Monday, May 23, 2011

The Friendship Files

I am truly blessed to have such a large group of amazing friends from all over the country. Our bonds have remained faithful over the years and we have grown closer, stronger and wiser together. To honour them, I have created 'The Friendship Files'. I posed the same question to each of them, and they responded with their honest opinions and truthful thoughts. I collected all of the answers and posted it below. The question I asked is : "What does being a good friend mean to you?" Most of the replies were based on the general rules of friendship, with a few interesting ones in between.

What Does Being a Good Friend Mean to You? 

*A good friend is someone who you can meet after years and pick up from where you left off like it was yesterday.
*One who pulls me off the ground when the world has their feet on me.
*A good friend is someone who doesn't judge you, who's never afraid to tell you the truth and someone who you can confide in, completely knowing your secret is safe.
*A good friend will never date your ex, even if you say you're okay about it.
*Your girls should always come before anyone else - that means guys basically.
*Only a true friend will be totally honest with you...'Like girl, maybe it's time you go on a diet! Your butt does look big in that.'
*A good friend is a shoulder and ear when you need it.
*Someone who does not mislead you.
*A good friend is someone that's always there for you, good times and bad, in person, over the phone, email, BBM, whatever. That person takes the time to connect with you. And even when life gets hectic and they don't, you know that if you call or msg they will make time for you.
*Not letting your friends go out dressed like Miley Cyrus.
*Being able to tell your best friend that the guy she's dating is a real jerk.
*Someone I can trust and who dresses a little bit...normal. You should be able to tell your friend the new jersey she bought makes her look like the sequel to 'Who let the dogs out?'
*One who is always available to listen to me at my loneliest minute.
*In need of a support group? Cocktail hour with the girls - which is always, be it 3 in the morning or 11 at night.
*Having a friend honestly tell you what she thinks about your new haircut, even if it's bad. That means someone who will bravely say to you, "Are you bringing the mullet back in fashion? Now let's get that fixed before anyone else sees."
*A good friend will stretch your vision and cherish your dreams.
*A true friend can go for long periods of time without speaking to you and never question the friendship.
*The one who will always respect my decision, guide me when I move off the part and accept me for the random person that I am and never ever split on me.
*Only a true friend will help you conspire and execute an evil revengeful plan against your loser ex.
*A true friend is someone who's there for you when the good times roll and the tough times tear you apart.
*A good friend is someone whose relationship with you is not tarnished by lack of time spent together or the vast distance of physical space between you.
*A true friend doesn't care if you're broke, when your house is a mess, about your past or if your family is filled with crazies...They love you for who you are.
*A good friend is one who will lie for me but not to me.
*The three most important qualities of a good friend is honesty, dependability and empathy.
*Your best friend will knock on your door at 2am with cartons of chocolate chip ice cream, soppy movies and a box of tissues after you've had a bad break up.
*A good friend will tell you things you don't want to hear, not because they want to hurt you, but because they care.

And finally, my personal favourite:
*Being a good friend means participating in your friends' blog questionnaire by posting your inner most thoughts.

Thanks to all my BFFs for their wonderful insight.

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