Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Things I've Learnt About Awards Season

Now that Awards Season 2014 has finally wrapped up, we can look back and discuss the valuable lessons we have learnt from this glitzy Hollywood charade.

Things I've Learnt About Awards Season

1. We know that top designers lend dresses throughout Awards Season to all the actors and actresses. But what happens to all these fabulous dresses once they have been worn? Obviously, no other famous person will wear the same dress twice. I think they need to make a Fashion Blogger Donation Box and dump all those designer dresses in there. 

2. A guaranteed way to win a Best Actress/Actor Award is to look your absolute worst, act mentally deranged or gain/lose enough weight, so much so, that people begin thinking you have an actual illness.

3. Do celebrities get tired of being asked the exact same questions by the (exact same) tv hosts at every single awards show? 

4. Isn't it funny how the ERed Carpet team gush over every actresses outfit when they interview them live and tell them how much they love their look, but then go (not so behind their back) on The Fashion Police and trash them to pieces over the exact same dress. #TwoFaced

5. It baffles me that celebrities have access to the best stylists and designers, but yet some of them still manage to look like they have worn a scrap of un-ironed fabric that's been stuck together with staples.

6. Another thing, the designer has been kind enough to lend you the dress, so be courteous enough to at least remember their name when asked on the red carpet.

7. Stars always get their hair done by an expert hairdresser, but some of them appear on the red carpet with hair that looks like it's building it's own nest or hasn't been brushed in a week.

8. Stars spend hours having their makeup done only to look like they have on no makeup at all

9. The Oscars Swag Bag this year was filled to the brim with $85 000 worth of fabulous goodies including a Swiss watch, spa home system, a tour to Japan, a holiday in Hawaii and Mexico, a trip to Las Vegas for anyone wanting to reenact The Hangover and a train ride to the Canadian Rockies. Strangely enough there was also some horse shampoo thrown in. Seriously? All the nominees can obviously afford this lap of luxury...why are they getting it all for free?

10. The critics who vote on these awards shows would have to watch each season of all the nominated TV series (dramas and comedies), view every single movie and made-for-tv-movie (more than once) and listen to every album that's up for an award. Who has that much free time on their hands? Is that all they do the entire year?

11. Men can wear the same classic black tuxedo to every single awards show, year after year and no one will know any better.

12. Celebrities, please secure yourselves in all the right places because there are cameras EVERYwhere on the red carpet targeting every single angle you own.

13. Every nude shaded and sequined dress is starting to look the same to me.

Elie Saab Red Carpet Dresses

14. If you don't want to be on any Worst Dressed Lists just wear a plain black dress or anything by Elie Saab. Or a plain black dress by Elie Saab. It's always the safest option.

15. But if you want to be at the top of any Worst Dressed Lists, just get your styling advice from Ke$ha, Jessie J, Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga.

16. Someone needs to stop inviting Miley Cyrus to these high society events. Either that or at least lend her some clothes. Actual clothes and not shreds of a fishnet stocking or teddy bear.

17. It's really unfair when the Award winners are announced and the camera immediately flashes to all the nominees that didn't win, to capture the image of disappointment/envy/fury on their faces. That's just mean.

18. Someone please give Amy Adams and Leo DiCaprio an Oscar, they have each been nominated 5 times before, and all under the age of 40. I think that's impressive enough to snag an honorary win.

19. I find it a little confusing that celebrities (like Leo, Bradley, JLaw) don't walk the red carpet with their significant others to avoid the gossip mills but then sit right next to them in plain view of the entire world during the awards show. We can see you, you know.

20. And finally, now that Awards Season is officially over, will someone please feed these skinny celebs loads of ice cream, hamburgers and fries. They deserve it.

What have you learnt this Awards Season? I'd love to hear your additions to this list.

*Images via eonline, People Magazine


LoveT. said...

What a funny Post ,you are adorable ,love your Blog ♡

little luxury list said...

Ahh Sam, I agree with you on SO many points!
Elie Saab dress - instant winner!
Lose a lot of weight and make yourself gross - instant winner!
Amy and Leo will get their awards some day! They both play such a range of great roles!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Beauty Unearthly said...

Great post dear...lovely pics..:-)
Many kisses! Have a great day!!!

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Fashion blogger donation box? I totally second that emotion!


Rakel said...

cool post! :)

Michelle Vinnetan said...

I love this post really fun to read!lol . But i agree famous person never wear their clothes twice. Lol


mind to following each other?

Pilar Domínguez said...

I totally agree with you!! Leo and Amy deserve already an Oscar !You made me laugh with some points ( especially number 7, heheeh) . As for the first one, I would be very happy if designers gave me one of those marvellous dresses. Kisses, Sam:)) Nice day for you.

Megan said...

