Monday, May 30, 2011

Closet Confidential with Anthea

On this edition of Closet Confidential, I got to fashionize with Cape Town based blogger Anthea, who has a passion for leather, comfortable clothing and vintage dresses. Anthea has an inspiring sense of style, which she shares on her blog, Embracing Style. 
These are some of her fashion favourites and style secrets.

Describe your personal style 
It is most of all comfy with a mix of girly, granny, classic and quirky. I alternate between these styles depending on my mood. 

What has been your best fashion buy? 
The Aldo combat boots I had my friend bring me from USA. I wear it so much that it has to be my best buy.

Most extravagant fashion purchase 
I am going to purchase it as soon as I can find it! I am looking for the perfect pair of leather boots. All of my purchases to date have been quite affordable.

What are your favourite accessories?
It has to be leather bags. Can you tell by now that I am a fan of leather? I think a leather bag can make a girl feel special. It lasts long as well and it does not chip or fray!

What is your idea of a no-fail outfit? 
Something that you are 100% comfortable in. If you feel great in your outfit then how can you go wrong?

Where would you like to shop til you drop? 
Country Road. Seeing that I love leather so much it makes sense since their bags and boots are gorgeous. There items seem like the kind of items that you can keep for a long time because of the quality. They also have amazing classic styles.

Best Fashion Trend 
That's a hard one! At the moment it has to be the granny chic trend. It really appeals to me, probably because it's comfy and you can incorporate vintage items. I do love vintage!

Worst Fashion Trend 
There have been so many but I think the worst was skants.You know, the skirt and pants in one. They became popular sometime during my teenage years. Skirt or pants, choose one!

Who are your style icons? 
I admire the styles of so many ladies even fictional ones. I love how cute and girly Peggy from Mad Men dresses. I think Olivia Palermo looks perfect all the time! Bloggers Anne-Catherine Frey and Louise Ebel have amazing style as well. 

What is on your fashion wish list? 
I long for a pair of Swedish Hasbeens with all my heart and soul! I will even settle for look-alikes. I also want a pair of leather boots possibly Chelsea Boots, a leather biker's jacket, a pair of dark blue flare jeans and a cape. I am always on the lookout.

What are the 'must have' items in your closet and why? 
For me personally, an array of dresses is a must have. I am definitely a dress person. I wear them casually or formally in Summer or Winter. They are comfy and they make you feel pretty. Everyone needs a pair of jeans that fits them perfectly simply because it is so versatile. You can dress it up or down and always rely on it if you don't know what to wear.

Fabulous fashion advice
Be comfortable in whatever you wear. I honestly think dressing is about making yourself happy and not others. So, you don't always need to follow trends. Stick to what you love.

*Special thanks to Anthea for participating in this interview.

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