Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Frills

It takes strength to be firm,
It takes courage to be gentle.

It takes strength to conquer,
It takes courage to surrender.

It takes strength to be certain,
It takes courage to have doubt.

It takes strength to fit in,
It takes courage to stand out.

It takes strength to feel a friend's pain,
It takes courage to feel your own pain.

It takes strength to hide feelings,
It takes courage to show them.

It takes strength to stand alone,
It takes courage to lean on another.

It takes strength to admit you're wrong,
It takes courage to make it right.

It takes strength to love,
It takes courage to be loved.

It takes strength to survive,
It takes courage to live.

*Unknown. Image via Weheartit


Giulia said...

bella foto e belle parole!

Antoinette said...

Your words are sooo true!

indie by heart said...

Oh, truly great and inspiring post. That photo is lovely, too.

- Indie by Heart

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Daniella said...

Please never stop posting your inspiring phrases,poems etc!!! I always look forward to them and they always speak so clearly to me,like i am sure they do most! Beautiful post sweetheart :)

Take care,Daniella xox

erinj0 said...

Beautiful, inspiring post! :)

Jo Bao said...

I totally agree with what you have posted above, it definitely takes courage to be gentle and to surrender, I have to admit. I find it hard to surrender/admit it's my fault, but I find it definitely strengthens the relationship.

Jo Bao ♥

Well... said...

Oooh, lovely post girl.
I love the inspirational quote too. It definitely takes strength to admit when you're wrong. So hard to do!
Great picture included as well <3

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Elle Sees said...

an excellent way to start off a friday

Skinny Moonstick said...

Well written... where do you find these amazing things? You and your blog are an inspiration...
Good luck!

*Glam Chameleon* said...

Sam my dear thank u so much for those inspiring words, it made my morning and due to that great start of this day!! Happy Friday lovely!!!
p.s. I don't know what recently happened with my gfc followings, I'm sure I was following u yet your gfc doesn't say the same!:( U heard something about it? Anyway I follow u again!


Fictitious Fashion said...

wow S.. this poem was truly inspiring.. Difference betwee courage and strength.. hmmmmm.. I love it :)
New post is up <3


Cinnamon and White Chocolate said...

Beautiful photo, like a fairy tale...And beautiful and inspiring words...Thanks for shareing...:)

Alexandra Marie said...

I Love Quotes! These words are really inspiring!

Ember Drake said...

I love your inspirational quote posts! They really cheer me up first thing on a work day! :-)

Very pretty photo too!


Rahul Bhatia said...

A lovely way to wish a happy weekend, Sam:) An alluring pic and nice words!

Jayme and Mendi said...

Love this inspiration!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Diva Naomi Addy said...

Inspiring quotes!!!
I am doing better dear and thanks for asking!
Have a lovely weekend!!!

Teresa said...

i got you, we need to have a balance between strength and courage :) i think having courage is more difficult, but i'll work on that!

happy weekend,

Being Brazen said...

Have a lovely weekend :)

Coco said...

Thank you for the comment. Your blog ist beautiful!

Fictitious Fashion said...

I missed you too Sam... Like so very much!!!!!!! <3 I miss our long talks :) Join some Gmail or facebook or yahoo messenger na.. I want to like continuously chat with you :)
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Gillie said...

Beautiful post, definitely a life mantra to live by!

xo Gillie

Aimee Victoria Long said...

Such beautiful words, stunning photo as well. Loved it. Aimee

Style Servings said...

I love, love, love this!!! So true!!! Have a lovely weekend darling!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

It takes strength to love and courage to be loved--so true!

happy Friday!

DXiredDiamond said...

I ALWAYS LOVE your Friday Frills! This one is so beautiful and powerful! I LOVE the photo and the beautiful words hun! It's so true by the way! :)


Elisabeth said...

Lovely photo! I think a swing is one of the best places for daydreaming. Did you use to have one when you were a child?
Haha, yes maybe you're right concerning the mantyhoses on my blog. I think it's nice that some people test boundries though, fashion and trends are something one needs to play with. Style shouldn't be taken too seriously if you ask me :)

E from Helsinki

Re_becah said...

Linda musica!!


Daphnée Kwong Waye said...

Wow this is so beautiful and moving!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Strength is definitely from within!