big Hugs and Kisses :***

exality said...

i like the 5th outfit!

Margaret Dallospedale said...

Waooooo the number 5 is my favorite!
The Indian Savage diary

Unknown said...

That was fun! I always like these kind of posts! XOXO, Sissi

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I really like the one's in Round one! Love that floral and dark vibe.

Katie said...

So interesting to see different people styling the same item! xx

Madame Chic Bcn said...

That girl has really a great style!! Have a nice week ahead darling!!

Toks said...

I'm no overly in love with any of them so I think I would have to go with the runways

fashionseducer said...

wow love the frst


Beauty Follower said...

I liked the dress in the round 4.
I think Bella looks great in the round 5 dress.

Have a lovely week dear Sam :)

Unknown said...

Rounds one Behati, Round two Jaime, Round three I would say the model because of the nude heels, but I would also wear the mint pair. Round four Mena, the red really pops out, and round five and six all.


Edyta said...

Honestly, Bela, on every occasion!


Pilar Domínguez said...

I don´t know if you would agree but I loved Bella Thorne style. I haven´t heard about this girl before. She is amazing in all these looks. Sorry for the delay but I have been out in Madrid. I wish you a lovely week, my friend. Kisses, Sam:)

mademoisellemode said...

1. Bella
2. Katie
3. Bella
4. Mena
5. Amber
6. Kacey


Unknown said...

1. Bella
2. Jamie King (love her)
3. Jada (idol)
4. Mena
5. Amber
6. Kacey

This was fun!


ewelinakwiecien said...

great post !

Would you like to follow each other? if so, just follow me and I will follow U back :)

Unknown said...

great idea for a post! :)

Rupsha said...

Look 1-Behati Prinsloo
Look 2-Bella
Look 3-Bella
Look 4-The model.
Look 5-Amber
Look 6-I was about to say 'runway model' but they look good in almost everything so I'll vote for Bella.
Missed you Sam(I should be more regular on blogger.)
Hope you have a great week ahead.
Glitter And Blush

Jointy&Croissanty said...

In my opinion she looks the best in first and third round.

Silvia Negretti said...

Except for the 5th look (I prefer the one on the model of catwalk), Bella won all the rounds! :)

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Bella Thorne is one fashionable young starlet and I agree with most of your assessments Sam! That 1st look is my overall favorite and it does rock across the board :)

Rowena @ rolala loves
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Emmylou said...

I must admit I'm a bit biased coz I love Bella in her show with Zendaya Shake It Up, so I think she looked good in all the outfits.:)
Thank you for always posting such lovely comments on my posts, Sam:)

Kathryn said...

For the most part I agree with all your verdicts, sometimes it's the simplest details that made her look stand out.

Lady parisienne said...

great printed outfits!

June said...

Wow she has great style and wears all the looks so well. I actually preferred her look in each outfit opposed to the others! Maybe its her cute hairstyle but she just shines in all these outfits. :)

samecookiesdifferent said...

so nice <3 xxx

Antonella C’est Moi said...

Hi honey i think that the best looks are 1/3 round!!! kisses

Kacie Cone said...

Round 1- Behati Prinsloo, I just love it without the pants!
Round 2- Bella Thore, the little peplum skirt is just too cute and I think the colors look great with her hair color
Round 3- Bella, it's just such a young dress, it looks weird on someone older!
Round 4- Bella again, the shoes are way too cute!
Round 5- No one, the color of that dress is just not flattering on any of their skin tones
Round 6- Everyone, that dress is so so so gorgeous I don't think it could look bad on anyone!

Woo that was fun, thank you for providing my distraction from finals with some fashion thinking!

tr3ndygirl influencer e fashion blogger said...

i love all dress of round 1
Great selection darling!
check my blog if you want too:)

Moscow Blogger said...

The best is first with flower trousers!
Love this look!

Mihaela Pojogu said...

From the first round Bella's the winner, like in 6, 3 and 4.

Dascha said...

Beautiful dresses <3


Svetlana said...

She looks really great in all dresses :)
But I prefer Jamie King in the second one :)

Svetlana from Lavender Star

Oh to Be a Muse said...

1. Behati
2. Jaime
3. Model
4. Mena
5. All 3
6. Model

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Paola Lauretano said...

The winner is Bella!!! Fab in all dresses!!!!!
Kisses Sam!


I really love Jamie King's outfit. Great styled featured Sam. Wishing you a wonderful week. xx/M

Unknown said...

1. Middle girl
2. middle
3. far right
4. left
5. middle
6. left

Sorry, I cant' remember the names and have little time today, but love love love this post and love doing these! ;) Thanks for stopping by today Sam!
xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

Unknown said...

She looks great in everything, I love her fashion choices!
Laura. xx

Mindy Fan said...

She is so pretty! I really love her in 3 and 6. Too be honest, I think she and the 2nd person for the most part look better than the actual model in the clothing!

aboutwhatwomenlove said...

so loovely post!!<3

Coco Colo said...

