Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Thrills - Thula Jewelry

Handmade Silver Jewelry
by Jess at Thula
Thula Jewelry specializes in the art of handmade silver jewelry. The creative entrepreneur behind the South African brand is Jess, who turned her passion for hand forging jewelry into a full time job. She single-handedly started a jewelry-making business from a workshop that she set up from home. She is involved in entire jewelry making process, from design inception, to metal melting, rolling, filling, sanding and everything in between.

While also appreciating fine design, Jess believes in the beauty of imperfection; that there is character in rustic, rough-around-the edges type of jewelry. No two pieces are alike, which makes them all the more unique and special. She finds inspiration from pieces that she would like to wear personally, crafting sterling silver into ornamental designs. She also loves creating tailor-made pieces that are suited to a client's individual taste. These are some of her lovely designs.

Jess has her own Etsy store, and plans to expand on her range by including gold, platinum and palladium. You can buy any one of these pieces and more from her online store at Etsy. Or, for something special, order your own custom-made piece by email. She blogs about her exciting journey in the world of jewelry on hellothula

All the best to Jess with her fantastic jewelry brand, may your future shine with success.

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