Amen to what you said about Fashion Police! I can't stand Giuliana Rancic since she started that show. She became insincere and so fake and miserable. They are all bad! To break someone down for their choice of clothing? Honestly!

Emilie said...

Haha love love love this article Sam!!!! The first point needs to be done NOW!!! And I don't get it either when stars that have a stylist (probably a whole team of stylists) still manage to wear bad dressed!!! And that they show up with bad hair! And me too I think that Leo deserves an Oscar (WWS was not my favourite movie but still). One other thing at this award season: there is not a single dress (except maybe for the red (Ralph Lauren? I don't remember) that Lupita wore at t he Globes) that I really really REALLY liked..... For this month I'm more into the streetstyle from Fashion Week, that have more interesting looks in my opinion... And I also agree that the nude dresses all look the same! BORING:) xxx

lnthw said...

I loveeee this article hihi. I totally agree with you on your first point. Why aren't we funding this?!?! ;) xxx

Stylishly in love said...

Great post. Thanks for recapping all these amazing fashion moments.



Antonella C’est Moi said...

Great post honey kiss

Anonymous said...

awesome post dear :) xx

Unknown said...

I loved awards season, these observations are so funny!
Laura. xx


Anonymous said...

Great recap!
Thanks for visiting my blog! Following you now too!


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Unknown said...

hahah..ya you 're definitely making some valid points. Good read! I've learned that no matter hjow boring the actual ceremony can be, the red carpet never fails to inspire me...cuz we all love the gossip :)


MilanoTime said...

AHAHA this post is amazing and funny! Loved it!

Shopping Lady said...

Ahaha love this post! I learnt that the dresses (in particular the horrible dresses!) are remebered more of the films that wins!

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Beautetude said...

Great post Sam! It would be so lovely if the dresses were donated to bloggers.

Pooja Mittal said...

Amazing Oscar pics, I love all the nudes
Don't forget to enter my $80 Jollychic Giveaway
Have a nice day

gigi said...

absolutely love your take on this! every word was so true. loved it thanks for sharing your honest opinions here Sam, it was a really fun read hun! xx. gigi. www.gigikkitchen.com

Unknown said...

Hahaha I agree with you in all points!
Julie | http://www.juliechagas.com/

Unknown said...

Wonderfull dress!!! I love your blog!
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Paola Lauretano said...

Funny post Sam.... great job!!!!!!
Lovely recap!!!!!!!!!!
Kisses from Italy!!!

Joana Sá said...

Hi dear
Thanks for your comment some weeks ago on my blog
Love love love all that nude dresses

Kiss kiss.*Jo

Unknown said...

I love all my dear!!!


The Braided Bandit said...

I love the idea of a fashion blogger donation box, where do I sign up haha! Also, I kind of like the messy/ unbrushed hair look lol! Hope you're having a great day!
xo Hannah

Lilli said...

Ahaha Sam, you should make this kind of posts more often! You made me so laugh! What can I say if not that Im totally agree with you in each points! But I was pretty shocked regarding the goodies bag..oh there is too much..and why a horse shampoo?!! Lol! Also, I have missed the worst dressed..I have no comments to those ladies!XD Miley Cirus keeps takes part to events just to cause a stir! Regarding Di Caprio, Im very wondered, he deserved to win and was very unfair! And, Im among the bloggers who takes part in that Donation Box!:P Brilliant post dear! xo

Serah said...

This year I have not seen the show for various reasons, but thanks to this post I just remember!


Corinne said...

hahah this is FANTASTIC! & i totally agree, they should totally give those amazing dresses to very fashionable ladies to enjoy!
xx Corinne

Kati said...

What a great read! I know what you mean, why do some celebs just look horrible when they have all those resources?

Have a great day,

Unknown said...

thank you for sharing this. I was a huge and important event for some. xo


Julie said...

these are some funny thoughts you shared! :) xo j. Stereo|typically Me

Jackie Harrison said...

This is great and you are to funny love it this stars always need a stylist.

Juliet Polilova said...

hahah love your tips!
very nice blog by the way :)

kisses from Russia,

BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...


Great post dear! I loved this year's oscars.

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Unknown said...

I giggled all through reading this amazing post. I def agree with you on this post and for ''molly'' she needs to sack her stylist lol... she looks trashy for that kind of league.

Maddie said...

This was such an awesome post Sam! I read everything and it was so entertaining! :)
Ellie Saab gowns are always so gorgeous, therefore if any celebrity wants to look great, they can definitely wear one of his designs! :)
And even though nude color gowns might look the same, I totally adore them, especially in combination with sequins!
And, please, just give Leo an Oscar- he totally deserves it!


awhite said...

Totally agree- this post was right on. :) I can't believe the nerve of some of the "fashion correspondents" who gush on the red carpet and then bad mouth the dress later.


Anonymous said...

