Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Paris Fall Couture Week 2012 - Part 1

Paris Couture Fashion Week
Fall/Winter 2012-13
Part One

It doesn't get any better than couture week in Paris. All the top designers, famous faces, beautiful models and fashion that sets our imagination alight. This is my coverage of Paris Couture Fashion Week Fall 2012, which takes place all this week.


For her Fall 2012 Couture Collection, Donatella does what Versace is best known for - a swanky mix of sexiness and femininity, chiseled into shapes that pay virtue to the female form. A candy colour palette of pinks, oceanics and a zesty splash of lime was seen across an unusual blend of fabrics and a visually intriguing tarot-card print. Ultra-short mini's are tightly wound in strips of PVC, silk, mesh and leather. Crystal-beaded corseted dresses with daring slashes spilt into billowy silk chiffon skirts, baring intrepid high slits reminiscent of that Versace dress Angelina Jolie wore to the Oscars. Expect many more similar big red carpet moments from this outstanding collection.

Christian Dior

The pressure was on at the House of Dior as Raf Simons presented his first showing for the renowned French brand. It was a stunning debut for the Belgian designer, as he encapsulated all that is Dior; vintage and modern, elegant and distilled with the right balance of colour and composure. The peplum was given the royal treatment, worn over cigarette pants. Metallic belts further enhanced the hourglass figure, while ladylike dresses were delightful in subdued pinks, ivory and blue, strapless with pocketed A-line skirts.
After the calm, came a vivid colour wash of reds, yellow, cerise pink and navy blue. The traditional ballgown was given a facelift, some with a more contemporary mid length, others in voluminous tulle and floor-length skirts cut down the middle to reveal chicly tailored trousers. Paint-splattered silk and delicate embroidery enriched the beautiful designs. Besides for the inspiring outfits, it was the blazing orange lipstick and neon lined eyes that created a beauty buzz.

Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli's Couture collection leaves one in a dreamlike spin where empyrean gardens come to life in a splendor of colour and dazzling florals. A romantic shade of red and earthier green were the basis for the exquisitely printed organza and wispy chiffon. A profusion of intricately appliquéd flowers adorned the expertly crafted gowns, while high-collared necklines, shoulders and sweeping skirts were amplified by an eruption of flowery ruffles. Neatly defined waists and more fitted bodices acted as an equipoise to the palatial looks. This bewitching range blurs the line between reality and a woodland phantasm.


Hot off his impressive Resort 2013 showing, Karl Lagerfeld sugarcoats the classics for Chanel this Fall. The tweed dress suit made iconic by Coco Chanel herself is one that never seems fade with time, it only gets better. This season, it is reinterpreted with tulle ruffle cuffs and belted waists, in a pretty patchwork of pink, lilac and grey. Evening wear appeared in glossy silks, with elegant layering and shredded tulle sleeves, 3D camellia-covered gowns and luxurious printed maxi dresses. The sweet pastel and vanilla looks were accessorized by shiny grey lurex tights, metallic silver sleeves, vouguish beréts and cap-toe pumps.

What are your thoughts on the Couture collections so far?


Lolita in the Mix said...

Love this post, in one view you have me updated ;-) Have a great day dear!

xoxo lorena

Pats. said...

stunnig collection ;> Chanel & Dior - my best <3

Daniella said...

These collections are amazing!!! I llove Versace always stays true to their sexy cuts and striking colours! Though my favourite collection has to be Dior.The classic ladylike shapes with modern twists are just genius and truly very chic! :)

Take care sweetie, Daniella xox

Denise said...

Christian Dior and Chanel for me, please, already ordered three pieces (I wish!): that amazing strapless green and black dress, as well as the red trech coat (as far as I could see). I have a similar one, believe it or not - you know I have everything in red! Then Chanel, guess what, that kind of set in dusky pink, if I could see the color well! I reckon I must have something that resembles the set, cause I love dusly pink - you know that too! But alas, not Chanel... just makeup!

Wil Harris said...

Wow, these are amazing! My favorites will have to be Chanel and Versace! The tweed dress suit really is a classic, I want one for fall! Love how you described the Versace line, a candy coated palette, it looks very yummy. Great post Sam!

Ekaterina Marmy said...

thanks you very much for this post!!! the collections are amazing!!!
especially i like Versace and Chanel!!!!!!
have a nice evening!

Lilli said...

it is awesome! love every designer on it Sam! beautiful post! kisses and have a good evening dear!:*

Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

Oh, Versace, Versace... LOVE! Dior is quite fabulous as well... what could be more glamorous than Paris Couture Fashion week??
Have a wonderful day, Sam!

Miss Margaret Cruzemark said...

This blog is amazing, great pictures and style !Love it!!!!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

hope in high heels said...

The color palettes are gorgeous in each collection and the silhouettes are amazing. Valli looks almost Elizabethan with all the ruffles, I can never go past Chanel and Dior for timeless elegance and Versace is beautifully dreamy this time around. A wonderful wrap-up Sam, thanks!

