Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Who Wore Valentino Better?

Who Wore It Better?
Valentino Pre-Fall 2012 Jumpsuit

Continuing in the spirit of Valentino this week, this fashion face-off features a crimson red jumpsuit from the label's Pre-Fall 2012 collection. Spotted on several different celebrities and in magazine editorials, this ultra sexy jumpsuit isn't the easiest look to pull off. Lets weigh the options and decide on who did it justice.

*Bridesmaids actress Kristen Wigg was the first to don the scarlet suit with folded corsage detail, in early February this year. The comedienne went all red with Sergio Rossi ChiChi pumps and carried a metallic Kotur box clutch.
*Next in line, we see Jennifer Williams (of the Basketball Wives TV series) wear the same strapless suit in May 2012. The reality actress accessorized with a multi-strand Chanel pearl necklace and cream strappy heels by Christian Louboutin. The jumpsuit seems a size too big.
*Jada Pinkett Smith stepped out in June wearing the altered, cropped version of the Valentino jumpsuit, giving it an entirely different appeal. She paired her sassy shorts set with black ankle strap sandals by Jimmy Choo.
*For Vanity Fair's July 2012 issue, Elvis' granddaughter Riley Keough was given retro styling in the fiery red suit, along with matching studded 'Pigalle' pumps by Christian Louboutin
*Finally, we see newcomer Rebecca Dayan take the jumpsuit out for a spin just last week on 1st August. The French actress kept her look slick and edgy with studded T-strap pumps and a studded leather clutch bag, both by Valentino.

The jumpsuit as it was presented in Valentino's Pre-Fall 2012 collection, 
worn by Polish model Zuzanna Bijoch.

Who Wore It Better? I preferred the styling on Riley Keough in Vanity Fair Magazine, those spiked Pigalle pumps gave it that extra oomph. But credit to Jada Pinkett Smith, at 40 for bravely pulling off that shortened version. What are your thoughts?


jamie said...

i love your new profile photo, sam! so pretty! and this jumpsuit is ahhh-mazing! i would have to choose Rebecca Dayan as one who wore it the best ;-)

xx james

Stephanie said...

Kristen Wigg and Jada Pinkett Smith pulled this look off very well!


Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

I love the RED jumpsuits so classy!! Great inspirations.

<3 Marina
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The Chic Sheet said...

I think Rebecca D did for sure!! :)


bridechic said...

Riley definitely! Great post .. . .

oxoxoox from San Francisco

Katiie Lea said...

I like the way rebecca wore it! the jumpsuit stands out enough on it's own and she didn't go crazy with accessories. )

-KatiieLea <3
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Alessandra said...

Thanks for your lovely comment!!!
Great post!!
I love Valentino!



Wil Harris said...

My fav would have to be Riley Keough! Love that she kept the look red from head to toe with her red lips and heels. I also love her old Hollywood glam hair.

aki! said...

I feel like this isn't a very well fitting jump suit. Everyone has kind of an odd fit. A lot of crotch wrinkles.

Paris said...

How cute! I like Jada Pickett Smith's look because she cropped it and made it unique - something that I would totally do :)



Bernadeth G. said...

i'm in love with this!

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Elly @ Caribbean Living said...

I love posts when you can see the same outfit styled multiple ways, this is fab!
I think Jada has to get the prize in my opinion, those pins are so amazing and she is rocking it well for 40!!

Love a bit of scarlet!

Tammy Lau said...

Jennifer williams...BUT I WILL LOVE TO wear this!!!! So pretty!!

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Anthea Lau said...

Rebecca is my favourite here in the playsuit among these ladies :)
would you like to follow each other?

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Cathy said...

Oh wow, popular look with celebs! I choose Riley!



Hi dear! It's been a couple of weeks ago since the last time I visited your blog! I missed reading it, but I didn't had the time to read. I love this look, but Riley Keough wore it best!

Emilie said...

Riley looks the best!! (but maybe that's the photoshop haha) My second choice would be Kristen Wigg, she's so pretty!



fluff and fripperies said...

They all look amazing but for me Riley Keough is the winner here! xo

Daniella said...

What a stunning jumpsuit by Valentino! I always love these posts of yours sweetie, I love to see the different way a particular piece has been styled. As much as I like how Riley Keough has worn it as she looks sooo cool, my favourite is actually how Rebecca Dayan has styled it, she looks super chic! :)

Take care, Daniella xox

Lilli said...

Hi Sam! my fav is Riley Keough, but they all look great in Valentino!! kisses dear and happy day!:*

Katie Frank said...

Riley looks the best <3

Dominika said...

Riley looks simply amazing, I love the vintage feel!


Carolyna said...

so lovely :-) like modern vintage style

Mademoiselle S. said...

aw Riley is so beautiful!!! Great post, dear!



Indistinctive Writer said...

hi sam! i hope you're doing great! i kept visiting your blog but i haven't had the time to comment in a while ~_~

anyway i so love red dresses! it's just vibrant and sexy.
like this one

isn't it cute? ^_^

have a nice day!

"Diaries of an Indistinctive Writer"

Teresa said...

first of all, what a cute romper!!!!! I want it :/

I prefer how Rebecca Dayan styled it! beige/chic shoes and purse<3 PERFECTION!!


Bodil Huisman said...

I love it how Jennifer Williams wears the jumpsuit.
Very cool with those heels and necklace, but goshhh.. I really
want the jumpsuit myself too! Great post Sam :)


Elle Sees said...

jada or riley!!

Y además sombreros said...

No me gusta mucho como lo lleva ninguna, creo que están esqueleticas todas.
Un beso.

Polder Glamour said...

I'll go for Rebecca!

Would you like to follow each other?


Sin12012 said...

Riley look amazing ! :)

xo ,
Ana Catalarrana

Bonnie said...

I had a jumpsuit almost exactly like this when I was in high school! It wasn't Valentino, though ...

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Hello Naka said...

Riley Keough for sure! /reply/ bubble tea can be like chinese or jasmine tea with honey hot or cold and the bubble are chewey sago balls or sometimes jelly like chunks :)

rolala said...

What a gorgeous jumpsuit! I agree that Riley Keough rocks it the best. I really like the retro glam styling!

Thanks for all your support sweetie!
Rowena @ rolala loves

Rahul Bhatia said...

Alluring women in Red:)

trishie said...

I think it looks best on Riley Keough. Love the retro styling!

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I'd have to go with Zuzanna Bijoch and Riley, maybe because it's looks more fitted. I love the 'polished' look of both of them.

Joyce said...

I love Riley Keough the most! The jumpsuit looks so amazing with the red lipstick and red pumps, so gorgeous :D Although Rebecca Dayan's way of styling it is also pretty amazing. Or maybe it's just because I like the shoes.

Kate Frenkel said...

Very very beautiful jumpsuit!!! It's difficult to look bad in such a gorgeous garment. In my opinion, all the girls look great!!!

Josie said...

Riley Keough looks amazing but I choose Kristen Wiig because I just love her! xxx

Rikki said...

Riley Keugh definitely, she makes it drool worthy! xx

Jayme and Mendi said...

Love Riley's pictorial but have to give Jada a nod for the shorts!!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Margaret Cruzemark said...

The Valention model wore this amazing piece of clothing better....
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Mina Masotina said...

I prefer Rebecca Dayan, I think she wore it better ;) new follower on GFC and Bloglovin, I hope you'll do the dame ;) xoxo Mina.