Great text! I enjoyed reading it, made me laugh! Didn't know that Amy Adams was nominated as often as Leo - I think both of them deserve an Oscar!

Love, Kyra

Manhattan Image and Style said...

Great post sweetie!! <3

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ColoredVogue said...

this was an intresting post to read
love it dear

Unknown said...

Really interesting and amazing!



Jointy&Croissanty said...

Good point of view, I agree with everything you have written. It's really funny but true:)
Have a wonderful week!:)

The Dragonfruit said...

Haha omgsh Sam, this is one of my favorite posts from you! :D
Great points, I was laughing out loud at some of them

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Molly {Dreams in HD} said...

oh my gosh i was seriously laughing out loud during this whole post! so, so, so funny. i had no idea about all the swag in the gift bag...$85K?! really?! so crazy.

Margaret Dallospedale said...

jaajajaj Sam, I agree with you!!!
This post is very wonderful!!!
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get carried away said...

so true sweety! a wonderful post! :)
happy day!


StyleByDeb said...

Very funny post!! And I totally agree with you in so many points, like the Elie Saab one and of course, the blogger donation box ;) I think we all support you in that one!!


Anonymous said...

A bit harsh but very well observed... On a different note, I love it how MM and JL were both wearing white jackets! So classy!

Jessica said...

I laughed through this whole thing. I have to agree with you on all points though. Why do those rich celebrities get such nice swag bags? And how can anyone with that much money and fashion experts manage to be on the worst dressed list? It just makes no sense.

Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

Jacy said...

Haha this cracked me up! It's all so true. To be honest, E's red carpet coverage is pretty obnoxious and insincere to me. And I agree that wearing Elie Saab is your best bet! One of his gowns would be my first choice if I were a celeb :)

Always love your award show coverage! xo

Mikka said...

Haha very funny and spot on recap, I think you already said it all here, agree with you they should donate the dress or give it away in a form of competition not only to the the bloggers but for everybody. I know a WAG here that donates her designer stuff to a nearby charity shop never been to that shop full of only worn once designer clothes but would love to go and have a nosy ahaha!! Have a great day Sam!!

Johnny said...

i love those dresses<333

Nequéren Reis said...

Amiga post maravilhoso amei.
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Unknown said...

Amazing dresses!!!
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Darcy said...

Hahah this list was amazing! If you figure out a way to access those dresses, let me know! The blogger donation box is pretty much the greatest idea ever : )

his little lady said...

This was seriously too funny and too perfect! But it's true. In order to win an award you have to make drastic changes to your body or to your mental state. And yes, can they make a fashion donation box. I'll take one of everything :)
xo TJ


Anonymous said...

Great recap! Loving those pictures


Tany said...

Oh Sam, I had a good laugh reading this post, and that was exactly what I needed after a very annoying day at the office (you know those days when it looks like the world is plotting against you?). I don't think I have anything to add, you did a fantastic job wrapping it all up!!
Wishing you a lovely evening,
Tany et La Mode

Unknown said...

NIce, if they donate dresses, I would like to have one dress!!!!!
I like this post, because you says all true!!

Katya R. said...

I'm loving te nude trend!! Great post as always Sam :)

andysparkles said...

I vote for this donation box! ^^

fabulouspetite said...

Great post Sam. They all look fabulous but honestly do they really needs this goodies. They have millions of dollars and can truly afford anything. They should donate, donate, donate....


Tamara Chloé said...

Veryyyyy funny Sam!!!
One of your best posts, I love your sense of humor hihi

xoxo Tamara Chloé

Vanessa said...

The post is very well written, with lots of humor. I like to read something like that. xD
Lovely greets Nessa

Tanya said...

Thank you for your great sense point of view Sam. You are writing what I wanted to hear. None celebrities wear the same dress again. On the other side of men, who is going to know the different? .. Thank you for your lovely comment on mine:) Wish you another good day:).


Oriana Campanella said...

Great post dear! Your right: just wear Elie Saab and you won't be voted among the worst dressed! ahahahh!


Toks said...

Great post Sam, and I agree with you on all the points, especially about Elie Saab's dresses.

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Hahaha, oh Sam, you a genius! I love you even more after this post. You nailed every single point. Thank you!


Maria João Silva said...

This is a great post, all true!! :D


Chidiogo Maxwell said...

Absolutely stunning!
Love love love.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Awesome post Sam! I was laughing and agreeing to each one. Celebrities are given way too much free stuff. The bottom line is they want US to buy it. Well our salaries, even if they're good ones, can afford the price tag. I think it's so unfair and balanced. The rich get richer. The poor get poorer. It disturbs me that all of this excess goes on and you have people homeless & hungry in the world. It doesn't make sense. Leo should've gotten an Oscar a long time ago. I was happy for Matthew though. He deserved it. HAHAHA About the significant others. Then they wonder how rumors get out of hand instead of addressing it head on. great post doll!

