Friday, November 11, 2011

How To Be A Victoria's Secret Angel

Victoria's Secret
Fashion Show 2011

The annual Victoria's Secret soirée took place in New York earlier this week, where a huge fuss was made over a little lingerie in an extravagant $12 million parade. While viewing the glamorous fashion show, I observed that there is a certain criteria to be met in order to be a 'Victoria's Secret Angel'. I've compiled a list for anyone interested in landing one of world's most sought after modeling jobs. 

How To Become A Victoria's Secret Angel

* You will need to be at least 1.78m or 5f 10in tall
* Have a 34-24-34 frame, which is the equivalent to a size zero
* Be ridiculously gorgeous. If you're an 'exotic beauty', that will put you up the list.
* Have amazing legs that go on forever
* Naturally glossy long locks and porcelain skin is a must-have
* Have an electrifying smile with enough wattage to light up Times Square.
* You should probably give up carbs and chocolate...and food in general.
* Spend at least 4 hours a day in the gym doing some form of trendy toning exercises. 
* Dating an equally good-looking and world famous rock star will amp up your appeal.
* And most importantly, you will have to wear itsy lingerie, walk in sky-high stilettos, carry a colossal pair of wings on your shoulders (that weighs 3 times your body weight) and look incredibly graceful while doing it.

If you fit all these requirements, Congratulations! You are on your way to becoming the Next Victoria's Secret Supermodel. As for the rest of us, we can just admire the exquisite creations that were shown at this years' Victoria's Secret runway show. P.S. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Aquatic Angels

The surreal mermaid theme is brought to life by bevy of international beauties including Russia's (and Adam Levine's) Anne Vylitsyna, top Polish model Anja Rubik, China's stunning Sui He, pretty Swedish blonde Caroline Winberg and Maryna Linchuk from Belarus. 

Super Angels
Step aside Batman/Spiderman/Superman, there is a new superhero in town and she is armed with a valiant cartoon coloured costume, daring thigh-high boots, a killer smile and a whole lot of sex appeal - which is often mistaken for a super power.

Be My Valentine
Wrapped in shades of Valentine, ribbon, feathers and tulle are Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr, Brazilian beauty Lais Ribeiro and New Zealand newcomer, Jessica Clark.

Supermodels of Swan Lake
 A ballet-inspired theme in a sugary blend of sweet pink, lemon and dreamy blue hues. Chanel Iman makes leg warmers look sexy, Alessandra Ambrosio does her best impression of Black Swan, German model Toni Garrn flaps her butterfly wings and Dutch dame Doutzen Kroes strikes a dramatic pose in her blue and white tutu.

 A Black and White Affair
These are my favourite costumes from the collection. Lily Donaldson's black and white ensemble with the vintage lace wings. Brazil's Flavia de Oliveira looks ravishing in all black. I love the striped and layered tulle skirt worn by Estonian model Karmen Pedaru. The umbrella adds a vintage touch to her alluring Edwardian outfit. Cameron Russell wears a coquettish number with a high-collared corset, suspended feathers and black lace gloves.

Show Stoppers
 Brazilian supermodel and Victoria's Secret veteran Alessandra Ambrosio balances the elaborately beaded Passion Play wings, which weighs around 30lb/13kg. It's rumored to have taken seven years to make! South Africa's own dreamgirl Candice Swanepoel looks like a Grecian goddess with her gilded wings. Miranda Kerr brought the sensational show to a close, wearing a $2.5 million Fantasy Treasure brassiere, encrusted with 3400 precious stones. I'm guessing it comes with it's own safe and bodyguard.

So there you have it, another bout of the supermodel syndrome at the Victoria's Secret 2011 fashion show. I wonder if they get to keep the wings?


DaphYin said...

Wow! They're all... funky! Lovely costumes :)

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Lol... I can only DREAM. But yeah, those VS angels are just gorgeous, ethereal.


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Chanel Tonè said...

This was an awesome post. I especially loved how you captured and categorized the fashions that were displayed during the show. The fashion show was fun and very exciting to watch between the times that made me jealous to look at those figures!

Thank you so much for the follow! Of course, you've got another follower ;)

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P.S. The last comment you left me made me "awe" out loud. You are incredibly sweet and I am greatly looking forward to connecting with you. *Mwah*

Indistinctive Writer said...

oh the love-hate relationship with beautiful women... love watching them... hate that i can't be one of them LOL @_@

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TaraMixandMatch said...

Yes, they are all awesome, and so gorgeous, aren't they?

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Rakhshan said...

wonderful post Sam!! i love ur ideas! :)
every girl wants to b a VS angel deep down inside which is the reason youtube is loaded with tutorials on how to get VS angelss' hair/makeup/body!!
love the shots!! my all time favs are alexandra and adriana!!

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Thanks for your appreciation and love on my blog. You've got one great colourful blog too... Great work seriously... I'm following you now. Would love if you could follow back.

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hahahaha i love this!! unfortunately i dont make the cut...

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Good is BEYOND UNFAIR to look that Goddess like. Hmph :P
LOL ... well us mere mortals will have to drool over the jewel encrusted bras and dream of looking that good in them! LOL!!

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Miranda Kerr! She´s gorgeous :)... I want to be Victoria´s secret angel too, but I miss some things :DD... Thanks for your lovely comment on our blog :)
Like your posts :)

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thanks for visiting my blog :)
they look so gorgeous. and Miranda Kerr is soooo beautiful <3

Fabiana said...

Victoria's secret's models are amazing!!!!

ZombieLace said...

I definitely do NOT fill those requirements, but how fun would it be to be a VS Angel???

To answer your question, I did live in China, for a year teaching English. Such a great experience!!

Live life glamorous said...

Thank you for the nice reaction on my blog. I think its hard when you wanna be a VS model.

Serena said...

This year was amazing!
They all looked stunning!

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omg, i'm 18om tall, but not so beautiful like them ;D. haha, nice post♥!

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Thanks for your lovely comment.Love the post and the pics!


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love your post

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Haha, love your tips on how to be a VS model. They always look so gorgeous.

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They always look amazing!Gorgeous pictures!

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Great tips:)

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* Be ridiculously gorgeous.

hahahahahah...We are laughing soooo loud.
You'se so right.


Paolita@BerryHaute said...

Gotta love the VS Show, I look forward to it every year. Alessandra Ambrosio is my all time favorite.


Miu said...

It's interesting, you hear so much about some Angels and of some I have never heard of before!

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Beautiful, interesting, so good written post and review, awesome! Love its first part!;)
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Purvi said...

Great Post Sam :) I cant stop smiling and you now what my options closed at the first requirement of height :) :)
Anyways I can take some inspiration from this post to atlas reach a respectable size and weight :) :)

Fashion Trends said...

Victoria's Secret is always super! :)

Fashion News said...

Although it's every woman's dream to be a VS Angel, it's very difficult and requires lots of energy, time and efforts.

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Hi Sam, thx for stopping by:) I love Victoria's Secret shows! Really lovely post! kisses chris