Great post idea :D

Chadlen said...

Ok...From round 1 I think the second look is my favorite and from Round 2 Jaime King.
In Round 4 I prefer Bella Thorne and in Round 6 I believe all the looks are beautiful...

Have a nice evening dear

andysparkles said...

I think Behatis look is so amazing!


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dahi. said...

round one: behati prinsloo
round two: bella thorne
round three: same
round four: mena <3
round five: bella
round six: kacey

yep the christmas baking was loads of fun, i'm glad that i have such lovely friends, they light up my world! i can recommend you also to bake with friends, it's such a great activity! it's also very sympathetic that you also love to bake. and i'm glad i know your blog because you have a great sense for style so i always love to comment on your posts!


Unknown said...

Round 4 is absolutely my favorite and i love Mena Suvari 's style.



Gigi.T said...

in my opinion it doesnt matter if she copied it or not. She looks fabulous in every outfit!

xoxo ♥

Anna and Klaudia said...

Bella looks really so sweet :))

Unknown said...

She rocked it in each round!

Unknown said...

For me she rocked round 4 best!
They all look great though!

Anita said...

stunning outfit!

Unknown said...

Poor Bella! It so sad to be compared always with someone dressed like you, but its a dayli life of celebrities :)))) I like more the Bella´s look on the number on number 3,4 and 6. Dont like a lot the numer one, I think this look its better without pants!!!
have a nice day doll

Min Tarpy said...

Great outfits! I think it's a question of who wore it first, but it's not that important whether you are a copycat or a trendsetter. Shops sell dresses you buy them, so as long as you look great in whatever you are wearing you don't need to worry about who wore what first.

Unknown said...

I'd say Alice Olivia, the others look hard to wear

Unknown said...

Well I absolutely love Bella's style, youthful, girly, feminine and chic at the same time.x Number 1 - I think Bella wore it better, it looks super cute and girly on her, number 2 - again Bella, for the same exact reason, number 3 - Bella, I love the whole outfit and those heels match perfectly with her outfit. Number 4 - I think Mena wore it better, the dress looks gorgeous on her and I love that she added red heels, number 5 - I think both of them look great but I like the necklace Amber added and number 6 - Bella, she just matched everything perfectly by taking her hair up!

Elly @ Caribbean Living said...

Fab round up as ever Sam! Loving the Alice and Olivia dress on particular. Ok so my votes go to…1. Bella, 2. Bella, 3. Jada, 4. Mena (those shoes!), 5. Bella, 6. Kacey (love her hair). Great start to the day! Hope your week is going well xx

Carla said...

Bella definitely has an amazing style. My favorite is the first look.. although I have to say Behati wore it better!

xo, Carla

Anonymous said...

Haha copycat:) it's so funny:) I love first dress with pants but I think no one color doesn't suit her well, I think she needs to wear more vibrant warm color, she is he same type as Nicole Kidman - spring.
You look stunning! Fur vest is so stylish and cozy, what can be better!

Have a happy week ahead, dear Sam

Rahul Bhatia said...

A lovely splash of colors Sam:)

Unknown said...

The round one looks so delicious! I love each of those beautiful ladies are wearing, such a chic details and look! Happy new week sweety!

noradulce said...

1. Behati, 2. Jaimie, 3. Model, 4. Model, 5. Model 6. Model. Very cool post! You put alot of work, time and effort into your posts, thank you for sharing dear and have a great productive week!

Bisma Rauf said...

Sure..followed ya on GFC :)

Now its your turn

The Dragonfruit said...

Round 5 dress was my favorite! Bella certainly likes to be playful with her fashion

The Dragonfruit Diaries

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Bella looks great but is it me or the models on the runway are killing it in the same outfit. I think i somehow prefer the runway version just as is. She looked phenomenal in the last look though. Great post Sam.

Thanks for stopping by.

Shayne ♥ said...

i pick bella on almost all of the outfits here, although i must say i did not like the last dress on her ^^ i love this post sam, i love bella throne i didnt know bluemarine got her :)

get carried away said...

Bella looks wonderful, but the runway models are my winners in the most sets!
wish you a wonderful day sweety!


lalalaPatricia said...

Hi Sam! Look who's back?! :) I miss bumping here. And most of the set Bella orcked it! Round 4-6 :)

Peet said...

16-year-old?!?!?!?!?!?! In that last outfit she looks really old. I'd say mature, but since she's 16, the makeup and the clothes really really age her... But I like her style, whether she's a copycat or a trendsetter. Although I like Mena Suvari's version better, those red pumps make a whole lot of difference!

Wishing you a fabulous Tuesday, my dear!;)

LaTasha Bunting said...

Hello lovely Sam,

Bella Thorne is such a cutie pie! Bella T. won rounds 2 and 3 in my opinion (we agree on these sets). Behati P. won round 1 for me. Mena S. won round 4 for me (again we agree). Amber K. won round 5 in my opinion. And Kacey M. won round 6.