Elle Sees said...

lol yes to these! i was nodding the whole read. but seriously, give me the dresses!

Chic Delights said...

Amazing post and lessons. I agree that some actors and actresses use stylists but still look awful. I agree too that Leonardo and Amy deserves an Oscar award. It's about time. It will come for them.

Elle said...

Fabulous and worry summary,! I didn't get through the whole thing and now I am glad I did not, Those worst dressed celebs are alarming looking and comical! I do think that Kate B I
Looks elegant and her nude dress is the loveliest, while taking your point that the nude dress was a bit overdone,
This was a fun read Sam, wonderfully composed !
XX, Elle


Alexa said...

Wait this is such a funny post and I love that picture of Taylor Swift with JLaw in the background. I'm cracking up! Hope you're having a great week Sam :) thanks for stopping by <3

alexa <3

Seepz said...

Lol, I will have that donation box installed at my house. ;) I had a good laugh reading this Post, Sam! I loved your post on the Red carpet for the Oscars. In fact, I was waiting for it.

Have a great day.

~ Seepz
Savoir Style


Seriously, Sam this is one of my favourite posts from you. As a former editorial stylist, I don't think these days stylists get as much credit as they should. Many people credit a celebrity for their great style when it's really their amazing stylist. Some give credit, but for the most part I feel it's overlooked many of these times. And, yes so many of these celebs should eat more, haha. :)

mademoisellemode said...

This is all dresses that i love during ceremony ;)



Unknown said...

so many beautiful dresses


Marcela Gmd said...

Great moments!!!
Have a nice day!!!

Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

Marion | The Dutch Adventure Seeker said...

Great pictures! I like how they did their hair :)

juice said...

so many great dresses! Wow!
the white ocean

Milka said...

dear Sam
I've been thinking same and after all wouldn't trade my life for theirs in a million years!

Imke said...

So true! The dresses were all so beautiful, especially the nude dresses and Lupita's dress!

XO Imke

Pearl in Fashion said...

hard to be a movie star!
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Elisabeth said...

After all...stars are just a people, standing in front of other people, asking them to love them.
I sure would wear Nyongo's dress if it would be possible! And I'm happy about Elie Saab's success, because the dresses are just so beautiful! I think awards and galas are as useful as weddings and/ any other kind of parties - we need occasions where we can celebrate success and achievements, we need to have the element of fun in our lives.
Thank you dear Sam for your kind birthday wishes on my blog, I truly appreciate them!

E from Helsinki, Finland

Sveva said...

steps 6, 7 and 8 made me laugh! It's true!
great post!

2piezas said...

Un post muy bonito e interesante.
Me han encantado las fotos y los trajes de color nude, divinos.

Besos mil.

alessandra said...

Great post, I love all the dress!
Alessandra Style

MartaJLFRouge said...

I follow you back dear :)
keep in touch!

The Adventures of a Shopaholic said...

Lovely post <3


Unknown said...

Amo gli abiti nude...stupendi!!!!


Lyosha Varezhkina said...

this post made smile so wide! You could have done the work of Ellen next year! esp in the part of food and safe fashion options!

Sharon (Style-Chameleon) said...

I agree about the donating the dresses to bloggers ;)



Unknown said...

Amazing post! Love all the dresses and hairstyles!

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Kerry said...

I hate Fashion Police! I don't know how people can sit and have such negative remarks about what somebody CHOSE to wear because they like it. I just feel that fashion is so personal so how can someone like Joan Rivers judge what one wears?
After watching the E Red Carpet I can't agree more with them being two faced. They practically love and gush over EVERYTHING EVERYONE is wearing but change their mind so quickly after the event.
Love this post

Silvia Negretti said...

aahahahahhahah!!! I totally agree with every point (especially the Elie Saab one)!
And I've always wanted to know too if the critics really watched every season of tv series and movie!
Great post, sweetie! :D

Mihaela Pojogu said...

Great post and good points of view, deserving or not the prize is so mean to put the camera in their face. Is natural for everyone wishing to win after all.

Judit said...

Genial post!!

Caro * said...

Great post Sam ! Naomie Watts is always beautiful :)

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Sam this post is AWESOME. Thanks for sharing!

Johlet said...

haha love this post!

Svetlana said...

Oh you have written it so well!
I had to laugh sometimes
And it's really stupid that Leo has been nominated so often but didn't get the award at least ones. Today we were chatting and a friend of mine said that in the end someone will get the Oscar for playing Leonardo DiCaprio :D

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A Life Un-Styled said...

I loved #8! When I get my make-up done, I often ask for a natural look. It takes over an hour and they end up needing to use every product in the store. Go figure!

Beauty Follower said...

Well written dear Sam lol :)