Satin and Souffles said...

The third row of Versace. Dream come true xx


Anonymous said...

Haute Couture is amazing :)
Love this blog and this post !

Zoe Concepción said...

Hello Sam!!!!!!!!!How are you?????My favourite one it's Dior! Simple and great pieces, and the dresses are gorgeous!
Sorry, sorry, sorryyyyy for my absence!!!I only have one exam left and I'll be on holidays!!!!I want to finish right now!!!!!!
How about you?????????


aki! said...

I think I'm definitely biased towards Chanel!

Kultur und Stil said...

I love all the inspiration couture shows give, but chanel will be and stay my all time favorite!

xxx Anita

Oh to Be a Muse said...

I really love the Versace collection. The colors and the layers are so eye catching.

VintageDanielle said...

The first and last collections are my favorites. I absolutely love it!

Adeola Naomi said...

Love this post!!!
You put everything together so neatly!
Am also loving every designer and model and am in love with the Chanel and Versace Finale!!!

Collections said...

Gorgeous collections.

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cathy said...

really like how this post is put together. My favorite would be the dior collections.

followed your blog, follow back mine? :D

Alex said...

wow those do look amazing. i'd say my favorite would have to go to versace's collection. especially the dresses! absolutely gorgeous!

alex @

Style-Delights said...

I wish I could go see PFW one day! sigh!!! Love the collection you have shared! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
Style-Delights Blog

Re_becah said...

I’m loving the pattern and colors! Mainly the floral prints!


Alexandra said...

I thought Raf Simons just absolutely nailed it for Dior - I thought he did a fabulous job! So beautiful - ah I love couture week!

Alexandra xo

Rahul Bhatia said...

That was a lot of visual splendor , Sam!

Indistinctive Writer said...

Hi Sam! ^_^

i like to mellow tone colors more than the super bright ones. but sometimes i like those bright colors too. it's just, the neutral and mellow colors are very chic and classy while bright ones are funky and bubbly

thanks for the comment on my blog. you should see the movie, it's a bit of a drama movie too. Emma Stone is a fashionista. she really dresses up real well and she's funny!

have a great day Sam!

jamie said...

*picking up jaw from floor* im breathless!

Ann said...

Lovely collections,
love the Versace the most.
It looks so feminine and I'm loving their colors.

Hanna & Christel said...

all these collections are freaking stunning!


ps. you can now win some awesome 4EVER WITH EVERYONE bracelets on our blog!

Ivana said...

Oh wow, the Versace collection is so so beautiful! I love all the pretty colors and cuts!

xx Ivana
Macarons and Pearls

Ember Drake said...

Great post! The Versace collection is just stunning this time and I love the quirky looks/green emphasis in the Giambattista Valli collection!


Izzy said...

WOW so many amazing gowns. I love how you colour-coordinated the images too. makes them look so stunning :)

Virgit said...

WOW I'M SO SPEECHLESS the all collection is really nice wow versace and giambatista are the best love it so much and love your post thanks for posting I adore it dear much love virgit.

Fashion-Bridge said...

Oh I was waiting for this post from you for a while. I always love to hear your opinion and to read your amazing reviews. You´d be a perfect employee of!
All the collections were amazing. But mt favs here are definitely Dior (I truly think that Raf Simons will inject a new life to the brand)and Giambattista Valli´s collection. That florals, that shades of red, that ruffles, gorgeous!



Josie said...

Dior is my absolute favourite. Raf Simons got it just right with his simple collection, after all the theatricality of Galliano he had to go in the other direction to really put his own mark on the brand. I love how it's so him but still respectful of Dior, it was perfect xxx

Vanessa@Luxuria said...

Wow! what gorgeous images and can't believe you were in Seville!!!! I am not from Spain and will be leaving in August after 12 years, but I can't believe we didn't hook up. I would have loved to have shown you around. What did you think of Seville?

GlamFabChameleon said...

Couture must be my favorite FW "direction". Those are all gorgeous collections, in each one I have found so many beautiful pieces!! My favorites here are Valli and Versace!
Happy Thursday love! kisses

Alice Oliveira said...

Amazing outfits!

Rikki said...

beautiful collections!! Versace is by far the best, the gowns are so chic! lovin' them all!! xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Dior, oh Dior--it doesn't get any more beautiful!!! And Chanel's collection was stunning too :0

<3 Cambria

Elle Sees said...

Loving valli and dior

Bailey Schneider said...

Versace for the win!
Much love, Bailey from  Vanilla Blonde

Marie Martell said...

Hey Sam! Hope all is well. The Versace collection is beautiful. LOVE the gowns!

xo Marie

Joyce said...

Christian Dior collection is amazing, I loved it! I just love how modern and elegant it looks, but still classy. And *swoon* Chanel :D

Ema said...