Such a fun post hun! I had fun picking my faves!

With love,

Valeria said...

Thanks for your visit.



Sveva said...

it's difficult!!
1 Behati
2 Bella
3 Model
4 Mena
5 Model
6 Kacey

JANICE G said...

the first one is great!

the STYLE Fringe BLOG

Unknown said...

amazing print!
Anthea’s Fashion

Elisa Zanetti said...

too difficult to decide!
Nameless Fashion Blog
Nameless Fashion Blog Facebook page

Unknown said...

Hi dear :) amazing selection *.* love all :P

New post:

Kiss Tea

miasmode said...

Bella Thorne??? I have no idea who she is. Haha she not known over here. I love the who wore it better posts. 1: Behati, 2: Jamie, 3: Bella, 4: Mena, 5: Bella, 6: Bella. Omg she wins to often. Have a wonderful day Sam!!

xx Mira

daggistr said...

Great post Dear ...always like to see these kinds of comparisons :)

Sophie Sierra said...

Bella is rocking it, she looks amazing <3

Sophie xox soinspo

Fashion-Bridge said...

Mmmmm, incredible colourful and floral look. They made me want summer so badly even in spite of the fact that Christmas is around the corner;) Floral prints will be big next season.
I love the stunning bluemarine cocktail dress and graphic printed creation by Katie Ermilio on Jaime King looks beyond fabulous



fabulouspetite said...

This are all incredible looks. I like how this outfits are totally wearable from runway to someone petite like Bella. I agree the shoes of Jada is fierce.


Rakel said...

Bella Thorne is always so perfect! <3

Sadie said...

I love the last dress :) xx

little luxury list said...

What a wonderful collection of bright dresses! mena's outfit definitely stuck out to me because of those fun shoes!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Carolyna's world said...

round 6 is my favourite one Sam :-) so so great post xoxo

Sharon said...

Is she really 16?? I thought she was a lot older!

Ileana said...

Rounds 3, 5 and 6 are definitely the best for Bella.... otherwise, the winner is the other celebrity ^^


Sakuranko said...

Yay Who wore better! Well Let´s Go!

Round 1 -> Bella Thorne
Round 2 -> Jaime King
Round 3 -> Bella Thorne
Round 4 -> Alice + Olivia
Round 5 -> Amber Kuo
Round 6 -> Bella Thorne

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

I think she wore it best in three through five! She has a great sense of style!

Unknown said...

First off all, all of these dresses are really fun. I think everyone made each dress their own by styling it in a way that speaks to them! I can't decide who wore it better :)

Lady à la Mode

Carolyne O' said...

Kisses princess <3


his little lady said...

Absolutely stunning! She is rocking all of these looks! So flawless :)
xo TJ

Katie Frank said...

Bella looks better I guess..

Kat said...

bella looks fantastic in all the looks! i think she wins for all of them :)

bridechic said...

I think each woman has her own special something she brings to flaunting each designer ensemble!

Hannahs Heels said...

Damn... who had those dresses...!!

So my oinion

R1. Behati
R2. Bella
R3. Bella
R4. Mena
R5. Bella

I love this kind of post of yours! More more more!!

Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

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 - Hannah's Heels

awhite said...

Bella has serious style- talk about dream wardrobe! :)


Patricia González Fernández said...

ohhhh i love bella thorne style =) said...

All ladies are super beautiful!

Caro * said...

Bella is very cute, I love her style. She is fabulous with the last dress :)

Josie said...

1. I like it best on the runway model! But well done Bella for being brave and wearing the whole look.
2. Bella.
3. Bella
4. Mena
5. Amber
6. Bella (my favourite look of the lot!) xxx

ChatterBlossom said...

Tough! She did rather well in all of them!

Demi Mist said...

Thank you for all the beautiful comments on my blog! Have a nice day!

Helena Resende said...

Bella looks so beautiful in all those outfits :)

Imogen said...

Great post. I always find it interesting the way the same piece can be styled in a variety of ways. I love the Alice and Olivia dress, it is a brand which has caught my eye in recent times.

Unknown said...

She has a great affinity for prints! I'm having a tough time picking who wore it best, she definitely won round 4 hands down for me!

Mili from Call me, Maeby

The Elle Diaries said...

Sam, I ahve to agree with all your verdicts, but i will say that the runway models get an advantage as they have a coterie of pros fussing over them, just before the walk. ( timing is everything)
FUN post! Gorgeous dresses - and pants, ALL
XX, Elle

sonia // daring coco said...

I pretty much agree with your verdicts apart from the first and last ones. I preferred Behati's look as opposed to layered with the pants, I felt like it was too much going on!


Effortlesslady said...

I love Bella's style, she is so beautiful.

Mikka said...

Love the round 3 look, so beautiful, sweet and romantic. Have a nice day Sam :)

Johnny said...

behatis dress is beautiful<333

Unknown said...

great post, prefer the third outfit the most, suits her the most out of them all!


Natalie said...

There are so many cute outfits!