Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Tuesday Thrills - Jessica Simpson Shoes

Jessica Simpson may have gained fame due to her magnetic singing voice, but these days, it's her fashion line, the Jessica Simpson Collection that's receiving all the attention. Jessica began with a successful range of shoes, which grew into an entire fashion franchise, expanding to handbags, accessories, clothing, luggage and fragrances. It's her shoe line that I am most impressed by. Her trendy pairs of heels are modeled on high-fashion designs, at a price that is affordable and accessible. Her fashion-forward footwear is distinctively charismatic, serving up bold colours, geometric designs, sexy silhouettes and the essential stacked platform heel. These are a few pairs from her current collection that I'm smitten with...

1. Rhys in Tawny Blush, featuring a mustard platform heel. $89 or R697
2. Match in Burnt Sienna. Shades of autumn with leather criss cross trim. $98 or R767
3. Elso in Dusty Taupe Hibiscus. A coral & nude T-strap sandal. $89
4. Princess in Cranberry. Tri-coloured slingback. $89
5. Vadio in DP Purple. Vibrant in hot pink, yellow, purple & black. $98
6. Astor in Hot Fuchsia. Gorgeous pink slingback. $79 or R619
7. Waleo in electric Blue Violet suede. $89
8. Ely in Jungle Green. Suede colour block Mary Jane sandal. R98
9. Bendie in Blue Violet, with hot pink ankle strap, and turquoise platform. $89

1. Para in Houndstooth. Classic peep toe in trendy black & white print. $98 or R767
2. Pleasant in Black & Silver. Metallic colour blocked pair of peep-toes. $98
3. Litaa in Burnt Red. Patent and pinstripe with zipped edging. $98
4. Colie in Sand Seaside Stripe. Cream & brown stripes with double stacked heel. $98
5. Easten in Platinum Metallic Herringbone. A glamorous pair studded with sliver. $98
6. Cheetah in Taupe Grey Suede. Versatile shaded Mary Jane platform. $98
7. ChestoWedge in Black. Ruched ankle strap with straw wedge. $89 or R697
8. Pleasant in Tan. Earthy toned colour-blocked peep toe heels. $98
9. Kowloon in Desert Sand. Tan espadrille with criss cross cognac straps. $79 on sale for $29.98 or R235

To view the entire Jessica Simpson Collection, visit the official website here. They offer some great sales, however online shopping is only available within the US. For international orders, you can buy select items from the JSC range through Macys.com

Happy Shopping!


Amy @ At the Pink of Perfection said...

Omg. I'll take them all in size 10 please! :) my favorite is 3 in the 2nd group! Gorgeous!

Mary said...

So lovely shoes :)

Gayatri said...

Ooohhhh I'll have a pair of "Elso" please! But seriously, they're all awesome!


JanM ♥ said...

7 from the first set and 6 from the second set are my favorites! I miss going to shoe places and just trying on shoes. I thing it's one of the best ways to have some girl time! :)

Paolita@BerryHaute said...

I have 3 pairs of her shoes, and they are actually very comfortable.
Funny enough just a couple of days ago I was considering the Mary Janes in Taupe & Black with the snake skin platform, maybe it's a sign I should get them ;)

Nicole said...

I love every single pair...

Bailey Schneider said...

DROOL!!! They are GORGEOUS!!
I'm looking at them trying to figure out which are my faves... but I can't decide!
Have a beautiful day!

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It would really mean a lot to me.

Francesca R said...

I think that she is doing a great job as a shoe designer!!!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Oh Em Gee! I love all Jessica's shoes.

Viki said...

Great post Sam!! I want all of the right now!!! :)XoXo



Jeanne-Ange said...

I truely adore her shoes! Especially cause they are sold at a very reasonable price and accessable for everybody! Number 5 must be my favourite here. Thanks for stopping by, girl x

GoNcha GoNcha said...

love Jessica`s shoes. Adorable Cupcake colors! Have a Cupcake week;)

FashionJazz said...

I want!! :) xx

Temporary:Secretary said...

All of these are awesome - i'm not sure if i'd be able to walk in them though! I might wobble a bit! x

Rochelle's Closet said...

I love Jessica Simpson Shoes too! :) all gorgeous shoes

Thanks for droppin by my Blog, Iam now following you and hope you follow mine



Jessica said...

I'm seriously obsessed with the Jessica Simpson collection. I love it all! :)

xx Jessica

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

love the colorful shoes, especially the electric blue ones

Meena said...

Love her shoes!! So beautiful!!

Carmen said...

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Liesbeth (candyandtreats) said...

Oh boy, the snake detail in the 6th pair of the second group, gasp! She hit a home-run with this shoeline!

tonia fashion tour said...

hey thanks for your comment!!
love all the shoes but the third one in
the first group is amazing!

i followed you..


Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

I really like the beautiful selection of colour-blocking sandals! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

Saint Folie said...

Looks good but our favorite by Jessica Simpson is still that:


hahahah...She is so funne.

Saint Folie said...


Alice /// VESTIGIAL WINGS said...

my favorite shoes from jessica simpson is actually the boots! they make reallly great heeled boots.

tanya said...

I am totally drooling over those shoes!
I should start wearing heels SERIOUSLY :|

much love
Check out my blog and tell me if you like it :)

Randi said...

#1 from the 1st set and #8 from the 2nd set are my favs. I'm gonna look for them in stores here (hate buying shoes online, sizes run different from brand to brand). But the real questions is...are they comfortable?? xoxo, Randi Candy

Sam said...

@ Randi... I also can't seem to buy shoes online. Paolita from BerryHaute said in a comment above that she has a few pairs of Jessica's shoes and that the are quite comfortable.

Miss J said...

Hello Sam, amazing shoes!! Love this. Kisses from Brazil ~.~



Theonlyfashionprincess said...

I love 5 and 7 of the first set so much! :) x

Paula said...

They are amazing, so many different styles to choose from! xx

BlueVanilla said...

SWOOONNN! Love her collections!

Hot Pink Day
Shop Blue Vanilla

look-scout said...

WoW! So many wonderful pieces! My fav: Number 5!! Just perfect :)


F. said...

Adoro estes sapatos! adorava ter uns ;)

xoxo F.

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DeniseAngela said...

thank for visiting my blog & yes that is my manniquen! love JS fashion line especially the hot pink heels!

Stesha said...

I Love Jessica Simpson shoes!!! they are so fashionable!!


kbd said...

I have a pair of grey snakeskin heels from her cheapie collection... surprisingly comfy and gorgeous!

Sovina said...

love the bright colors ...also like the fact that they are not super expensive..

ShinyPrettyThings said...

i actually really love her shoes! these are some great ones :D

Soph. said...

I didn't know Jessica Simpson had a line of shoes!
I hope they're only new and that I haven't been living under a rock haha.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I am not a designer... I wish. Just something I love to do!

Want to follow each other?

Xox Soph

casual chic said...

she has a great shoe collection..love them!!!!
take a look at my blog whenever you like:)

Miriam Stella said...

I love shoes!!! ;-)
Nice blog!
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KV said...

Wow these shoes are fab!

KV said...

Those colorblocking platform shoes are too yummy!